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Hints & Walkthroughs

Demolition Racer

Access All Cars & Tracks
At the name selection screen, enter BIG CHEAT, then enter your normal name.
Access All Cars in Demolition League
At the name selection screen, enter LEAGUE CHEAT, then enter your normal name.
Tip: When in the demolition derby arena, be as erratic as possible. The other guys are bent on your ultimate destruction, and a consistent target plays right into their evil hands.

Tip: If you have the opportunity, always choose a car with better handling over a car with extra top speed or power. You have to do anything you can to work your way around the game's horrid steering.

Tip: A keyboard or digital D-pad works better than an analog joystick or wheel. Consider yourself advised.

Tip: You can use burned-out hulks as refuge; hide between one of these and the wall, and the potential damage from any oncoming car will be substantially deflected.

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