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Antec LED Fan Showcase

Tuesday, October 29, 2002 by TheDoc

Antec have taken an essential cooling item of any computer, a case fan and turned it into something a little special... The range of Antec LED fans are impressive little things, as well as providing cooling, they also illuminate your case at the same time!

The fans are available in RED, GREEN, BLUE and a TRI version (all three colors). Today we look at whole range, and take an exclusive UK look at the green and red versions, they are not even on the Antec-Europe website yet... Pure description alone will not suffice, just take a look at the pictures (even they don't do the justice) to see how bright these things really are...

LED fans are not something new (think Akasa Blue LED fan), however Antec have created something that is arguably much better... Much thought has gone into the construction and design of these fans, evident when you rescue them from their packaging:

As well as the fan itself, you also receive a pack of four screws (used to secure fan to case etc...). Further inspection reveals that instead of just trailing wires, the power cable has been braided and secured at both ends with heat shrink tubing! This makes a neat package for cable management and 'looks'. The speed sensing wire is independent from the rest, and can be plugged into the motherboard, without fears of blowing/damaging it - as the power is on a separate wire:

Here you see the speed wire is RED on the Red LED fan... Antec have coloured coded them to correspond to the fan LED colours... A Blue wire for the Blue LED fan, a Green wire for the Green LED fan, and a Yellow wire for the Tri LED fan - makes identification easy (as the fans all look the same!)

Fan Specifications: Size - 80x80x25.4mm
Weight - 71.5g
Fan Speed - 2,600rpm (avg.)
Volumetric Airflow - 34 CFM
Static Pressure - 0.12 inch H2O
Acoustic Noise - 30dBA (at avg. rpm)
manufacturer - ANTEC
supplier - KUSTOMPCS

The fans themselves are made of clear plastic - which not only looks neat, but allows the light given off by the LEDs to filter all over the fan:

Fan construction is clear - LED light filters thru the whole fan to increase the effect...

simulated 'night' shots:

Simply an amazing amount light is given off by those tiny LEDs!


excellent! The fans not only cool your case, but illuminate it in a choice of vibrant colours, the Tri LED version produces a funky mixture of colours. As a kit, I feel it is well worth the unit cost, although the inclusion of a grill to protect those fingers might have further improved this product. That aside, these are well constructed, 'groovy' fans!

pros: looks excellent, range of colour choice, pushes a lot of air, fairly quiet when running

cons: no supplied grill, may be a little expensive for some...

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