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Hints & Walkthroughs

Star Trek: Captains Chair

Command Klingon Bird Of Prey: Activate the leftmost tactical station on the Enterprise D. Enter 81598 as a "Spacecraft ID".
Easter Egg:
Additional mini-game:
Click on one of the video panels on the station to the left of Spock's station.

Breakout mini-game:
Approach the engineering station on the original Enterprise. One of the buttons at this location starts the mini-game.
Memory I and II mini-games:
Two of the video panels that are next to each other on the station to the right of Viewstation Two have memory matching games. Match the weapons on Memory I and the ships on Memory II.
Ping Pong mini-game:
Approach the engineering panel on the original Enterprise. Activate on the top left panel, then select the flashing green button.
Original Enterprise crew information:
Click on one of the LCARS Access panels at Spock's station to display information about the crew of the original Enterprise.

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