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Hints & Walkthroughs

Star Wars: Episode 1 - Phantom Menace Walkthrough Part 6

Level 10: Assault on Theed
Mission: Queen - Get into the palace, protect Panaka Obi-Wan - follow and fight Darth Maul

In this level you play both Queen Amidala and Obi-Wan (you keep switching between characters and scenes, which is kind of annoying). It's a good idea to save your game at the beginning of each character switch. The Queen is a weak character (anyone without a saber is!) and this is evidenced by the fact that her starting weapon is a wimpy droid stunner. As the Queen, you need to protect Captain Panaka, because if he dies the level ends. As Obi-Wan, your mission is to just fight and follow Darth Maul where ever he goes.

This is another level in which fighting strategies will be slightly different for everyone. It all depends on where you leave Panaka, if you tell him to scout ahead or if you scout ahead, what enemies you kill, or if you run past them, and so forth. You don't always have to destroy every enemy, sometimes running out of the area will work and they won't follow you. The desciptions I give here are for the strategies that I used, but there are many other strategies you can employ.

First you start out as Obi-Wan. Turn right, and lead the crew forward into the hangar bay, and you meet up with Darth Maul again. As suddenly as it began, you are no longer Obi-Wan.

Now are you the Queen. Save your game. Getting through some of this level should be easy (well, at least familiar), because you've been here before (only now you're following the path in reverse).

Grab the 5 flash grenades behind you. Go forward, and fight some droids. On your left is a room with the man guarding the small weapons room. Talk to him, and he'll open the door next to you. Grab the seeker droid and the blaster with 250 shots. Exit, and continue onward.

You'll come to a small courtyard with a fountain. In one corner is a ledge up above with 5 flash grenades. In another corner is a small health powerup. In the room near the fountain is a thermal detonator and a battle droid.

Panaka may comment that it's too quiet, or that there's more droids ahead. If he says "we've got problems, move out" pay attention. That means the destroyer droid is coming up behind you. Once you past the first fountain area, the destroyer droid won't follow you around the corner.

On your way out of the fountain courtyard, blast the droids, and then go around the corner. You'll come to the bridge. There's a balcony and room to the right, except the boat has been destroyed so you can't get in that way. There is a tiny buttress near the balcony. Get onto it, then then from there you can jump, and hang off the railing. Hoist yourself up. You'll find a small health, and down the stairs is a proton missile launcher with 5 shells.

Across the bridge and around the corner is a droid using a heavy repeating cannon. Save your game. Kill the droid operating it, then get behind it and blast everything in sight. There are about 10 battle droids and 3 destroyer droids. When the area is cleared, continue forward, but be prepared because there is a destroyer droid around the corner. You can take him out with your proton missile launcher, or if you're quick you can run back to the heavy repeating cannon. If you choose the latter, make sure you don't hit Panaka because he will be up ahead near the destroyer droid. When the path is clear, go around the corner to the blast doors. You will switch characters.

Now are you Obi-Wan in the hangar bay. Save your game. Help Qui-Gon fight Darth Maul. There's a full health powerup to the right, and a small health powerup to the left. You need to get Maul about halfway down on his health bar (none of Qui-Gon's hits affect this). Try to destroy any boxes on the ground because Darth Maul will starting throwing them at you. After Darth Maul's health is about halfway, he'll escape through a side door. Follow him.

Now you're the queen again. Save your game. The blast doors are now open. Talk to Panaka, and tell him to scout ahead while you cover him. Go through. Once past the doors, on the left is a set of stairs going down. There's a destroyer droid that way. Quickly run past it and if you don't turn around and go back that way, it shouldn't bother you. If it does, you should have some proton missile launchers left that you can use.

In the meantime, follow behind Panaka and if you told him to scout ahead, he should blast the droids for you. He will stop on the right side behind a wall of flowers/bushes for some protection. And don't shoot the droids under the archway unless you want more destroyers on your tail!

Go up the stairs off to the right and into the room (you've been here before). Use the compartment to get a full health pack. If Panaka is still down below, go talk to him and get him to follow you.

Go up through the room, across the bridge, and down the stairs. Kill the 2-3 droids off to the side, but don't shoot the droids under the archway behind you. The security gates are locked again. In an alcove to the right is an R2 unit and a wounded soldier. Talk to the wounded soldier. Talk the the R2 unit and have him open the machinery room door near the soldier. Go inside and shoot the generator until it's destroyed.

If the R2 unit has been destroyed and is not there, you'll have to get a keypass from the soldier. Then you'll need to go back up the stairs, across the bridge, through the room, exit outside, and off to the left (near the star symbol on the ground) is the red door. Use the keypass control panel to open it, and push the red button inside the room. This will open the machinery room door near the wounded soldier. Go to the machinery room and destroy the generator.

The security gates are now open, go through and kill any droids. Your path is blocked by a pink force field. Talk to the wounded soldiers if you want. There are 3 ways to destroy the pink forcefield. But first, let's gather some goodies that you'll need. Talk to Panaka near the soldiers and tell him to wait there.

Go into the small courtyard behind you (where the tank used to be from the first Theed level) and up the stairs on the right to the prisoner Obi-Wan released. If Obi-Wan did not release him on the first Theed level, he may not be there. Talk to him and he will give you a proton missile launcher with 5 shells, and 10 flash grenades (2 sets of 5 each).

After you're done talking to him, go down the stairs, go straight across the small courtyard, and go up another set of stairs. Before you go through the door on the left, look at the open window with a red light coming from it. Jump up in there, and you'll find a full health powerup in the compartment. Back outside, go through the door.

Go through the room and you'll cross a very short covered bridge. Go through another room, and you'll come to another short covered bridge. Before you cross it, go into the room on the left and snag the full health powerup. Continue forward into the last room.

Exit out the window, along the balcony, and you'll come to one side of the bridge that is blocked by the pink forcefield. Kill the battle droid guarding the room up here. Go inside the room and you'll find a proton missile launcher with 5 shells. Jump down through the broken side railing into the big courtyard below, where Panaka is waiting.

The first way to get rid of the pink forcefield is to have Panaka take it out. Save your game first. He will throw two thermal detonators at it, which will destroy it. If he was injured too much in battle during this level, he may not survive the blast (so you'll be thankful for that save game). If he can't survive the blast, reload a save game and you'll have to take it out. Use your proton missiles and flash grenades to destroy the generator inside the forcefield. If you did it right, the pink forcefield should shrink in size. Keep pelting it with your ammo until it's destroyed. Try placing yourself where Panaka was standing on the stairs when he tried to take it out.

The third way of getting around the forcefield has more to do with either luck, a bug, or previous actions in the level. I don't know what actions sets this third option in motion. After R2 opened the machinery door for me and I destroyed the generator, Panaka went ahead of me into the courtyard. I didn't talk to him, but went around this part of the level grabbing goodies, and he was not in the courtyard when I came back. If he's not in the courtyard, just go up the stairs by the wounded soldier. You'll come to the bridge, and you can jump down the broken railing. I found Panaka on already on the other side.

In any case, once you're past the forcefield, you'll round a corner where evil R2 (astromech) droids are waiting in ambush. If you followed Panaka and he's not too far ahead, he'll help you take them out. Before you go up the stairs, go down the dead end path. Up on the ledge is a battle droid and a full health powerup. There's nothing in the room where the little lost boy used to be. Continue on your journey up the stairs, and go into the door on your left. The lost boy's mother will open a door in the back for you where you'll find a light repeating blaster with 300 shots.

Follow Panaka up the stairs, and grab the full health as you go through the room. You'll go down some stairs, past the statue, into the garden, and finally to a balcony with the other soldiers. Talk to Panaka, and the queen's part of the level will end.

Now you're Obi-Wan again. Save your game. This is the last sequence to this level. There's a small health pack on the left. DON'T cross the catwalk yet or the level will end. You have to fight Darth Maul a little bit, and then both Maul and Qui-Gon will start crossing the catwalk. Follow them. Qui-Gon will tell you that the choice is yours. Jump over Qui-Gon to reach Darth, and the catwalk will give way under your feet. Qui-Gon makes it to the other side.

After your fall off the catwalk, turn around. There's an alternating blue forcefield. When it goes off, walk into the next circular area. Don't go any further and don't pass any more forcefields. Walk to the left and a small compartment will open up and you'll automatically enter. End of level.

Level 11: The Final Battle
Mission: Queen - Find throne room
Obi-Wan - Defeat Darth Maul

This is the final level of the game. To get through the various security doors as the queen, you need to find different colored keypasses. As Obi-Wan, you'll be doing a lot of dangerous jumping games, so you may want to save your game before and after each jump.

You start as out the queen. Go left, past the open room, and on the right are two control panels on the wall. You can use the right panel and it will reveal a full health. If you stick around, a red droid will come and open up the left control panel for you. It has a blaster with 250 shots.

Continue the other way, and you'll find a white security door that needs a white passkey. To your left you'll see a soldier standing near 3 doors. Listen to what he says and DON'T open the door behind me, as there's no force great enough in the universe that can destroy all those droids. If you pissed around waiting for the red droid and the hidden panel, he may have gotten killed in the meantime. It doesn't really matter. The only thing he was there for was to tell you not to open the door behind him (the center door) and that you need passkeys to get through the security doors.

Go into the room on the right, kill the two battle droids, and move the cabinet (there's a small health underneath it). Move the cabinet across the hall into the other room, where there are two more droids waiting. Kill them, and push the cabinet under the the green control panel that's high up on the wall. Push the button, and a secret passage is revealed. On the other side is the room where the prisoners are being held. One of them has the white passkey, talk to him.

Exit back out to the main area, and go to the white security door. The control panel is hidden beneath an outer casing, so it's inaccessible right now. In the corner next to the panel is a passkey reader machine that you have to use in order to reveal the white control panel. Once that's done, use the control panel. The door will open.

You are now Obi-Wan. Save your game. Go through the door, and prepare for a jumping game made from hell. Believe it or not, you will have to navigate most of these circular platforms and elevators from one side of the room to the other in order to reach the catwalk that Qui-Gon and Darth Maul are fighting on.

There is a droid on this first ring. Kill it. Your goal in this part of the game is to get onto the left side of the room. Go all the way left, past 2 rings with pink forcefields, until you come to a dead end ring with a droid on it. Kill it or force push it off. When the elevator comes, get onto it. Ride it all the way to the top ring, and get off. From this vantage point, you can see Darth Maul and Qui-Gon fighting.

Look around, and you'll see a door against a wall just below you. There is a ring (with a pink forcefield coming out of the center) that leads to the door. You'll have to double jump down onto this ring.

Go through the door, and kill 2 droids. Open the next door, and you're on a catwalk. The first control panel you come to on the left turns on the lights. Go to the end of the catwalk, and this control panel will get rid of the blue forcefields. Go back to the first control panel. Opposite of this is a small area that juts out. Get onto it. You need to get across to the other catwalk.

At this point these platforms are too far apart for you to jump across. You only need to get one of the platforms to extend. You can throw a gungan energy ball onto the platform on the other side, and it will short out the control panel next to it. This will cause that platform to extend a little. Or you can just force push the same control panel. Another option is to use the middle control panel on your side (go all the way around it to see the panel), which will extend the platform on your side a little bit. Save your game before you jump. If you miss, the fall will kill you. Once one or both platforms are extended (they won't meet), make a running double jump to the other side.

On the other side, kill any droids that are bothering you, and go through the door where you'll find 4-5 more battle droids. There is a secret panel in the wall next to the control panel that opens the door. Open it, and you'll find a full health powerup. Go through the next door, and you'll end up on a dead end ring. Walk forward a little bit, and you'll switch characters again.

Now you are the Queen. Definitely save your game here. There's a buttload of battle droids, droids operating heavy repeating cannons, and destroyer droids down the long hallway to the left. At the start of this section, you see a door straight ahead of you. If you want to gather some goodies to help beat the droids on this level, you need to find a way to open it.

But first, you'll need to kill the first set of repeating cannon droids. Let Panaka take out a couple of droids around the corner before you move into the corridor. An easy way to take out the repeating cannon droid is to walk forward very slowly until you can just barely see it at the top of your screen. Use your blaster to destroy it, and then take out any strays. Turn around, and head back towards Panaka. There's a control panel on the right wall, near the point where the wall curves inward. This will open the door in the corner that leads to all the goodies.

Head towards that door, go inside up a long ramp, and through the strange silver doors at the top. Inside the round room, kill the two droids. Turn around and face the door you just came through. On the right is a BLUE control panel. Use it, and a proton missile launcher with 5 shells will fall out of the compartment. To the right is a ledge. Jump out onto it, and go through the open window on the left. At the bottom of the stairs, turn around. There is a hidden panel on the wall between the two stairs. Inside you'll find a full health pack and a thermal detonator.

Exit the room. If you did not kill the first set of repeating cannon droids beforehand, they will be right outside this room as you exit. Go get Panaka on the left and continue down the hallway. Take out the second repeating cannon droid using the same method I recommended for the first. Walk very slowly towards it until you can just barely see it on your screen, and take it out with your blaster.

Continue forward and you'll run into some destroyer droids. Let Panaka destroy them. Behind the first door you run past on your left is a weapons stash. Inside is a light repeating blaster with 300 shots, a small health pack, and a blaster with 250 shots. But wait, there's more. There's a secret panel in the corner. Use it. Inside you'll find a room that has a blaster with 250 shots, a light repeating blaster with 300 shots, and a small health pack. You can hide in these rooms while Panaka is taking out the destroyers. You may have to go back in the hallway to lure the destroyers to Panaka.

As you continue forward, a closed door on your right will suddenly open, revealing another destroyer droid. Let Panaka have it. Panaka may be playing the "poor wounded soldier" role and standing as far back from the battle as possible near where you started this seciton of the game. If Panaka isn't helping you out, you'll have to take them out yourself.

Finally you've come to your last set of repeating cannons droids. The cannon is on the left side of the wall. Use the same strategy as before to take it out. Or use whatever other goodies you may have on you. Open the door on the left and you enter a new hallway.

There are four doors here. The door to your left has the blue passkey reader machine. The door to the right has a full health powerup in a compartment. Go all the way down the hallway to another blocked door. On the left is a room with the blue pass, but it also has a destroyer droid. Let Panaka take it out. The door on the right also has a destroyer droid, but there's nothing useful in there, so don't open it. Once you have the blue pass, go back to the room with the passkey reader and use it. Some stray battle droids may attack on the way there and back. Then go back to the blue security door and use the blue control panel.

At the end of the hallway to your right is the red passkey reader. There's also a room here with a moveable cabinet. On the tiny ledge of the pillar near this room is the red passkey. Downstairs is another moveable cabinet near the elevator. There's also a destroyer droid or two, and a few battle droids lurking about. Let Panaka kill them, or kill them with whatever tactic you've developed thus far.

To get the red passkey, you'll need to move the cabinet that's near the elevator under the broken railing near a pillar. Then go into the room next to the passkey reader and push the cabinet through the broken railing so it lands on the cabinet below. If it is not perfectly stacked, that's ok. Move the stacked boxes to the other pillar with the red passkey, then go back upstairs, jump over the balcony onto the box, and snatch the red passkey. Go back upstairs and use the red passkey reader.

On the bottom floor, open the door with the newly revealed red control panel. You'll find a light repeating blaster with 300 shots, 2 small health packs, and a blaster with 250 shots. The go up to the red security door, use the panel, and walk forward a little bit. You'll switch characters.

You are Obi-Wan again. Save your game. Your goal in this part of the game is to make your way to the other side of the room. Walk onto the ring. Look down. There's a droid walking on a ring just below you with a pink forcefield in the center. You want to get on the ring one level below the droid. Get on the elevator. There are 3 levels to the elevator you're on now, but the elevator only stops on the top and bottom ring. Get off on the middle ring. From here, you need to make a running double jump onto the next nearest ring below you (with the pink forcefield). It may not seem possible, but it is, so keep trying.

Go forward, and you'll reach another dead end ring (pink forcefield) with a droid on it. Kill it. Right below you is a ring with an elevator. Again, make another running double jump. You may want to wait until the elevator is in the down position because when I jumped, I barely made it and actually rolled onto the elevator. Had the elevator not been there, I may have gone through the hole in the center to my death. Take the elevator to the top.

Kill the droid at the top, and then go through the door. There is a box behind the grate against one wall (near the control panel). You need access to it. Use the panel to call the elevator up. Use it again and quickly get on the elevator to go down. Against one wall is a small ledge. You'll have to run and double jump to get up there. Push the button, and it will move the grate upstairs to one side. The grate is timed, but you have plenty of time before the grate will move back to its original position. Go up the elevator, and pull the box out of the wall and onto the elevator. Use the control panel again to make the elevator go down.

You need to move the box to the area where all the blue forcefields are blocking your path. Off to the left side side is a small ledge that's out of your reach. Move the box to it and jump up. This control room will operate the blue forcefields. You need to maniuplate them so you have a clear path to the room on the other side.

Pretend the controls are the faces on a clock. Starting on the wall with 3 panels, and going left to right, it should be: 9:00, 9:30, 3:00. On the other wall with the 5 panels, from left to right, it should read: 9:30, 3:00, 9:30, 3:00, 9:30. The path should now be clear. Go to the other side, up the elevator, and out the door.

Now you are the Queen again. Save your game. Immediately kill the droid behind the heavy repeating cannon. Use the cannon to kill a buttload of battle droids and destroyer droids. Go up the stairs. If you have any proton missiles left (you better hope you do) use them on the destroyer droids up here. Once up the stairs, there's an open door on the left. Right next to the door is a statue. If you destroy it (I had to use a proton missile launcher because the blasters didn't work) you will find a full health pack. Now go into the room, out the window, and walk along the ledge. You'll run into one battle droid on the way to the next open window. Get the full health pack in this room.

A door on the side leads to the throne room (the other leads back to the area with the big stairs that you were just at). Go through the side door and kill a few droids. Before you talk to the Viceroy, open the door opposite of where you just came in. Talk to Panaka and make sure he follows you into the room. If you doesn't follow you, just make sure the door is open at least. Talk to the Viceroy, and your final battle has begun. Kill the droids. If Panaka followed you in the room, he should help you. If not, and the doors are open, he should come running in to help you. Once all the droids are destroyed, talk to the Viceroy and you switch characters one last time.

Now you are Obi-Wan, and the level is almost done. Save your game. Walk out onto the right side of the ring. Look down. There's an elevator. You have to jump onto the elevator either as it's coming up or going down. If you do it as it's starting to come up, it may be easier. If you do it as it's going down and you wait too long, you may die because the jump "down" is too far.

This elevator has 3 levels. It'll stop on the top and bottom ring, but you need to get off on the middle ring. Once on the middle ring, follow the path (past 2 rings with pink forcefields) until you come to another dead end ring. Get on the elevator. There are 4 levels to this elevator. You want to get off on the ring that's one level below the top ring. Walk forward onto the last ring, and from here you can jump onto the catwalk (finally!!). But Qui-Gon and Darth Maul are no longer fighting on the catwalk.

Go through the door to your left, and watch out for the red forcefields alternating on and off. Go through to the end where Darth Maul and Qui-Gon are fighting.

Here's the final battle. Save your game. Up on ledges on both sides of the pit are full health packs in hidden blue panels. One easy strategy to defeating Maul is to force push him into the pit. But when he's near the edge, he may jump up over you and away from it. When you have him near the edge, get your saber out. Whack him a few times to keep him there temporarily, then quickly force push him again until he falls into the pit. Another strategy (if you're lucky) is to position yourself in one of the corners and take him out with a couple of proton missiles. Or you can go the old fashioned route and duel him saber to saber. Watch out, he'll use red lightning and throw boxes at you. After Darth Maul dies, go talk to Qui-Gon. End of game.

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