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Google gives Firefox an anti-phishing line

Thursday, March 09, 2006 by TheDoc

Firefox, in efforts to improve their own security, is getting a hand from the kids at Google. Google is working with Mozilla to build anti-phishing technology into the next release of Firefox, due out at the end of summer. The proposed phishing shield will be a major feature in Firefox 2.

A CNET interview on Tuesday with Mozilla tech strategist Mike Shaver said, 'Everybody understands that phishing is a significant problem on the web. We are putting anti-phishing into Firefox, and Google is working with us on that.'

Better security through browsing is an ongoing mission and Firefox isn't the only looking into it. Both Netscape 8 and Opera 8 have already increased security by helping to protect their users from Internet phishing scams. Microsoft has said security is one of many issues addressed in the upcoming IE 7. This move will certainly allow Firefox to remain competitive.

Right now, Firefox hasn't determined the best way to integrate Google's code as well as gifts from other contributors. The CNET article did point out anti-phishing extensions already exist in the form of extensions from Google and others. Google's 'Safe Browsing' plug can help as well as Microsoft's MSN toolbar.

Phishing remains a major problem on the Internet as numbers from 2005 demonstrate. Also, looking at figures from January and February, phishing doesn't look to be slowing down.

Those companies designing browsers are getting more aggressive in their protections as well. Phishing shield have multiple features, including lists of known phishing sites.

The initial alpha versions of Firefox2 will be available later on this month. Some other features will include stronger certifications and dropping less secure sites altogether.

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