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Hints & Walkthroughs

Star Trek: Birth of a Federation

To activate the cheats:
Start the game from a command line with "-Mudd" ("M" is capitalized) as and additional parameter.
(e.g C:\BOTF\Trek.exe -Mudd)

Then you may use the following codes:
Code Result
F9 Adds 100% to Overall Research
F10 Gives 10,000 Credits
F11 Reveal Map on/off

To view in-game event screens:
Start the game from a command line with the following additional parameter:

-bones = View slides that appear when you form an alliance.
-gorn = View slides that appear when you lose the game.
-kirk = View slides that appear when you destroy a planet.
-picard = View slides that appear when you dominate the galaxy.

Diplomacy Trick
This isn't a cheat as it is so much a trick to get other races to join you all at once. It places you massively in debt, so make sure you have nothing important to do for the next ten turns or so. Save up a wad of credits and offer each minor race the maximum you can give to get their next level of diplomacy, i.e. friendship-affiliation-membership. You end up getting just about everyone you asked, assuming you had about 3000 to start with, and the money you get from the trade routes or the new minor race system from a new member will make the deficit in your empire worth it.

Easy Money
If you are tired of running out of money, play as the Ferengi and set up trade routes with every race you come in contact with.

Increase percentage in the build menu First use the Trek.exe -Mudd code. Then in the main game right click the button at the top left (the one with microchip), then click the management (the one where you manage how many percent you devote on the research), then press F9-F10 at the same time. You will notice that the research percentage goes up and if it goes to the 100, just click turn and you will learn that research.

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