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Hints & Walkthroughs

Heroes Of Might and Magic 3

While playing, press [TAB] then type in the following codes:
Code - Result
nwconlyamodel - Build all buildings in your castle
nwcsirrobin - Immediate failure
nwctrojanrabbit - Immediate success
nwcavertingoureyes - Hero gains extra 35 archangel
nwcantioch - Hero gains tent, ballista and ammo
nwcigotbetter - Hero gains 1 level up
nwccastleanthrax - Hero gains highest luck
nwccoconuts - Hero gains unlimited move points
nwcmuchrejoicing - Hero gains top morale
nwcalreadygotone - See the full revealed secret item map
nwcgeneraldirection - See the full map
nwcshrubbery - All sources increased
nwctim - Hero gains all magic and 999 spell points
nwcfleshwound - Hero gains Death Knights
nwcphisherprice - Brighter colors

- GameTips -
Tip 1
If it's possible, maintain a money reserve of at least 10,000 to 15,000 gold pieces. This fund can be used to buy armies out of fights they just can't win. This way, you won't lose all your hard-earned units.

Tip 2
On the larger maps, use one or two token heroes with fast movement rates to move units up from your cities to your powerful heroes out in the field.

Tip 3
In most scenarios time is of the essence. While you are building up strength, the computer player is busy building up one or two massive armies. Find and destroy them early on, even if it takes two or three armies attacking in quick succession to do it.

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