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Hints & Walkthroughs

Hexen II Walkthrough

1st Hub: Blackmarsh
This is the Medieval hub, where you combat archers, spiders, skull wizards, golems, imps, hydras, and sheep. Some of the puzzles and settings in this hub make little sense, but they only get better in later hubs. At the end of this hub, you must battle the first of Edilon's Four Horsemen, Famine.
*****Step 1: The Bones of Loric*****
-You start the game in Blackmarsh
-Turn to the right and run up the ramp & open the door. Hit the switch on the lower right of the mural on the right side of the room. This will open the opposite mural, revealing a secret passage. Jump down it, hit the triangular switch next to the bars. Go through the teleporter.
-Go back to where you started the game and go down the hall & open the door. Hit the triangular switch to the right, then step on the floor plate when the coffin moves. Go through the door to the left and down the hall.
-Come to an open area. Follow the path to the left, through a cave.
-Come to a wooden bridge. Jump in the water to the right and find a triangular switch under the bridge. Hit it and go through the teleporter.
-Follow the corridor. Hit the lever to activate the wheel. Hit the triangular switch on the wall to open the bars.
Go through the big door opened by the wheel, and follow it to the bones.
*****Step 2: The Mill Key*****
-Turn left and jump into the water. Go forward through the teleporter. Open bars & enter the Wizard's Lab. Go through the door to Barbicon.
-Follow the cave to the catapult. Play skeet with the sheep. Stand on the catapult pad & hit attack or jump to fling yourself over the wall. (Note: hit the back key right as you're over the wall to drop down and grab some goodies)
-Follow the cave to the broken wall (go through breach for goodies). Go back through the breach and turn left, walk up to big door to open. You're now at the drawbridge.
-Drop into the moat and go left. Break the grate and go through, following the passage. Take your first right and swim up. Break through the wall. Note the message on the floor next to the table.
-Follow the hall to a door. Open it and go up the stairs to the left. Take a right up a few more stairs & dispatch the auto-crossbow. Turn around and go back down the 2nd set of stairs, and go through the door on the right.
-Go into the room and into the adjoining room to the left. Break the jars and hit the symbol on the wall to reveal a secret passage. Follow to the crossbow.
-Use the crossbow to destroy the tower with the dragon banner on it, revealing a teleporter. Jump across the moat and enter the teleporter, which takes you to a nearby ledge. Grab the mill key.

****Step 3: Crush the Bones****
-Jump into the moat and go to the left, following it back to the drawbridge. Retrace your steps to Blackmarsh.
-Go up the steps to the right. Follow the cave back over the bridge & out into the open area. Go to the left & through the door to The Mill
-Go forward, drop down into the pond, and follow the path. To get up onto the outcropping with the Chaos Device, stand on the bush and run diagonally (forward & strafe left at same time) and jump at the last second. Grab weapon #2 behind the tree, too.
-Follow the cave under the outcrop to an open area with 2 teleporters. Go to the teleporter on the left to get to the mill. Go up the ramp and through the door. Go to the back of the gear to grind the bones to dust. Go back outside to collect the dust.
-Go through the teleporter and then through the 2nd teleporter outside. Hit the switch by the bell to open the underground passage. Follow the passage to a door leading back to Blackmarsh. Go through.

****Step 4: The Castle Key****
-Retrace your steps to the Wizard's Lab. Walk into the gold pool to make the potion. Collect it and go through the door to Barbican.
-Go through the cave, past the catapult, and into the castle as before. Retrace your steps to the secret leading to the useable crossbow, but take the door to the left of the secret passage.
-Go up the stairs and hit the lever to activate the drawbridge. Go up the ramp to a room with a Tomb of Power and a cauldron. Drop through the hole in the floor and go through the door in front of you.
-Follow the passage to a room with an Archer Lord & some broken stairs. Push an iron barrel to the broken stairs and climb up. Go through the passage to the left.
-Open the window and watch the spiders drown. Drop into the moat and go right. Swim up to the mithril door on the left to transform it to wood. Break the wood and get the castle key.
-Swim to the left and get the ring of waterbreathing. Follow the moat to the drawbridge (which is now open)
-Cross the drawbridge and follow the passage to the open market area go right to find the castle entrance. Unlock the doors and go through the doors to the King's Court.

****Step 5: The Treasury Key****
-Walk around the courtyard and down the hall to a 4-way intersection (there should be a butcher's sign in front of you).
-Go left (when facing the sign) and keep going straight until you find the door to the Stables. Enter it.
-Go forward through the double doors and follow the hall until you see a big wooden door to the right. Go through it. Go straight ahead and smash your way through the hay bails. Find the note about a buried key next to the corpse.
-Go back into stables area & walk forward until you see a bunch of haybails and a ladder leading up to a loft on your right. Jump up on the hay and climb the ladder. At the top, when you're facing the ladder there's a passage to the right leading to some ramps. Climb the ramps ALL the way to the top & open the secret door.
-Hop across the rafters to a wooden door on the right. Open it and throw the switch in the little room on the other side. Hop down and grab the shovel.
-Turn around and walk forward, dropping back down into the stables. Turn left, walk a few steps, then turn right. Follow the hall in front of you to the forge's lawn. Walk to the left of the tree to get the treasure key. Retrace your steps back to the start of the area and the door to the King's Court.

*****Step 6: The Tailor's Key*****
-Go left and return to the 4-way intersection near the butcher's. Keep going straight until you see the door to the Inner Courtyard to the left. Enter it.
-Go left and go up on the guillotine. Shoot out the glass and jump across. Push the wall with the symbol and follow the passage to the Forgotten Chapel door. Enter it.
-Follow the hall to the left and open the 2nd wooden door (the 1st one will be locked). Climb the stairs leading to the alter.
-Walk past the alter on the left and notice 3 steps on the wall. Hop up the steps and push on the 2nd angel from the left. The alter will slide back, revealing a hidden passage.
-Drop down this passage to the spider's den. Find the web-wrapped corpse. Smash it and pick up the tailor's key behind you.
-Walk forward and drop down to the sewers. Follow them to the door and teleporter.
-Fall down into the pool, then run up the ramp and through the previously blocked door on the right. Go right and through the Inner Courtyard door.
-Retrace your steps to the King's Court

*****Step 7: The Disrupt Magic Scroll and Amulet of Hunger*****
-Go right and straight through the 4-way intersection. Go left at the door leading to the Stables, and left again at the Tailor's sign. Go in the shop and go upstairs. Unlock the closet and knock out the false back to get the disrupt magic scroll.
-Retrace your steps to the 4-way intersection. Go right and back to where you originally started the King's Court area. Go through the magical barrier and enter the doors to The Palace.
-Follow the hall to the throne room. Keep going straight and go through the door that rolls out of the way, into the bedroom. Cross the bathing pool and follow the hall to the courtyard with the fountain.
-Drop down into the courtyard and open the door on the right. Follow the passage down to the spiral staircase. Find the treasure room near the bottom of these stairs. Unlock it and go in to get the amulet and other goodies. Go through the teleporter and retrace your steps back to the door to the King's Court. Enter it.
*****Step 8: Sand, Glass, and Lens*****
-Return to the 4-way intersection near the butcher's shop. Go left then take your 1st right to "The Shoppe". Enter and go upstairs. Shoot the chest and wall near the foot of the bed to reveal the secret shrine of the Brotherhood of Hunger. Enter and approach the alter, triggering a message.
-Exit The Shoppe and return to the Stables door. Enter it.
-Return to the forge where you dug up the treasury key. Go upstairs and hit the button next to the fireplace. Enter the secret passage and follow it to the stable key. Retrace steps, exit the forge, and return to where you found the shovel in the stables.
-Go up the ramp to the left (the one that led to the rafters), but only go up the first ramp. Turn right and go into the domicile. Take your second left and unlock the door with the stable key. Enter the room and smash the carpet on the floor to reveal a trapdoor.
-Follow the trapdoor passage, smashing the wooden wall and opening the double doors. Hit the switch on the left and collect the sand in the trough on the right. Walk up the ramp on the far end of the room and return to the forge.
-Approach the forge near the anvil to heat the sand to glass.
-Return to the King's Court door; enter it. Return to the Inner Courtyard door; enter it.
-Take a right and follow the hall to another shop. Go upstairs and climb up the fireplace. Go to the grindstone to craft the Lens of Seeing. MAKE SURE YOU PICK IT UP from the left of the wheel (it's hard to see, but you MUST pick it up)!

*****Step 8: The Crystal Golem*****
-Return to the guillotine and take the hall to the right. Follow the hall up a ramp and go left across a catwalk. Climb some stairs and kill a bunch of Archer Lords.
-Walk through the teleporter in the back of the room. Walk through the crystal arch to get the ability to kill the Crystal Golem.
-Return to the catwalk and drop down to the left. Follow the path to the tombstone maker's shop. Go upstairs and hit the switch next to the bookcase, revealing a hidden passage.
-Follow the passage to a room with a bunch of imps. Take the door to the left, follow the hall to a room with a blood stained pedestal (step on it to open the grate above, near the guillotine). Go down the ramp to the left and through the teleporter.
-Kill the Crystal Golem. Go through the red teleporter. The first Horseman, Famine, awaits you!!

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