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Hints & Walkthroughs

Admiral Sea Battles

1st episode
Strategies described below:
- to suffer minimal losses;
- to earn the maximum quantity of money that will be useful for the next missions;
- to start the next mission with repaired ships so not to waste time on their repair in the beginning of the next mission.


Concentrate your navy on the east and to the south from the southern enemy fort but out of reach of its guns. During this maneuver, as a rule, you manage to destroy enemy brigs by long-range guns without any damage to your ships. Then having waited for favorable wind you place your ships vertically on the left from the southern fort so that they were out of the fire range of other forts and try to destroy the southern fort. The most optimal formation of navy are the following: first comes brigs, then frigates then 2-deckers and further 3-decked battleships and galleons. (this is the general tactic of attack throughout the whole game and we shall not mention it further - it is implied.) Then you shall concentrate ships between two other forts and destroy them for 2-3 turns. While destroying the forts you are attacked by enemy 2-deckers. It is desirable to board one of them and to destroy the rest (including frigates). This will be useful for accomplishing the next mission. Then you shall move to the north-east and destroy frigates at a safe distance from the fort. With a fair wind you attack the fort and destroy it. Next build a port, repair damaged battleships (do not repair transports) and destroy the remaining fort. Then build the 2nd line fort by transports and finish the mission.

Immediately move your navy through the northern strait to intercept enemy transports. Simultaneously build 2-3 clippers and send them to catch up your navy. Try to keep them safe and not engage them in battles. Destroy with the basic squadron attacking enemy squadrons one by one. Concentrate clippers a bit further nearer the shoal but out of reach of enemy forts so that you can fire at enemy transports which broke away from your basic squadron. An experienced player manages to destroy all enemy battleships and transports in this mission. Then you can destroy all forts and ports to get the maximum bonus for the mission.

Repair ships if necessary, build some galleons and move your navy to the south. It is recommended to build one tender. Leave 3 galleons to repel an attack from the side of the northern enemy squadron. Destroy with the basic squadron 4 forts and 2 ports and all guard battleships in the south-west part of the map. Try to make as many boarding attacks as possible. Return to your port and repair damaged ships. Then destroy the fort that is situated in the middle part of the map. Move the island round from the north. Divide your navy into two squadrons. Send 9-11 ships to turn the big island from the southern fort of the 1st line. The other squadron should be moved to destroy the northern fort of the 2nd line. Then you should destroy the enemy squadron to the north. Concentrate all your ships near the harbor and with a favorable wind burst into the harbor and destroy two remaining forts, then guard the ships and the port.

Move out of the bay and destroy the nearest enemy fort and all the battleships near it. Simultaneously build 4-5 galleons to repel the attack of the northern squadron. Build 1-2 light vessels (tenders). Repair damaged ships. Divide navy into two squadrons: send 8-9 ships between the island to destroy forts; the rest of your ships keep a safe distance. After the forts are destroyed attack and destroy with your ships the enemy squadron of heavy ships. Send light vessels over shoal into the harbor with allied transports and build ports and then repair allied ships. Move your basic squadron to the south east to destroy the last enemy squadron. While allied transports are moving to your port you can destroy the remaining enemy ships and forts.

In the beginning repel the attack of light enemy vessels. With fair weather you can do that without any damage to your ships. To accomplish the mission you will need 9 heavy ships and 1 tender. There is no need in building new ships. If you follow the tactics described above you will accomplish this mission without any difficulties. Try to earn the maximum bonus.

An experienced player (or natural born Admiral) comes to the last mission with a sum that exceeds 100000 credits. The most optimal navy effective for this mission is two 3-decked battleships, 13 galleons and 1 tender. From the very beginning enemy ports with every turn build 2-3 heavy battleships and in case you choose the frontal attack tactics you will loose this battle for sure. Enemy resources are almost unlimited. Nevertheless we know at least 2 winning strategies in this mission. In the beginning you should move to the south and destroy 2 forts and the maximum number of enemy vessels. You should also board at least 2 light vessels there. It is not necessary to destroy the southern port. After that you should move your squadron to the east. Moving round the central group of islands from the east destroy 2 forts. After that you may choose one of the two strategies. The first of them requires to build (in the central group of islands) a port and then to build as many light fast-moving vessels (tenders and steam-corvettes) as possible. While building light battleships your basic squadron should destroy ships that are guarding forts and the ports. After that it draws away the enemy battleship. With the built light vessel and a fair wind cross over the shoal and burst into the western bay. Tenders should board heavy ships of the enemy and steam-corvettes destroy the royal port. The second strategy requires more patience and attention. After destroying the northern forts your navy clears the area before forts from enemy ships and then destroys forts. Three light vessels go to the north-east over the shoal and stop at a safe distance. After that two 3-decked battleships and six galleons go to the south. Two galleons and two 3-deckers (all of them should be 100% repaired!) occupy two cells below the island on which the enemy port that is building 2-deckers is situated. Your ships are destroying every turn and every newly built enemy 2-decker there. Four galleons go a bit to the east and occupy the position between the reefs and destroys one ships standing to the north with every new turn. (Do not forget to keep an eye on the weather forecast!) The rest of the galleons approach the strait and destroy the nearest enemy ships. Keep in mind that newly built ships are inexperienced and timid. If you are attentive and careful you will manage to destroy two ships more and damage the rest for the next turn. Hence the total quantity of enemy ships decreases despite the fact that enemy ports build new ones. A considerable part of enemy navy goes to the north frightened by appearance of the three light vessels. The rest of the enemy armada is squeezed by your galleons to the north and to the east. All the above allows you to destroy the fort to the north of the strait and then to approach the port that is building 2-deckers. Now the time has come to change the tactic. Near the enemy port you build your own port to build galleons and to repair damaged battleships, including boarded ones. The most experienced ships board newly built 2-deckers one by one with every turn. The rest of your ships continue attacking enemies. Two galleons which were standing to the south of the port join the eastern group of galleons and wait for the moment when the quantity of your ships are equal or a bit smaller to the quantity of enemy navy. After this the enemy is doomed for failure.
For more info log on to the Megamedia Web site at www.megamedia.com or email: admiral@megamedia.com
1996 Megamedia Corporation. All Rights Reserved


You can repel the attack of enemy light vessels with your light battleships. If the weather is favorable you can also use your clippers. The most interesting variant is when you send your light speedy ships to pursue four enemy ship-builders. It is enough to destroy two of them. Even if you loose some of your light ships you deprive the enemy of possibly to building 1-2 forts. Meanwhile your heavy ships are moving through the southern passing to the west. With a fair wind they can even forestall the northern enemy squadron and enter the Storming Gates strait.

It is easy to repel the attack of the first pirates' squadron in the beginning of the 2nd mission if you have repaired your ships in the end of the previous one. After repelling the second pirates' attack you should repair your ships and start moving to the west destroying enemy forts and ports on your way. In case you have managed to keep your ships efficient enough after destroying all pirates objects you may attack and destroy Gordon's squadron. You can also do that after building a port in the western bay and repairing your ships. You may leave Gordon's squadron but then in the following missions it will be hard for you to destroy it.

Again you are attacked by pirates in the beginning of the mission which is why you are recommended to repair your ships in the end of the previous mission. After the attack you are recommended to repair your ships and move farther to the west. It is useful to send 1-3 the least efficient ships to destroy the south-east port. If you use the tactic described above you can destroy enemy forts on Turtle island practically without serious damages to your ships. To do this you should reasonably use weather conditions and the peculiarities of the coastline. In case your squadron remained efficient you can damage (or even destroy) Eric Gordon's squadron. We recommend you build a port and repair your ships for the next mission.

You are attacked by powerful pirates' squadron at once. Simultaneously 4 speedy vessels are moving to build forts. With favorable weather you manage to destroy them and to repel the attack of the basic pirates' forces. Repair your ships after the attack. Then you destroy the port to the east from Roger bay. You can also enlarge your navy by means of boarding newly built inexperienced frigates. After that you should destroy the south-west enemy squadron and move to fort Rodger.

Your squadron should be moving strictly to the east towards the attacking pirates. You can destroy their ships from a safe distance without serious damages to your ships. Your transports should remain near the island. You may move transports to the south-east bay only when you have cleared 2/3 of the map from the enemy. Your basic forces keep on destroying ships and forts. In the end build a port and repair 20 ships.

Build a port in the north-west bay to build galleons at once. Simultaneously the north-east port builds galleons too. After repelling enemy attacks on both ports repair damaged objects. Then build galleons and tenders with all remaining sum of money. After that use the traditional winning tactic.

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