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Hints & Walkthroughs

Warzone 2100

Cheat codes only work when you apply the Patch - 1.01.
Current Warzone 2100 Cheat Codes. Press 'T', type the code and hit [ENTER].
Code Result
time - toggle Stops and starts the mission timer
get off my land - Kills all enemy units on the map
show me the power - Gives 1000 extra power
whale fin - Gives 1000 extra power
hallo mein schatz - Skip to next mission
work harder - Completes all currently active research topics
double up - All of your units are twice as tough
timedemo - Shows frame rate and gfx engine data
kill selected - Kills the presently selected units
easy - Sets easy difficulty level
normal - Sets normal difficulty level
hard - Sets hard difficulty level
version - Tells you when the game code was compiled
john kettley - Toggle weather: snow, rain, clear
biffer baker - Units almost indestructible
shakey - Screen shakes when units explode

If you have trouble getting the "show me the power" cheat to work, you may use this as a work-around:
1. Go to the savegame directory of wherever you installed Warzone 2100.
Here you'll see your savegame file "divided" into to small files.
2. For the savegame you want to change, choose the file with the ".gam" extension. example, "game1.gam"
3. Using a hex editor, change hex values 52, 53, and 54 to FF. Don't forget to save your changes!
4. Viola! You should now have well over 16,000,000 power! You'll probably only need to do this once in the game! I've done it once to start a new game, and have thus far encountered no problems--well, except that the computer won't let me build any more units! This combined with the "alltech.zip" cheat creates an almost unstoppable force!

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