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Hints & Walkthroughs

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Item Crafting 101

One of the most exciting new aspects of Diablo II is the use of runes, runewords, and best of all, item crafting. By gathering the ingredients to certain formulas,and combining them in the Horadric Cube, you can make your own items with unique properties. The actual mods will differ from item to item, and can range from powerful to just adequate.

One popular recipe is known as the blood recipe, for its use of a perfect ruby. Crafted weapons can be made by combining the weapon, the Ort rune (attained from monsters or the second Act 5 Quest), any jewel, and any magic weapon. For our example, we snagged a dinky Martel de Fer, and transformed it into our nifty new Storm Star. As you can see in the screenshot, the leech life ability can range from 1%-4%, so we were kind of unlucky, but the extra damage is very nice.

Stone Finger is an example of the blood recipe in action.

The same recipe, with a slight modification can be used to make a leeching ring. Here, we turned an ordinary ring with a +1 light radius mod into something a low- to mid-level character would be proud to wear. For rings, substitute the Ort rune with a Ral rune. Dual leech rings are now unavailable in Diablo II after the 1.08 patch, so getting your multiple-mod leech rings in this fashion willl surely become a popular option.

Other recipes can be found through experimentation. Sapphires can be substituted in some cases, to create defensive items.

If defensive items are more your style, take a look at the formula that produced Order Wing.

Here we combined a perfect sapphire, an amulet, the Tal rune, and a jewel to create an Order Wing amulet. Freezing enemies and dealing them damage when attacked is helpful, but when combined with additional mana, more maximum damage, and faster hit recovery, you've got a great defensive item going.

Reader Submissions! Timothy J. has sent this combination he used for a crafted scepter. "I used ort rune + jewel + perfect Amethyst + magic grand scepter."

His weapon has the following mods: +54% enhanced damage Regnerate Mana 8% Adds 4-7 Fire damage +109 attack rating +18 mana +4 strength

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