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Hints & Walkthroughs

Age of Empires: Rise of Rome

Type these codes in the chat window:
Code - Result
big momma - White convertible with ladyrocketlauncher in it
bigdaddy - Black convertible with rocketlauncherman in it
e=mc2 - trooper Photon man, but with unlimited range nuclear missile
king arthur - Changes birds into dragons (999 HP)
grantlinkspence - Turns animals into Animal Kings
pow big mamma - New unit: BabyPrez (Baby on trike) (500 HP, 50 str, 10 arm, 15 rng)
convert this! - New priest unit ("Saint Francis"), who kills his enemies by lightning (25 HP, 200 str, 0 arm, 10 rng)
stormbilly - Get a sci-fi robot ("Zug 209") (100 HP, 20 str, 10 arm, 15 rng)
photon man - Gives a space age man with suits and laser rifles
steroids - Instant Everything
flying dutchman - Juggernauts can fly over land

To bring a villager back in the next life, highlight a member of the general populace and press [Enter]. Then type MEDUSA and march them off to peril. Villagers return as Black Riders; and Black Riders become heavy catapults.
Catapults fire on Peasants
To fire on civilians, highlight a catapult and press [Enter]. Then type: JACK BE NIMBLE. Depending upon its orientation, catapults target different members of the populace.
Direction - Target
East: peasants
North: cattle
South: peasants
West: Superman

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