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Hints & Walkthroughs

Disciples: Sacred Lands

Code - Result
givememoney - 5000 Mana and Gold
upgrademe - Next Fight Will Level Up Your Leader and Units
letmemove - Refill Units Movement
playhideandseek - Become Invisible
iwanttokilleverybody - Be at War With Everyone
iloveallofyou - Be at Peace with Everyone
iwanttobuildagain - Be Able to Build Again
iwillkeepaneyeonyou - Reveal Enemy/Monster
whoturnedoffthelights - Hide Map
nowicanseeyou - Reveal Map
whataloseriam - Instant Loss
nobodycanbeatme - Instant Win
givemeanotherchance - Revive Dead Units (One unit must still be alive)
makemestronger - Recover Health
wouldyou? - Be in Alliance With Everyone
Tip 1: You can use the AutoSave feature to load the game from the previous turn if you're taking a nasty beating.
Tip 2: Resurrecting dead units will bring them back with their experience points intact, but if they have very few experience points, your gold is better spent simply recruiting a new unit.
Tip 3: Build the Guild and start sending out Thief units as soon as possible--it's the cheapest way to find out what sort of enemy forces are inside cities and towers.
Tip 4: Seriously consider using the Suicide function during battle if you're positive you're going to lose and if you suspect that enemy units will advance a level by fighting the battle to the end.

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