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Hints & Walkthroughs

Black Dahlia

ladybug - opens first 3 safes in treasure rooms
keypunch - opens second of three safes
gearoil - opens third of three safes
rock33 - solves rock puzzle in sergeants at Arms chamber
blockhead - solves slider puzzle in sergeants at arms chamber
temple - solves temple pillar temple
gemstone - assembles bag of runes in correct order
boxtop - opens winslow's luggage on train
candycane - opens cane from antique shop
teleport - assembles telegrams from Al Kings trash
peeper - solves telescope puzzle at Kings
bongos - solves cuckoo clock puzzle
leadhead - solves stained-glass puzzle at museum
loghouse - opens cabin-shaped lockbox from louies
turnkey - opens louie's dresser
masterlock - opens winslow's safe
ringding - reveals the correct seal on the scepter at museum
arthur - solves table puzzle in ravens backroom
cancan - opens the door in the trance sequence
triangle - opens door to raven's backroom
pressure - opens the secret door near pressure gauges in sewers
barbell - opens second door in sewers
nimble - solves candlestick puzzle in raven's backroom
sunspot - opens the planet door at beginning of second act

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