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Hints & Walkthroughs

Hidden and Dangerous

First, enter "iamcheater" at any opening screen or menu. Enter the following codes during gameplay. If entered correctly, you will hear a clicking sound.

NOTE: These cheats have been known not to work with patched version 1.1. You can try typing "iwillcheat" instead of "iamcheater" to get some of the codes to work.

quickload: Load Saved Game
nohits: God Mode
cantdie: God Mode
goodhealth: 100% Health
openalldoor: Open All Doors
allitems: All Items Available
allloot: All Items Available
killthemall: Kills All Enemies
showtheend: Show End Movie
gamedone: Complete Current Mission
gamefail: Fail Current Mission
resurrect: Bring Team Members Back to Life
funnyhead: Big Head Mode
enemyf: View Enemy
debugdrawvolumes: Wire Mode
debugdrawwire: Wire Mode
playercoords: Your Current Position
laracroft: Alternate Uniforms

DEMO Cheats:
At the campaign select screen type in unlockcheatmode. A clicking sound means you entered the code correctly, now enter one of the following codes during game play:

Code - Result
zombie - After Death, Return as Zombie
goodhealth - 100% Health
openalldoor - Open All Doors
killthemall - Kills All Enemies
showtheend - Show End Movie
missiondone - Complete Current Mission
missionfail - Fail Current Mission
bighead - Big Head Mode
enemylookf - View Enemy
playercoords - Your Current Position
laracroft - Alternate Uniforms
allammo - Get All Weapons
noplayerhits -No Hurt to Player except for Falls

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