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Hints & Walkthroughs

Star Wars: Episode 1 - Phantom Menace Walkthrough Part 2

Level 2: Swamps of Naboo
Mission: Find Qui-Gon

You start this level on top of a mound in the water. Turn left, and start swimming. There should be a dry clearing between two trees on the left. If you can't find it, just keep swimming along the perimeter of the swamp until you do, you'll come upon it eventually.

Once in the clearing, you'll meet up with several battle droids, and a blaster with 250 shots. After you kill the droids, jump into the water, go left, and keep going straight until you come to an uphill path and find Jar Jar Binks. Talk to him. He runs away from the "meccaneks." Follow him by turning around and taking the left path (it goes downhill). You are dumped into the water. Swim left or right (there's a lone droid to the left), and you will come to a clearing with Jar Jar high up on a rock pedastal. In one corner of this clearing, there is a full health powerup near two droids. After you kill the two droids and grab the health, you can double jump onto the nearby rock pillar and snatch the thermal detonator. Don't forget to kill the droid patrolling a small ledge near Jar Jar.

To reach Jar Jar, go around the rock he's on and move the big, square hollow log to it (the indentation in the grass serves as a path showing you where you should put the log). Don't use force push to move objects, it won't work. The default "use" key is the spacebar, so use the spacebar in combination with the arrow keys to move it. Jump up, cross two logs, and jump up onto higher ground. You'll cross a third log, but don't cross it all the way. There's nothing on the other side, except about 10 droids with your death on their minds. Instead, turn left, and look down. You should see Jar Jar on the ground below you.

Jump down (grab the gungan energy balls on the rock on the way down if you can) and follow Jar Jar. Have your saber handy, there are about 7 more droids to fight. Jump into the water, and to the right there is an alcove with a small health powerup. Follow Jar Jar out of the water (despite what he says there is no safe place!). And watch out for a group of those little round creatures. In groups, and if you stay in one place too long, they'll start munching on you. Just run past them quickly and jump over the small stone wall.

From the stone wall, jump into the water. In the upper right there is a small alcove with a full health powerup. Go back out and continue forward. Kill a couple of droids, and then you'll reach a series of staggering earth platforms. Do what Jar Jar says and "jump to the top." Once on top, you'll see Jar Jar run away from the meccaneks (mechanics).

Follow Jar Jar down a small hill, and you'll come to an intersection. Now would be a good time to save your game. The left path will lead you to more droids than you can handle, and the right path will take you to Jar Jar who's high up on a cliff that you can't reach. You have to find another way to reach him, so take the center path, and watch out for the falling trees! Keep going (relatively) straight until you hit a wall and can't go straight anymore. From here, go left. You should see a little rock with a small health powerup on it. From this rock, you want to go right (pick up the gungan energy balls in the alcove to the left of the rock if you want).

You should now be at a pond with a couple of big (and killer) fishies. If you're unsure about your jumping prowess and are worried about falling into the water, use your blaster to kill the big fish first (or you'll become fish food). There are a few dry islands sticking out of the water that you'll need to jump across. Your goal is to get to the shore on the far side. Or if you've killed the big fish, you can just swim to the small clearing on the right and jump up onto the final platform.

On this last earth platform, there is a rock sticking out slightly. You'll need to make a running double jump off this rock to reach the next area. Once across, continue forward, and make another running double jump off the log onto the butte where Jar Jar is waiting. Talk to him, and he'll take off.

This is an area where a lot of people seem to have trouble. You'll have to make two running double jumps to reach Jar Jar on the other side. But there's a STAP (a droid on a flying machine) attacking you from overhead. It will develop a flight pattern, so just wait and watch for it. You can try to take it out (jump up and whack it with your saber) or when it's out of range, you can try jumping or taking the vine across. Be wary of the vine at this point though, because if you're hit, you'll get knocked off. In any case, save your game so you don't have to find your way back here again. To find the pond if you get knocked down, turn around, keep hugging the right wall and continue forward. The pond should be on the right and is not very far away.

Once on the other side, follow Jar Jar again. You'll come to an area with a deep pit and a moveable log. Push the log into the pit. Pull and push it to the other side, then jump up. And here is where you need to do a running single jump (or double jump, depending on where you're standing) to reach the vines. Once on the vine, go all the way right and press the spacebar to let yourself down again. Now would be a good point to save your game

You'll meet up with Jar Jar and a buttload of droids. If Jar Jar dies, the level ends (you're near the end in any case). You can kill the droids with whatever weapons and ammo you have, but the quick and fun way is to use the heavy repeating cannon to the left. Get behind it and press the spacebar. You have to position yourself just right or it won't work. You can move the repeating cannon left or right, and you can also move it up and down. Remember that you are moving the back of the cannon, so if you want to shoot up, you need to press the down key. And if you want to shoot down, press the up key.

There are destroyer droids hiding inside the two crates on the far side, so try not to shoot the crates if you can help it. Also, try not to walk too close to those two crates, because that can also trigger the release of the destroyer droids. Whack the crate next to you (near the cannon) and you'll find a blaster. There is a full health powerup right next to this crate. After the battle has ended, follow the path on the right side and you'll find Qui-Gon and Jar Jar. That's the end of this level.

Level 3: Otoh Gunga
Mission: Rescue Jar Jar Binks

Follow Qui-Gon and Jar Jar by walking straight until you reach Boss Nass's chambers. After the short conversation with Boss Nass, talk to Qui-Gon. Exit the room. Go left into the next bubble and grab the gungan energy balls off the red lounge-couch. Exit, go straight (past the aquarium), and enter the next small bubble. It's a transport bubble, and it looks like a dead end. Turn around in the transport, and to the right of the entrance, you should see a small button that looks like a bullseye. Press the button to operate the transport.

Exit the transport when it stops, and your only path out of there is blocked by guard Gungans who don't like outlanders. There are two ways out of this situation. You can follow Qui-Gon's advice and not kill any of them, or you can go on a shooting rampage. My first time through I went on a shooting spree (the dark side is strong in my family), and I took great pleasure in silencing those pesky little gungan punks who kept calling me a murderer! If you want to preserve ammo, then take the light side path, because once you kill one Gungan, they'll all start coming after you.

To get past the guards the proper Jedi way, use force push or a gungan energy ball. Some guards may still occasionally attack, but just use force push on them to keep them at bay. If you force push them too many times you may kill them, so be careful. And keep in mind that there are no health packs on this level. It's the game's way of telling you about the non-violence protocol you should be following for this level.

Get past the guard in this first bubble with your preferred method, and go down the long hallway and into another bubble. Shoot or force push the guard and go left down another hallway. In this third bubble there is black carpet and a yellow circle pattern on the floor. You may hear Jar Jar say "hey, any help here would be hot." He's in the bubble lift on the right that is closed off to you. If you walk towards it (between the two red couches), the lift will leave. If you haven't pissed off the guards by killing their buddies, you can talk to the guard between the red couches and get a key pass. Despite what he says, it is not needed to get through any doors or to complete the level.

Continue forward down another long hallway, and you'll come to an area with three white circles on the ground. They are pillars, and once you enter the area, two of the pillars will start to rise. Looking down, number the pillars 1 (left), 2 (center), 3 (right). Pillar 3 (which has a slightly different pattern than the other two) will take you back up to the starting balcony if you need to start the puzzle over.

Now, you can do this puzzle the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is to jump down immediately upon entering this area and stand on pillar 2. The pillar will rise, and from here you can double jump to the balcony with the two gungan guards on it. However, if pillar 2 rose before you could get on it, then get on pillar 3 and jump back onto the balcony you started from.

From the starting balcony, make a running jump to pillar 1, turn slightly and make another running jump to pillar 2. From pillar 2, double jump onto the guard balcony. Once past the guards, you'll come to another transport bubble. Push the button.

Exit, and say your prayers as you walk down this long hallway, because you are about to come upon the bubble of pure evil! This jumping puzzle is a problem for a lot of people. Not only do you have to jump, but you have to jump onto the next platform quickly because the one you're standing on will sink when you land on it. There are a couple of strategies to make this work, but you will need quick and nimble fingers and it will be difficult in any case. Once you land on the first platform, quickly turn slightly and make either a single jump or double jump onto the next pillar. Repeat with the other pillars. If you want to save yourself some frustration (although not much), forget about the pillar with the blaster on it, you don't need it that badly.

After you get past this puzzle, continue forward down a ramp. The bubbles on the left and right both have gungan energy balls. Continue all the way to the end and use another transport bubble.

Exit the transport when it stops, follow the left path, and you'll come to a timed puzzle. You need to press the button on the right and RUN up the circular ramp to the door (and moving tube) that it opens. If the door is closed when you get there, you'll have to do it all over again. If you fall into the pit below, just move the box near the ledge and jump up. However, if you're too high up when you fall, you'll die. You may wish to save your game before you attempt the puzzle.

Once through the door, you'll come to a bubble with a Gungan guard and a locked passageway. Talk to him. Tell him that you need to find the detention area, and that you have the security key. Then use your Jedi mind trick to convince him you must be very important to have a pass. He should open the door for you (walk towards it to coax him if it's still closed).

In the next bubble, you'll find a locked door with a red swirl symbol on the right. Go left down a ramp and you'll come to a bubble with a transparent forcefield in the floor. It's protecting the swirl-shaped control panel beneath your feet. In this room, there are pillars covering 3 corners, but the northwest corner is open (if it's not, exit the room and re-enter until that pillar lowers). In the open corner is a button up high, but you can't reach it. Move the box to this area and push the button. Turn around, and you'll notice one of the pillars has lowered and revealed another button. Continue the process until all the buttons have been pushed.

Once the forcefield is open, jump on top of the swirl control panel in the pit. It will change from green to red to let you know it's active. Exit, go up the ramp and straight across through the newly opened door.

Yet again, here is another timed jumping puzzle. Jump down into the pit, move the box to the pillar with the button on it, then get on top of the box. Press the button, quickly jump on top of the pillar, make a running double jump to the far balcony, and go through the door. If the door closes on you, start over.

Once through the door, talk to the Gungan. He will help you control the bubble lifts. Continue down the path to the next transport bubble. Once past the guard, you'll come to a bubble where you can either go left or right. Going right won't do you any good right now (Jar Jar will lead you that way when he's released). To find Jar Jar, take the left path, down the ramp, past the guards, and into Jar Jar's detention cell. Talk to him. Follow him (get out of his way if he's not moving) and he'll lead you to another transport bubble. After you arrive, exit, and you'll meet up with Qui-Gon. End of level 3.

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