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Hints & Walkthroughs

Rainbow 6 Eagle Watch

R6 EW Cheats: Accessed by pressing enter while in the action phase, typing the code word, and pressing enter again. A text message will appear when the cheat is activated properly. Note that capitalization is important.
IMPORTANT: All cheats are unsupported-use them at your own risk.
avatargod: Makes the player impervious to damage.
teamgod: Makes the entire team impervious to damage.
nobrainer: Turns off all AI brains, both terrorists and team members. They won't hear, see, or react to you. This is quite good for screenshots.
explore: Turns off the victory conditions. With this mode on you can never win or lose a level. You must hit escape to abort the mission.
5fingerdiscount: Replenishes all inventory items to the state they were in at the beginning of the mission, i.e., if you started with three grenades and five magazines, that's what you'll have after using this cheat.
bignoggin: Big head mode.
meganoggin: Really big head mode.
clodhopper: Big feet mode.
turnpunchkick: Makes the characters paper thin
stumpy: Makes grenades blow limbs off.
1-900: Makes the characters breathing very exaggerated.
fastactionresponseteam: All equipment jingling team sounds are replaced by farting sounds.
silentbutdeadly: Farting sounds plus they kill team members.
None of these cheats work in multiplayer mode.

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