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Hints & Walkthroughs

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Cheat Mode
Add a Windows shortcut (or modify your existing one) to ALONE4.EXE and add "wizardmaster" to the end. (Example: C:\ALONE\ALONE4.EXE wizardmaster)

Once in the game, go to your Inventory screen and the Cheat Menu will appear.

Bug Exploitation: "Infinite Saves"
As Carnby, when you leave the lobby of the manor, a cutscene begins and you meet Edenshaw. At the end of the cutscene he gives you a charm of saving. If you save immediately after the cutscene ends, then reload, the cutscene will begin again. Repeat. You will gain 4 saves each time.

Hex Cheat
Open the savegame _alone4_.XXX.sav with a hexeditor. Remember to have written down how much ammo you have in the game. As this far, it seems, that (unlike Resident Evil) each item has a special place, so you cant find the items by their code, but only by searching for the number of ammo. Each item has four spaces. You should start searching for them from address 0160 to address 01A0 (and maybe further). You can only hex ammo-packages, charms of saving and med packs (not weapons or their ammo ... so if you havent picked up any extra ammo for a weapon, you wont be able to cheat it...).

For example, you have 15 charms of saving, search for 0f00 in the adresses listed above ... its really easy. when you have found what you think to be the item you want to cheat, enter a number as you wish (for example ff00 for about 250, or the ultimate fun number for ammo 3e70).

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