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Hints & Walkthroughs

Roller Coaster Tycoon

Rename any of your park guests to one of the following names to activate cheat function:
Code - Result
Chris Sawyer - Takes Pictures of Rides
Simon Foster - Paints Pictures of Rides
Melanie - Warn Increase Guests Happiness
Katie Brayshaw - Waving Guests
John Wardley - Constantly Thinks Wow!
John Mace - Pays Double Prices on Rides
Damon Hill - Drives Go-Karts Twice as Fast
BigBucks - Unlimited Cash
Tony Day - Eats Lots of Hamburgers

Free money:
Go to the Finances by pressing "F", then press ENTER + "M" for $5,000. This can only be done once a month for unlimited amount of cash.
All scenarios, rides and infinite money:
At the Main Menu, hold SHIFT, type "rct2" and press ENTER. If done correctly, you will hear clapping.
Note: These 2 codes may not work on all versions.
Hire Einstein
To extend your research by leaps and bounds, find Guest #1 and rename him E=MC2. Then find guest #2 and rename him E=MC3. The two will meet and begin brainstorming. Shortly thereafter they will ask to be hired on as the park’s research developers. Say yes and pour your resources into the think tank. The following year, research and development will have grown by leaps and bounds. You will have all of the latest rides and nearly a billion dollars to spend!
Receive A One Million Dollar Gift
To get lots of money for your park, close it down for one full year! Afterwards, a man dressed in a blue suit and holding a clipboard will give you a little helpful money ($1,000,000).
Retain Ride Popularity
To retain a scary ride’s popularity, simply delete a segment of track and replace it with the same thing. The guests will be fooled into thinking that the amusement has been improved and will continue flocking to it!
Kill Everything
First, find guest 2374, rename him as "Timothy Mcveigh". Next, make him walk by an entertainer, drown him, find a slide, and watch for a big bomb to go down the slide. Then, all your rides will be deleted, all people gone, all land flattened, and you'll receive ten million dollars.
Increase Park Rating
Though it is questionable ethically, it makes business sense... Maintain high park ratings by drowning all unhappy guests! (Click on a mad guest and use the pincer icon to place him in the water.)
Maximizing Productivity of Shops and Stalls
Location is the key to maximizing profits! Here are a few business tips:
Don’t squeeze stores together. They will compete for customers and their prices will fall. Put shops and stalls near the rear of the park, NOT at the entrance. Once tired and hungry guests have walked all the way to the back, they will be more than willing to pay higher prices for snacks.
Remove Weeds without Mowing
To remove weeds without mowing the landscape, click on a construction button (like the leveling land button). Then click on a weed it will disappear!
Utopia at Mega Park
To unlock Mega Park, a scenario with a sprawling plot of land and no objectives, you must complete all other scenarios.
All Facilities
To stuff your park with all the enmities, push [Shift] + Z.
All Rides
To put all of the rides in your amusement park, push [Alt] + Z.
All Shops
To put all of the shops in your amusement park, push [Ctrl] + Z.

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