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Hints & Walkthroughs

Star Wars: Episode 1 - Phantom Menace Walkthrough Part 3

Level 4: Gardens of Theed
Mission: Reach the palace gates

Let me start out by saying that this level and the next one are very evil!! There will be lots of killing and dying (yes you will die!). I would have cheated on this one but the cheat codes weren't available yet when I played the game.

You start the level on the wrong side of the bridge to the palace. On the balcony across from you a battle tank is shooting at you. You'll come upon this same tank at the end of the level. But for now, you have to navigate the outer gardens in order to reach the palace gates that the tank is guarding.

Be careful, there's a huge waterfall to your left that will kill you. You can try to take a running double jump onto the big pillar and jump down onto the smaller pillars, but I found it easier just to swim. Jump into the water, and quickly swim upstream (hug the right wall). Eventually you'll reach some steps on the right. Go up, then you'll find a small pond area. Jump into the water as far away from that small waterfall as possible (or it will suck you into it and you'll have to swim upstream again).

There are a couple of concrete blocks in the water that you can jump onto for a little bit of relief from the big killer fishies. Against one wall are 3 tiny waterfalls. Face it. One the left side of the waterfalls is a small ledge and a set of stairs. That's where you want to head. Once up the stairs and on the ledge against the wall, you'll have to jump across the 3 waterfalls. Once past it, you come to a seemingly dead end. It is impossible to do a running double jump onto the next platform. But there is a tiny release lever (it's black/silver) on the platform across from you, slightly to the right. Shoot at it or use force push, and it will release a bridge.

Cross the bridge, go around the corner, and fight a few droids. There's a pink forcefield surrounding a dam. To the left on the other side is another control lever that you can shoot/push to release the forcefield. The dam will now be about 2 inches under water (relatively speaking). Jump down onto it, cross it (be careful not to fall off) and don't forget the small health powerup once you're on the other side. There's a lone droid patrolling the area as well, so blast him.

Follow the path around a couple of corners, and you'll come to an area with three Theed soldiers. You can run up the steps to the left and let them take out any droids nearby, or you can help them. I suggest wimping out, as you'll need all your health VERY soon). After the shootout is over, a soldier should go up the stairs into your hideout (go out and come back in if he needs a bit of coaxing). Talk to him and he should give you a light repeating blaster with 300 shots.

Now is the perfect time to save your game. You'll thank yourself for it in a couple of minutes.

Continue forward, and you'll come to an area that will make you cry. A small in-game movie sequence reveals that battle droids, tanks, and ships have commandeered the garden. On the right side there is a battle tank, which will make bantha fodder of you in two seconds if you try to take it headon. Instead, you are forced to take the left path, and must navigate the garden maze to get back to the right side near the battle tank. There aren't many words of wisdom for this one. This is a shoot 'em up sequence! Either cheat or be quick and nimble with the fingers.

There are 4 quadrants, or 4 main sections to the maze. Each quadrant has a different entrance and exit point. Quadrants are easy to identify because they have green grass. There is concrete pavement between the different quadrants. The active battle tank and a few droids will be patrolling the main path on the side. You must avoid them for now.

After the cut scene, go left, and you'll be attacked immediately by 2 droids. Whack them with your saber quickly. Go straight, and you'll see about 7 droids in a corner area. If you have any flash grenades or a thermal detonator left, now is a good time to use one to take out this group (stand as far back as possible). Use your saber on any strays. If you're out of grenades, use a few gungan energy balls to temporarily disable the battle droids while you finish them off with your saber. Or if all else fails, use the repeating blaster the Theed soldier gave you.

A disabled battle tank is blocking your path forward. But to your right is the first quadrant with a full health powerup, which you probably need very badly at this point. Follow the maze and you'll see the grass turn to concrete. This is the exit point of quadrant one. To the right is the main path with the active battle tank and a few battle droids. To the left is a disabled battle tank. You are relatively safe from the tank's blaster fire behind the maze walls. Cross the concrete pavement to the next quadrant, which is slightly off center and to the left (look for the green grass).

In quadrant two, you'll have to fight more droids. They are spread apart so whacking them with the saber should do the trick. Don't use your flash grenades in this area because there are 2 Theed soldiers here you want to keep alive. If you find a downed soldier that is alive, talk to him and he will give you the password to open the security gate you'll encounter later on. If he's dead, don't worry about it, there's an alternate way into the plaza. There should be a light repeating blaster with 300 shots in the corner near the downed soldier. If he's dead and his body is not there, the weapon may or may not be available for you to snatch.

After fighting the battle droids and talking to the downed soldier (or finding his body), it is time to exit this quadrant. The concrete pavement you see this time is the main path. You will be near a corner, and the battle tank is patrolling the immediate area. Directly across from you is a white fence. If you quickly run across and jump over it, you can find a small health powerup (and two battle droids). There are also 3 big blocks here. You can pull the middle block out, and you'll find a room behind it hiding a proton missile launcher with 5 shells.

Now, look at the main path that the battle tank is on, and observe its patrolling movements. You want the battle tank to pass you, and when it's heading in the opposite direction that you want to go, run like hell around the corner.

Continue forward, and there will be a disabled battle tank blocking your path straight ahead, and another one to the left. Your only option is to enter the third quadrant, where battle droids are already attacking you. There is a small health powerup in one corner of this quadrant.

Cross over to quadrant four. As you cross the concrete pavement, to your right are a bunch of stacked crates, and to the left near the entrance to quadrant four are 2 stacked crates. DON'T go to the right. If you walk too close to the crates, it will trigger the release of two destroyer droids hiding inside.

In quadrant 4 are a few more battle droids to kill. Exit the quadrant. The path to your left is blocked by rubble. There is a small health pack near the rubble. Go right, around a couple of corners, and you'll come to some stacked crates on the right. Kill the droids near the crates. You are now on the other side of crates the destroyer droids are in, so they can't get you from here. There is a small health powerup on one of the crates. Jump up and get it. From here, you can take out any battle droids ahead of you from afar with your blaster (and save some of your health).

All the droids should be dead now. On your left is a gazebo (the little round building) with a small health powerup inside. Go around the corner.

Continue forward, and you've finally come upon the security gates. The soldier will ask you if you know the passcode. If you do, tell him and the gate will open. Go through it, and you'll be at the dead end of an abandoned plaza.

If you don't know the password, he'll show you another way around. Follow him around the corner, past the gazebo, and up a set of covered stairs. He'll open a door, but the droids inside will kill him.

Go inside and take out the 2 droids in front of you. Turn the corner, and take out 2 more droids. Before you exit the hallway and go into the main hall (look at the change of pattern in the floor) there is a secret area on the right wall. Look for an uneven pattern. Pull the block out and you'll find a full health powerup. Now go into the main hall, and take out the battle droids on the ground. Once that's done, run back to the small hallway for cover. If you have any flash grenades left, run into the main area and force push the droids on the balcony to disable them, then take them out with a grenade. Push the red button and a door will open in one corner.

If you're low on health, and have any energy balls left, throw them at the droids to stun them (or try force push), quickly use the red button, and enter the newly opened door in the corner. Once you're through on the other side, the door will close behind you and the droids can't blast you. You are now in an abandoned plaza.

From the abandoned plaza, follow the only path forward. To your left, you'll see a small walkway that leads to a tiny courtyard with a starfighter droid and one or more downed soldiers. There's also a full health powerup that's taunting you. The starfighter will blow up if you get too close. If you're low on health, you may not survive. But if you really need that healthpack, go back outside the walkway. As far back as you can (so you're not hurt when it blows up), and with the starfighter in sight, use your blaster to shoot it. When the starfighter has been destroyed, grab the healthpack, and say your apologies for killing those poor innocent soldiers, you murderer!

Head onward until you come to a small pool with a big fish and a set of stairs on the left. There's a lone droid in the area. The wall on your right (across from the stairs) has a small ledge with some weeds (not that kind!) or flowers in it. Double jump on to it. From here, you can jump into the bushes straight ahead. You'll find a proton missile launcher with 5 missiles in this secret area.

Now, go up the stairs, press the button, and this will make the water in the pool rise so you can swim to the other side. Make sure that big fishie swims out of the pool through a tiny hole first. Then jump in and swim around the corner. To your left you can see some stairs and a button under water. Get out of the pool, go up another set of stairs, and find another button. This will lower the water level. Go back down the stairs and a button that was previously underwater is now dry and accessible. Press it to release a bridge nearby.

Go up the stairs, head right, and look at the new bridge. This is the small pond you were at near the beginning of the level. If you want some extra goodies ignore the bridge for now, and keep going past it. You'll come to a dead end courtyard with a bench, two balconies, and a button. Press the button, and the windows in the balcony will open. Pull and push the bench near one of the balconies and jump up. Don't forget to snatch the proton missile launcher with 5 shells that was behind the bench.

In one balcony, you'll find a thermal detonator (always handy). Cross the vine to the other balcony (or use the bench again), and you'll get a proton missile launcher with 5 shells (you need these to kill destroyer droids) and a small health powerup.

Go back to the bridge and cross it. Shoot or force push the release lever on the platform across from you to release another bridge. Cross it, and watch out for the bomb on the ground (there are more like it in the courtyard with the tank). An alternate way of getting to this area with the bomb on the ground is to jump down from the secret balcony that had the thermal detonator in it.

Around a couple of corners, there is a battle tank guarding the palace gates, so you'll have to be quick. The palace has two gates that must be opened before you go can through. The release levers for both palace gates are up high in a window, there's one to the left and one to the right of the stairs. There's also a concrete block on each side of the stairs.

For now, run past the tank and cross to the far side of the stairs. Jump on top of the concrete block and you should see a release lever in the window near you. Force push or shoot it, but be quick because the tank can destroy the block you're standing on. There is also a small path off to the side with a full health powerup.

If you need another full health powerup, there is a low level OPEN window to the right of the stairs. Jump up, kill the battle droid inside, and grab the healthpack.

Now you need to move the second release lever. Go to the right side of the stairs. There are two different ways you can to this. The first is to jump up on the concrete block. Once on the tall block, you will have to jump to see the release lever, it's in a very high window. Jump and shoot, or jump and force push to release it. I was very lucky. The tank managed to shoot the release lever as it was aiming at me (because I was jumping up and down trying to shoot the release lever).

The second way to get the release lever is to go into the corner to the right side of the stairs (don't step on the land mines). There is a closed window to the right that is low, and a closed window that is slightly higher up to the left. You will need to jump on the ledge of lower level window, then from there jump on to the ledge of the higher level window. From this higher level window, double jump into the open window above you with the release lever. Shoot it or force push it, and the last door is now open. Go through the gates, and the level ends. Whew!

Level 5: Escape from Theed
Mission: Protect the Queen; Reach the hangar

In this mission you have to make sure the Queen is not killed, otherwise the level automatically ends. You both need to reach the hanger safely. If you are separated from the Queen because you are scouting ahead, and you get a message that she has died, next time check back on her more often, or don't stray too far from her.

Unless you are following this section of the walkthrough from beginning to end, it is impossible to give an exact strategy that everyone can use. That's just the nature of this level and the enemy AI. Enemies can attack unexpectantly, you may have left the queen at a different point than I did, or done things in a different order than I've done here (which will definitely affect your game). For this level, I'm providing one of the strategies I used to finish it. Just keep keep your eyes (and ears) open, check on the queen often, and protect her as best you can from the droids.

You start the level separated from your comrades (how original), and the Queen is running from gunfire, so follow her. Go up the stairs, to the right, then left, through a circular room, and down some stairs to the garden. Kill a couple of battle droids along the way. The queen should tell you that there's a secret path behind the statue. If she doesn't lead you to the statue or she's still somewhere behind you, go back to her and let her lead you. Push the statue forward and make sure there's a big enough path for her to get through or she won't follow you.

Once through, keep going up the stairs until you get to a door that is jammed. You'll have to make a running double jump to the balcony on the other side. But first, force push the droid off the balcony. Once across and near the window, jump down to a secret balcony below you. Here you'll find a proton missile launcher with 5 shells, which you're definitely going to need. Jump back up and go through the window into the room. Push the button to let the queen inside. Listen to the queen and take the blaster with 250 shots and a small health powerup (you would have done it without her permission anyways).

Exit, make sure the queen is following you, and go down a few steps. The queen will tell you that she'll stay there while you scout ahead. Remember to come back and check on her from time to time during your battles, because even though you can clear the area of droids and go a little further, more droids will come back when you're back is turned and try to kill her.

Go down the stairs and droids will start attacking you. Go right, and take out a few droids. Go back to the left path. You'll be greeted by a couple of battle droids. Kill them, and continue forward until you come to a dead end. There's a door to the right, and an open room above you. First, jump up and grab the ledge above you. Kill the droid and take the light repeating blaster with 300 shots. Jump back down and kill any battle droids you see. Make sure you check on the queen at this point because more droids should be attempting to silence her snotty little attitude right now.

After you check on the queen, go back down the left path and through the door on the right. Ignore the boy, jump onto the upper level, and grab the full health pack. Talk to the boy, and tell him it's safe to return to his mother. Follow him to his mother (the door near the queen) and you should get another full health pack for saving her son. You can save this health pack for later.

Talk to the queen and take her with you. Go forward, keep to the left side, and you'll eventually come to a courtyard with a big battle tank shooting at you. A locked security gate is to the right. The queen will stop on the left side of the courtyard and be in a relatively safe area. The queen will tell you that you need to open the gate, talk to her and tell her to make a run for it when you get the gates open. Make sure you kill any battle droids in the area before you scout ahead.

You'll need to get up on the bridge. From the courtyard, go up the stairs on the left, kill a couple of droids on the way, and around the corner on the bridge is a wounded soldier asking for water. If you want to help him, jump off the bridge near him where there's a broken side railing and you can see a small path. Follow the path around the corner and up the stairs. There's a shield here, but if you pick it up the downed solider may not talk to you while it's active (he doesn't offer anything useful anyways). There's also a flask of water and a fusion coil (which you'll need for the next level). Push the red button to open the door and you'll be back on the bridge with the wounded soldier.

Go across the bridge, and the door at the end has a droid and a small health pack. Exit, and continue down the side balcony and go through the windows (you may need to check on the queen again beforehand). Walk through the door on the left and cross a small covered bridge. Right after you cross the bridge into another room, notice the side door on the right. You'll find a blaster with 250 shots behind it. Cross another covered bridge and go into the last room.

Walk towards the exit and you'll find yourself at the top of some stairs. To your left in the corner is an open window. Crawl inside, and you'll find a light repeating blaster with 300 shots on the floor. In the compartment is a full health powerup. There's also an R2 unit and a dead person (kind of makes you wonder if R2 had anything to do with it). If your shield is still active, you may not be able to fit in the window, so come back here when it has worn off.

Go down the stairs and you'll end up in a small courtyard behind the battle tank. Show the lone droid near the battle tank the pretty color of your lightsaber, and then whack the tail end of the tank with your saber to make it move out of your way. Once the tank has moved, you can push the red button in the corner and open the locked security gates. If you go up the other set of stairs in this area, you can free a wimpy prisoner and he may give you a thermal detonator (but don't take his advice about using the detonator on the tank).

Find your way to the queen. If she took your advice and made a run for it when the doors opened, she'll be in the new area beyond the security gate. If not, or you told her to wait, go back to her in the courtyard and tell her the gates are open, then make a run for it. If you really want to waste your ammo, it is possible to kill the battle tank (it'll take a very long time). Now would be a good time to save your game.

In the new area past the gates, kill the three droids coming at you on the ground. And watch out for the two droids in the window above you. Use your saber to reflect the shots back at them. A word of warning: DON'T kill any of the battle droids on either side of the archway near the stairs, because this will trigger the release of more destroyer droids than you can handle. If you leave those battle droids alone, you will only have to deal with 2 destroyer droids. If not, then it is possible to still get through the level (I had about 6 destroyers my first time through, with no cheats used).

Off to the side is an R2 unit. Leave him alone, you'll need him there when you return to Theed later on in the game.

Talk to the queen and she should lead you to the stairs on the right (remember, don't kill the battle droids here). Tell her to follow you up the stairs. Make sure you quickly run ahead of her and don't let her catch up, otherwise she'll get ahead of you and into the path of the destroyer droids on the other side of the arch. But you also want to make sure she is not left far behind on the stairs, or the battle droids might get her.

You'll cross a small bridge (the archway) and come to a room. In the compartment is a full health powerup, and on the floor is a proton missile launcher with 5 shells. Go to the exit on the far side, and you can see some stairs leading down. Make sure the destroyer droids are NOT in this area when you go down, wait for them to pass. They patrol the area in a predictable circular pattern. Now would be a good time to save your game.

When the destroyer droids are gone (wait for them to come around at least once so you can observe their patrolling patterns), go down ONE set of stairs and turn right. Wait for the destroyer droid to roll into your line of sight, and shoot it with your proton missile launcher. Try to get in your first shot before its shields come up. Two to three shots should do it. And remember, you can always run up the stairs back into the room for safety.

After the first destroyer is history, go down another set of stairs on the left, turn right, and walk forward just a little bit (don't walk too far forward or the droids under the archway will start shooting at you). There is another destroyer droid moving around in a circular pattern. Wait for him to be in your line of sight, and get him with your proton missile.

Go back into the room (or to the bridge if you ran a little too fast) and get the queen. She should follow you (if not, run into her or talk to her to coax her into moving). Once she starts moving out of the room, stay out of her way. If you are lucky and you didn't destroy any of the battle droids under the archway, there should be no more destroyer droids in the area. She'll walk directly to the locked blast doors on the far side. Follow her there. Go down the steps near the blast doors, and take out the two droids on the bottom (one will come out of a door).

In order to open the blast doors, you need to go up another set of stairs that you passed on your way to the blast doors. Look for the star symbol on the ground, and there are stairs near there. Go up and talk to the rude woman if you want. She'll tell you (if you're nice) how to open the blast doors. There's a full health in the bedroom around the corner if you need it. Go out the window, hang a right, and you'll see a rope above you. Jump up and cross to the other side. Once across, jump onto the outer balcony and go through the glass door. Find the red button that opens the blast doors, and exit through the bottom level.

Get the queen through the blast door (if she hasn't already gone through), and when she stops, tell her to stay put while you scout ahead. There will be 2-3 battle droids near some land mines, so show them the butt end of your blaster. When you come to a bridge that's raised, jump over it and get into the boat. You can talk to the boatman if you like. And yes, there really is a deadly waterfall at the end of the river. From the boat, go into the room, get the blaster with 250 shots, and go up the stairs onto the balcony. Shoot or force push the release lever on the balcony across from you to make the bridge go down. Now the queen can cross.

Go back for the queen and she'll follow. Make sure she doesn't step on any land mines (shoot and destroy them first if you have to), and stop stepping on her dress. Once you cross the bridge, she'll start running ahead of you and leading you.

You'll come to a courtyard with a fountain, and the queen will stop. Save your game here. Go forward a little bit, and the queen will say "we're trapped." Around the corner are 2 battle droids and a droid using a heavy repeating cannon. Ignore them for a moment, because there are more battle droids coming from behind you. Take them out. Then kill the two battle droids in front of you.

If you need it, there's a small health powerup in a room on the other side of the fountain. But there's also a battle droid in there.

There will be one droid left operating the heavy repeating cannon. Once you take this droid out, a destroyer droid will appear, so be prepared. Look up above you near where the queen is standing. There's a ledge you can jump on. Jump up and cross it all the way to the end. You may see two battle droids to your left that you can take out from up here. Now, carefully look to your right and you'll see the cannon droid. Jump down behind him, and take him out quickly with your saber. The queen should start running towards you. If not, quickly go get her and lead her away. A destroyer droid may show up near the fountain, so get behind the heavy repeating cannon and use it. Or if you have any proton missiles left, that will also work.

When it's safe, the queen will run ahead a little bit and stop on the right side, near a corner with two doors. She'll stay there until it's "safe." Go into one of the doors and talk to the man. Ask him for help, and he'll open up the door next to it and you can find a full health pack and a floating seeker droid.

Save your game here. You're almost near the end of the level.

Exit, and make sure there are no droids behind you that can take out the queen as you move forward. Continue forward, and you're almost near the end. There are a few soldiers hanging about, talk to them if you want, but they aren't very good at fighting for you.

You'll come to a big courtyard. On the right is a fountain, two destroyer droids, and a blaster with 250 shots. Unless you are desperate for ammo, it's not worth it. To the left is the hangar, but there are a lot of battle droids guarding it. Now would be a good time to use your flash grenades (or better yet, your thermal detonator) if you have any left.

Once you've made junkyard metal of the droids, go back and get the queen. Lead her to the outside of the hangar where she'll stop. Talk to her and tell her to stay put while you scout ahead. Go inside the hangar and kill 3 more battle droids. Go back out to the queen and tell her you need to get to her ship. At the far end of the hanger is Qui-Gon and company. End of level.

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