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Hints & Walkthroughs

Star Wars: Episode 1 - Phantom Menace

In the game, press backspace then enter:
Code - Result
oldcode - Displays "debug 1". Typing a second time displays "debug 2"
happy - Weapon 3 has more power and displays "Open your heart". Typing again returns weapon 3 to normal power and displays "Excellent meditating!".
from above - Changes camera to above player and displays "Get up on it".
Typing again places camera directly behind player (displays "Get down ag'in").
naughty - naughty Places camera directly behind player and displays "Behold my neck-spike". Typing again returns camera to normal and displays "Blort!".
perf - Wireframes on/off.
60fps - Displays "60". Typing again displays "30".
but i feel so good - Push force power color is changed to red and displays "You're the guy with the Force". Typing again changes Push force color back to purple and displays "Play nice".
perfection - Purple colored Push force power now kills and displays "Deadly force authorized". Typing again returns Purple colored Push force power to normal and displays "Nobody's perfect".
slowmo - Slowmo mode (displays "Super slowmo mode"). Typing again returns to normal speed (displays "Normal mode").
beyond cinema - "letter-box" movie mode. Typing again returns to normal and displays "Back to 'ol pan-n-scan".
turntables - Cheat codes won't work correctly from now on and displays "The tables have turned". Some will display "No More Cheating for You". Typing again displays "It was just a dream... OR WAS IT?!" It appears the only way to return things to normal is to exit the game and restart.
i like to cheat - Gives all weapons and adds 500 shots to weapon 2, 500 to weapon 3, 5 to weapon 4, 1 to weapon 5, and 10 to weapon 6 (displays message "You are now the biggest cheater in the world".
give me life - Sets health to 100 (even if already set higher) and displays "Rock on".
heal it up - Sets health to 100 (even if already set higher) and displays "Rock on".
where is gurshick - Runs credits.
gurshick - Runs credits.
brenando - Displays "Tech Bonus!".
rex - Red lines around menu boxes on/off and displays "Feel the power of REX".
iamqueen - Play as Queen Amidala.
iampanaka - Play as Captain Panaka.
iamquigon - Play as Qui-Gon Jinn.
iamobi - Play as Obi-Wan Kenobi.
i rule the world - Displays "Youd da Man".
i really stink - Skill level set to easy and displays "Skill Level Set to Weenie".
fps - Display frames-per-second on/off.
donttttt - Kills player and displays "That's what you get for saying that".
rrrrright - Kills player and displays "That's what you get for saying that".
kill me now - Kills player and displays "DON'T DO IT MAN!!!!".
drop a beat - Waving screen effect and displays "No, really, I feel fine". Typing again returns to normal and displays "Back to reality".
Extra health at Jabba's Champion: When fighting jabba's champion equip the light repeating blaster and put in happy as a code. Now shoot jabba's champion and if you do well fighting him for a while he'll throw health to you. Shoot while the health is coming down and it will become ton's of health.

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