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Xoxide UV LED 80mm Case Fans

Thursday, June 05, 2003 by TheDoc

We received these new and unique UV LED Fans from Xoxide. XPD8 does not usually review simple case accessories for obvious reasons but we think these are definitely worth a mention so we will briefly feature them here.

Unlike other LED fans we have seen much of lately, these actually have UV LED's installed. What does that mean? Well, no additional UV cathode light needed! Just plug in these UV sensitive fans and the three installed LED's will provide the UV lighting. As shown above, you'll notice there is no ugly green PCB strip around the fan to power the LED's. They are installed using very thin wiring and have a strip of clear tape around the fan for protection. Practically unnoticeable.

They do provide a decent amount of airflow. Here are the specs:

Dimensions: 80x80x25.4mm
Air Flow: 34CFM
Rated Voltage: DC12V
Noise Level: 30dBA
Speed: 2600RPM

We installed and powered a few of these in a clear case to show you how great they actually look.

The fans have a 3 pin connector so they can be powered from the motherboard fan headers. The do not come with a 4pin adapter so if you would like to run them off your PSU, make sure you grab some 3pin to 4pin adapters.

These can be picked up at Xoxide.com and are available in a variety of colors including color combinations (blade/housing). They are great for those looking for an inexpensive UV setup or for those who don't have room for a cathode light strip.

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