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Hints & Walkthroughs

Rise of the Triad

ROTT is our winner for game with the most cheat codes (not counting level codes). To use these codes, just type them in during a game (remember to type the first code, "Dipstick," to enable the cheats).
Dipstick - Enable/Disable Cheat Codes
Shootme - Bulletproof Armor
Burnme - Asbestos Armor
Chojin - Woundless With Weapons
Booze - Drunk Missile
Bones - FlameWall
Toosad - God Mode (Temporary Invulnerability)
Flyboy - Mercury Mode
Badtrip - Shrooms Mode
Boing - Elasto Mode
Speed - Enable Autorun
Panic - Restart to normal, full health, no modes, keys or guns
Whack - Whack Yourself
86me - Kill Character
Dimon - Light Diminishing On
Dimoff - Light Diminishing Off
Goto - Go To Another Level
Goobers - Restart Current Level
Gogates - Exit to DOS
Goarch - Exit Current Level
London - Fog On
Nodnol - Fog Off
Shineon - Light Sourcing On
Shineoff - Light Sourcing Off
Lungdung - Gas Mask
Sixtoys - Items Aplenty
Huntpack - Outfit Player (Bulletproof Armor, Keys, HeatSeeker)
Johnwoo - Double Pistols
Plugme - MP40 Machine Gun
Vanilla - Bazooka
Firebomb - Firebomb
Hottimes - Heatseeker
Seeya - Hand of God (Permanent God Mode)
Ride - Missile Camera On/Off
Where - Toggles Coordinate Display On/Off

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