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Blizzard deleted your account? So! You cheated!

Thursday, April 03, 2003 by TheDoc

The other day, Blizzard closed the accounts of over 131,000 Diablo II account, and 12,000 Warcraft III accounts. Surprised? I'm not. Blizzard has taken an aggressive stance on people cheating in it's games.

The problem, however comes in the fallout of the bans. Now, I'm sure that Blizzard has taken every step possible to make sure that the accounts that were closed, were closed because the person used some sort of third party program. The real problem is the consumers. They are a mixed bag. Everyone pretty much agrees that battle.net has had it's fair share of problems, and most of these can be attributed to people running 3rd party software even though most people don't put two and two together. I mean, every program you run that sends extra info to battle.net is increasing the traffic, and lowering the playability of it. People have been complaining about all of the hackers and cheaters who play, and now they have done something about it.

Now, there are 2 lines of thinking here. The first, is those people who cheat. They cheat for whatever reason they think is ok, and think that it's not hurting anyone. Now that they've been caught, they are going to lie and say that they have never cheated, or try to convince mainly themselves that what they were doing shouldn't have been wrong (read: map hack users).

I have seen posts on the Blizzard forums, as well as others that people are going to stop playing Blizzard games, because, well, their account was removed and they weren't cheating. I mean, all they were using was map hack. Oh wait, by reading the title of the program, it's a hack. But it doesn't hurt anyone...

I'm guessing that most people haven't read the very agreements that they have agreed to, not only when they use the software, but when they create their accounts. Now, I understand the concept of "who in the hell reads the terms of service, or the licensing agreements", mainly because no one can understand all of the legalese in them, but to try to argue that Blizzard didn't warn them that using a hack, or a bot or anything else is absurd.

I heard one person equate it like this: If you were running a drug house, do you think that the police are going to call you, and tell you that Tuesday they will be raiding your house? I mean, people have tried to use the excuse that they didn't know, and if Blizzard simply returns the accounts to them, they promise they won't use the programs again. How can you not know? I mean, even with something like map hack, the name should clue you in there shouldn't it? I mean, a hack is a hack...

Then you get the people who just want Blizzard to give them access to their characters so that they can get their items back... Yeah, those same items you cheated with to build the character in the first place? I mean, get real. Most of the people who are asking things like that probably have all of the hacked items on those characters anyway. Do they think Blizzard is stupid or something?

The other line of thinking is that all of the programs and hacks out there are wrong. This is what I would imagine the majority of the players over 18 would be thinking. I mean, it's pretty sad but I tend to play online alone because of all of the people out there ruining the game. I create a password protected game, and play that way. I don't want to get pk'ed (something I've never liked in the game anyways, hint hint, Blizzard North) but I guess they see it differently. I for one hope that Blizzard does this more often. About once a week for a month or so should scare enough people to make playing more enjoyable. Sure it won't get everyone to stop cheating, but, if enough accounts are removed, people will get the idea that if you cheat, you will get caught, and if you get caught, you will pay the consequences for it.

The bottom line is this, for anyone who had their account disabled, you got caught. You cheated and were smacked down. Don't lie about it and try to tell me that you didn't use a hack. Get real. You got busted, now go play the game the right way, with your tail between your legs. If you can't, then you need to go play another game. For all of you who say: "I'm not going to buy another Blizzard game again", fine, that's up to you, but remember, don't go getting all pissed off because you were caught cheating. In real life, if you get caught cheating, bad things happen (like you go to jail, or lose your girlfriend/wife, etc). Live and learn, and next time don't cheat.

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