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Reader's Comments:

Comment #1 || [1/20/2005 3:14:23 PM] - Posted by ReDDoG

Comment #2 || [1/20/2005 8:16:12 PM] - Posted by TheDoc
I totally agree. This is a first for bliz, so give'm a break.

Comment #3 || [1/24/2005 12:08:09 PM] - Posted by Helly
That Blizzard is willing to compensate their customers is a good sign. SOE won't do that.

Comment #4 || [9/7/2007 8:54:42 AM] - Posted by warcraft_player_08
yea, i agree 2. they have a bad sign in. it took me like 2 hours to find out how to ign in on bliz.net.

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World of Warcraft Woes and the (Online) World We Live In

Thursday, January 20, 2005 by Shamino

Due to huge issues with recent upgrades to the World of Warcraft servers, Blizzard is compensating subscribers with 48 hours of free game time. Last weekend, subscribers found that the majority of servers were crashing, having connectivity issues, or were just flat out offline shortly after Blizzard applied a scheduled maintenance that took up to 16+ hours the previous Thursday.

Gamespot posted an article giving some more info on the situation shortly after Penny Arcade wrote a scathing news bit on the problems subscribers were facing. They even went so far as to take back the 'Game of the Year 2004 Award' until such issues were fixed.

Unfortunately for Blizzard, the 48 hours of compensation they have given to their unhappy subscriber base has only brought about more rants and raves and most forums continue to pack in those who would rather whine and moan about how they cannot play a video game. Get over it people.

The simple fact that Blizzard in all likelihood has probably been scrambling big time since Hour 1 of these issues doesn't seem to make it through to most people. It goes without question that Blizzard failed to properly address it's subscribers in a 'timely manner' but once the notifications went out, people still lamented about trying to punch holes in their story and in some cases, just flat out believe Blizzard is lying to us.

Has the world *really* become so suspicious of those in 'high places' that we think that the makers of a video game, that of which we are prevented from playing due to human (read: programming) error, are now purposefully and maliciously lying to us to save their hides?

The MMOG genre, like any other type of game out there that requires a network connection, will continue to suffer from these issues. It's a fact. Yet every time it does, people still act surprised and take it personally that they (and they alone), cannot connect to their precious server(s).

Like any other player, I too would like to log in and have the freedom to play a game, for which I pay a monthly fee for, without the constant disconnects or lag issues, etc. However, missing a day or two or even a week of gaming, while Blizzard works hard to fix the problem just isn’t going to kill me (or you for that matter).

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