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Hints & Walkthroughs

Dragonriders of Pern Part 1

This walkthrough is an optimised way to complete the game with as much as I can find of a complete Journal. If you follow this guide then you will miss a lot of the finer points of the game. I have numbered the quests in the order that they appear in the "finished" Journal, a copy of which is reproduced at the end of this file. So, if you choose to work through the game yourself and use this merely as a guide then your quests will not necessarily be in the same order.

A few comments: The cut scenes and speeches should have been made "skippable". Graphics glitches and bugs aside this game is, on the whole, quite enjoyable, if a little un-challenging. It does seem that the storyline has changed somewhat during development.

One of the things I had a problem with when I read the first Dragonrider book, many years ago, was getting my head around how to pronounce the characters' names. It seems as though the voice-actors in this game have encountered the same problem, as many character names are pronounced differently each time they are spoken! I would like to say to Ubisoft or red-storm that they really ought to hire some game-testers with a little intelligence. The spelling and grammar within the subtitles is atrocious! Maybe I'm just too fussy, but I would have thought that's what testing is for?!

There are a few loose ends and questions I have which I've put at the very end of this file so as not to spoil the plot too much at the outset. If anyone has any (plausible) answers I'd appreciate them.

In the meantime - let's go!:

Get Oil from shelf (Zenth gives Inventory Tutorial - not necessary.) and brush from bathroom.
Go to Zenth's cave and use the oil on the big bowl, followed by the brush.
Get note from table and note from doorway.
As you're leaving you'll get Q1 from Zenth
Take the first doorway on the right and talk to K'tan to get knife - have the lesson with him and he'll teach you the combat skill. Spar with him to increase your strength. Zenth will explain about skills.
Go through the Upper Levels to the library. Talk to Lockenn to get a map of Fort Weyr.
Try To enter the back of the library for a JE
Read the skins in the library to the left of the entrance to the rear library, particularly the one with Gannel's epitaph.
Leave and enter V'kai's room - Talk to him for a JE.
Go down the stairs (Dark Hallway) to the Middle Levels.
Take the first left and talk to V'hul to get Q2.
Ignore the next passage (Entrance to Lower Levels), go into the next door and talk to N'eth to get Q3 (This triggers the opening of the kitchen)
Leave and take the next corridor to find Lytah's room - talk to her to get Lockenn's journal. As you leave her room you'll get Q4.
The next cavern houses S'lon - talk to him for a journal entry.
Next - The Gaming hall - speak to both T'men and B'rak for Q5.
As soon as you have this quest stand to one side of the table and wait for the "Hand" icon
Take their dice to complete Q5.
At the back of the gaming hall is another corridor - go down it and talk to F'ben to complete Q2 and get another JE.
Exit through the gaming hall and speak to Emmara to get Q6. Ignore the next exit (Kitchen Area) As you enter the final room you will speak to Gillian and get Q7.
Return upstairs to the Library and speak to Lockenn to get your Journal.
Speak to Fin in the entrance to your room.
Go to the Kitchen area via the Middle Levels and take the first left into the storeroom - talk to Kendrick for JE.
Head to the room opposite these stores (Dining Hall) - talk to both H'ram and T'lor before talking to Horlas who will give you a Jar.
Leave the dining room and turn right into the kitchen proper.
Talk To Rowarth on the way into the kitchen. (not necessary)
Talk to Urik to get the hangover cure and some food (doesn't matter which food you choose)
Talk to Tom to get JE and to get Q8
Finally speak to Roma to get Q9
Return to N'eth's room on the middle levels and speak to him to complete Q3.
At this stage you get Q10 and trigger the opening of the Weyr Bowl.
Talk to Emmara for another JE before heading down to the lower levels - there are two rooms here:
Speak to Kevan in one of these rooms to get the Scribing ability and activate the Journal. Speak to Dorn in the other room to complete Q1
Head to Fort Weyr Bowl and turn left. Enter the Hatching grounds (large cave) and speak to Syllia for a JE (Note - It is important to do this before you become "Knowledgeable" or you will miss this JE)
Exit to the Fort Weyr Bowl and turn right - (there's a fair amount of things to do in this area but ignore them for now) Head over to the other side of the Weyr Bowl to the main gate.
Speak to J'cob on the way for the dragon speak tutorial.
Collect the 3 herbs located by the bridge. Speak to Jillan at the main gate to get Q11 and the Dart-Bow. Collect extra darts from corner of gate.
Return to the stores in the kitchen area and use dart-bow to shoot bug1 (black) and collect it.
Speak to Kendrick for a JE.
Go To V'Kai's room and talk to him for another JE.
At this stage you should be knowledgeable and so returning to speak with Syllia in the Hatching Grounds will get you the first firelizard egg (Blue).
Upon leaving the Hatching Grounds go left, over the bridge. Enter the house there and speak to Ramalla to complete Q10 and get Weyrwoman 1.
Back in the Weyr Bowl - ignore the mill for now - you are nowhere near ready for that one. Attempt to use the well to get a JE. Walk over next bridge and speak to Perry for a JE. Ignore Hal for now and Jax.
Talk to Helan then go so see Jillan to drop of the first bug.
Now talk to Jax to get the map of the Dark Caves and a JE. This triggers Mullen's appearance at the entrance to them.
Talk to Mullen for a JE. Return to and speak with Hal to get his hammer and another JE.
Use the hammer on the cave entrance to enter the Dark Caves.
Mullen will indicate a new wall - use the hammer on this and run across the bridge at the end of this corridor...
Get your knife ready and kill the tunnel-snake in the left passage. Continue down this passage to get some darts and talk to Jim for a JE.
Return to last fork and follow the other passage. At the next fork kill the tunnel-snake and go right.
This leads into a cavern where there are another 2 tunnel-snakes (kill them), a herb, a tunnel-snake-egg and the second bug (brown).
Return once again to the last fork and take the other tunnel. Jump across the pillars.
This leads into another cavern with a tunnel-snake, a light coloured rock and some ledges.
Climb up the ledges and collect the trapping basket. Return to the cavern floor - Don't ask me why D'kor winks on his way back down, I have no idea. Perhaps it's a programmer's in-joke. Ignore the light-coloured rock for now - you're not strong enough. Exit via the other tunnel and kill another tunnel-snake.
Continue down this path ignoring the false wall on the right - you can't do anything with it yet.
Use the hammer on the next pile of rocks you encounter. And then push the one that you free up.
Walk into the next cavern to find Jim. Use the hammer on the mine-cart and it will break (oops!)
Push the mine-cart to create an exit and complete Q7.
Talk to L'tul then go out to the weyr bowl. You can now use the well to get the second firelizard egg (brown (looks red to me!)) Use the well again to get some more darts and then return the broken hammer and drop off the second bug.
Climb the path leading up the side of weyr bowl and push the rock out of the way. Enter the area behind this rock and collect the first artifact and some more darts.
Go to the Middle Levels and speak to Gillian for her thanks and a Reputation Increase.
Speak to Emmara for the first question - the correct answer is "tunnel-snakes".
Finally go up to the Upper levels and you will get a JE prompting you to join the meeting.
As you leave your cave after the cut-scene N'eth will give you a message to be delivered to Lamrat at Fort Hold.
Go to the kitchens and speak to Tom for Q8
On your way out of the weyr I'd recommend a side-trip into the Dark Caves - the tunnel-snakes have regenerated and each one you kill will give you a strength increase. You can also now move the light-coloured boulder in the caves to get the second artefact from behind it. Speak to Gethen on your way out for a JE.
Speak to K'tan for the Between-tutorial and marvel at the stunning graphics used to depict "between" while travelling to Fort Hold. As you arrive at Fort Hold you'll get Q12
Head straight towards Lamrat, guarding the entrance to the main hall. (guy in white shirt) for a JE.
Here we go left again - work your way round the courtyard speaking first to Joliad for a JE, then Derna - ask her for the wooden top. She'll give it to you for free - but the miner's bracelet is going to cost you - and guess what?
You're skint! Speak to her again and ask her for it though as it's a JE.
Skip the entrance to Fountain Square (half open doorway) and speak to Arrie. Next speak to Malorien for the ancient cave map. Speak to Taolousien for a knowledge increase.
Talk to Borl and accept his offers of drinks for a JE.
Head to the next occupied stall and talk to Skarn for Q15.
Next speak to Keela and let her touch Zenth. She will give you some sticky sweets.
Then Speak to Faran for Q13.
Speak to Archen at the next stall to get the gather clothes. Wait for Archen to leave and speak to Parlan to get some boots - the clothes and boots combine to become civilian clothing.
Go into your inventory and change into these civilian clothes and then go thru the half-open doorway into Fountain Square. Speak to Harat (Bald-fat-man) for a JE. Then speak to Manwor.
Head over to the Harper, Skjald and suggest he plays elsewhere for a reputation increase.
Speak to the Family by the fountain for a JE.
Collect the third bug (Blue) and then speak to Neelet to enter the archery contest. You shouldn't have any difficulty in winning the prize (One Mark).
Speak to the group of guys standing by the exit for Q16.
As you enter the main square you should witness an argument between the harper and the potter - at some stage soon a guy dressed in black will walk up to you and take your belt-knife.
Take the potter's wheel and then find Natty (the guy in black) and confront him.
You'll get your knife back, a map of the gather and a new skill (sneak).
Speak to Arrie for a Reputation Increase and then speak to Faran for a JE. Use your new skill and sneak into the Grand Hall to complete Q12. Wait for Lamrat to catch up with you to get Q14.
Head straight into the hall and skirt around the first stage - speak to Tolwin and then collect the bag of nails that he drops. Continue round this stage and speak to Janeth once to get a JE and again to exchange the nails for 1 Mark. Go to the boxes by the other stage and speak to Tregard for a JE. The boxes he's after are in front of the exit to the kitchens. Take them to him one by one and collect the Dragon toy. Talk to him again and he'll pay you 1 Mark for your efforts.
Speak to Ralliss (drudge sweeping by kitchen entrance) and she'll give you a bronze key.
Enter the Kitchens and speak to Jak to complete Q8.
*** Easter Egg: Speak to Anne (McCaffery) "I hate stirring porridge. I'd much rather do what you do. I love dragons. One day I'd love to write tales about them"
Exit the kitchens and find Larin (The guy standing in front of the only uncovered statue) - Talk to him for a JE.
Run around the hall uncovering the other 5 statues and return to him for payment of 1 Mark.
Exit the Grand Hall and speak to Derna to buy the Mining Bracelet and complete Q14.
Call Zenth and go back to Fort Weyr - make your way to the middle levels and speak to Jim - he will trade you the wooden top and the sticky sweets for a baby tunnel snake.
Back out to the weyrbowl and drop off bug number 3 then call Zenth and go to Mastersmith Hall.
Walk past the main building and speak to Guy for a JE.
Pick up the pickaxe (leaning against a rock nearby) and return it to him. He'll give you a sword and Q17.
Follow the path and speak to Rellat and then Nisan to get a new skill (mining). Collect the pickaxe from beside the cart that they were sitting on.
Behind them is another building and behind that is a herb.
Enter the large building and speak to Govan for a JE.
Next speak with Klor and he will fix the potter's wheel and give you another bracket (JE).
Finally speak with Forn. He will trade you your artefacts for weapon upgrades (JE).
Exit the forge and turn left - as you pass the bunker there is another herb. Go over the bridge. Next to where you landed there is a shallow patch of water. Beside this there is another herb.
In this water there are 5 oysters, 4 of which are edible, the fifth contains a pearl. Shoot them with your darts in order to collect them. Collecting the pearl gives you a JE.
Call Zenth and go to Fort Hold.
Return the potter's wheel (fixed) to Joliad for a JE.
Go to Fountain Square and speak to the family by the fountain to swap the wooden dragon toy for a sculpture of Fort Hold's Harper. Speak to Manwor to get a new Skill (Swordmanship) and a JE.
Speak to Harat to get rid of the tunnel-snake and get a herdbeast. Speak to Faran to complete Q13 and open up the exit to Harper/Healer Hall. Exit to Harper Hall and you will receive Q19.
Turn left and speak to Malan for Q18. Use the bronze key on the door to the right of her to get artefact 3.
Go into the main hall and take the first left into the dining room. Speak to Salyn for 2 JEs one of which completes Q15.
Leave the dining room and go left - enter the next door and speak to Mianna for Q20. Go back down the corridor and take the staircase to the Upper Floor.
Turn left into the room and speak to Kilimi for Q21. (Note - if you have read all the scrolls in the libraries you can speak to her again to complete this quest immediately.)
Go into the other room opposite and speak to Tinossi to get JE.
Leave this room and turn left. Enter the room behind the staircase and speak to Yallin to get the Drum pattern.
Return to the room where Tinossi is and speak to Seph.
Wait for Seph to return and speak to him again - Tinossi interrupts and gives you JE.
Go down the corridor in the corner of this area and pick up the small key when Kurn rolls over.
Use this key on the chest at the foot of his bed to get the his flute. Use it on him to rouse him.
Return to Tinossi's room and Hered will be there completing Q19 and taking you to Healer Hall.
Speak to Merrick to get Q22.
On the way out speak to Siral for his pearl.
As you depart the Healer Hall speak to Boralen for a JE.
Fin will be hanging around in the courtyard from now on - you can talk to him to get slightly unreliable hints about the locations of either trundlebugs or tunnel-snake eggs.
Go back to the main square and speak to Skarn to complete Q15 and get a tapestry.
Next speak to Arrie to get a JE and some cold pies. Return to Merrick in Healer Hall and he will tell you to warm them (JE).
Head into the Kitchens through the Grand Hall and speak to Jak. He will warm the pies for you. Return to Healer Hall and give them to Merrick to complete Q22.
On the way out of Healer Hall talk to Emrick for a JE.
Head back over to the Great Hall and speak to Lamrat in order to gain entry to the Ancient Caves.
Upon entering the caves use the miner's bracelet to shed some light on your situation - walk down the passage ignoring the turn to the left. Collect the herb and then use the pickaxe on the rocky wall. Collect the tunnel-snake egg, the herb and the darts. Examine the writing on the back wall and then return to the other tunnel. Kill the snake there. You cannot avoid falling while crossing the bridge so go for it and kill the tunnel-snake in the water. Climb up to the second ledge and then kill the wherry before climbing up again to the tunnel entrance.
Follow the tunnel and cross the bridge, killing the 2 tunnel-snakes - at the fork go right. Follow the excessively long tunnel to the end and kill the snake that awaits there - the tunnel is a dead-end but you get a strength increase. Return to the fork and go left, kill another tunnel-snake and beware the wherry as you leave the tunnel - kill it.
Collect the herb and climb the ledge. Once you jump across to the next ledge you won't be able to return that way.
In the next tunnel kill the tunnel-snake and at the next fork go right to kill yet another tunnel-snake before going left.
Jump to the ledge - as you enter the next cavern there is a short rock path in front of you and two paths up the cavern walls to either side of you. You need to go up the paths and push the rocks off before you can use the stepping stones to cross the middle of the cavern. Also collect the herb at the top of one of the paths.
Head up the path to kill another wherry and enter the "metal cave".
Walk around the boxes and collect the pipe.
The door opposite the one you entered by will open slightly when you walk up to it - use the pipe to jar it open and enter the room. Walk to the consoles and pick up the "skin" for a JE.
On one of the walls there is a grating. Use it to open it and again to go through it.
In this room you will find another "skin" - go into your inventory and use both skins to get the codes. Use the keypad on the door to exit back to the main room.
Use the keypad next to the door opposite (the one with cobwebs) and enter the room. Use the safe (under the bunk) to get the cure and artefact 4. Use the table to pull it under the roof hatch and again to exit back to the caves.
Re-arm your sword and kill the tunnel-snake. Follow the tunnel until you get to another patch of rocky wall.
Use your pickaxe on it to break it and get a wherry egg and medicinal brew. Examine the back wall for a drum pattern (JE). Re-arm your sword and continue up the tunnel to kill yet another tunnel-snake. Get behind the boulder and give it a shove to climb down to the first cave you visited.
Exit the ancient caverns to see Lamrat and give him the cure.
As you leave the Great Hall Zenth will contact you and you'll get a JE, transporting you to Healer Hall. Leave.
Go up into Harper Hall and speak to Kilimi to complete Q21 (if you haven't already) and get Weyrwoman2.
Cross the hallway and speak to Tinossi for a reputation increase.
Leave and head back to the Main square of Fort Hold. As you enter you will witness Branth going between. K'tan has died.
Do as instructed and go to the right through the Great Hall and speak with Lord Gralt for a JE.
Go to Fountain Square and speak to Manwor to complete Q17.
Collect the Llama hair and then speak to Stephe to exchange it for a Bundle of Flax and complete Q16.
Return to the Main Square and call Zenth. Lamrat will interrupt and give you a letter and a JE. Travel back to Fort Weyr.
(Note - this is the last point at which you will witness the spectacle (debacle) that is "going between") Take a trip around the Weyr Bowl using the pickaxe to open the two seams and collect the medicinal brew and darts from within them.
Re-enter the dark caves from here to open up the unbroken wall and collect another medicinal brew.
Go up the path at the side of the weyr and speak with Jim and Helan to discover why Faran had such trouble with his cart and also get the second Wherry Egg.
Go up to the middle levels and talk to Emmara who will ask you Question 2. Despite the fact that the most dominant animal in the ancient caves were tunnel-snakes, the correct answer to her question is "Wherries".
Go up to the Upper Levels for another meeting and a JE.
As you enter the middle levels you will automatically deliver the letter from Lamrat to V'hul.
Go to see Lytah and deliver the pearl thereby completing Q4.
Speak to Emmara for Question 3 - the answer is "Arrie", in case you've forgotten.
On your way out of the Weyr take another side-trip through the Dark Caves to use the pickaxe on the remaining section of crumbling wall, collect the third tunnel-snake egg and kill the regenerated Tunnel-Snakes for strength increases.
In the Weyr Bowl there are a number of people to speak to but none of the information they give you is necessary for your quests, so call Zenth and go to Fort Hold where you will put Lamrat in his place.
Enter the ancient caves (through the kitchens) to kill 3 tunnel-snakes for strength increases and a level-up before heading to the now-open kitchen (off harper-hall) and speaking to Gralt for a JE. Speak to Salyn to get Q24.
Go to Healer Hall and speak to Jazon twice for 2 JEs. (Note - if you have not used the hangover cure before now it will disappear as you enter Healer Hall)
Return to the Main Square and call Zenth. Travel To Ista Beach.
Speak to N'eth and S'lon for a big speech then hunt through the buildings on the beach to get some darts and a medicinal brew.
Side note - all the herbs that you have collected up to this point have been healing herbs. Mixed in with these in future are poisonous herbs, which take away your health instead if boosting it. You won't be able to identify these until you get the healing skill.
Collect the featherfern and 3 herbs from the beach before talking to Hammit (fishing on the end of the wall) to get a map. In the sea between the two walls are 5 oysters to shoot and pick up as well as a dolphin - you can try and speak to the dolphin now but you won't be able to.
There is a grave next to the buildings with some flowers on it. If you pick them up you'll meet Kiristi who will give you Q25. Speak to H'tem and K'larn (Not a necessity) before heading into Ista Village.
Upon entering the village turn to your right and collect a herb before speaking to Drakk for a JE. Collect the other 3 herbs from in front of the herdbeast pens.
*** For the sake of simplicity I'll number the doors from D1 to D8 as you travel up the winding path. None of them are marked.
Enter D1 and speak with Moria and Laria. You will learn of the missing Keriil and Hellion and get a reputation increase.
Speak to Loretta to learn of Joseph and speak to the drudge as he wanders about neither of which update your journal and so are not necessary. D2 is locked at the moment. Speak to Ralf outside the Dawn Sisters for a JE.
Next speak to Sam to learn an important fact: you can NOT enter the Dawn Sisters wearing your dragon gear and so you have to change into your civilian outfit every time you wish to enter. Do this now.
Speak to Gammut and order a drink for information.
Leave and head up the path. Speak to the villager outside D3 and then open it for him. Enter his house to collect a medicinal brew.
Leave and continue up the path - D4 (on the right) is locked as is Ista Supplies - but collect the two herbs from outside. Enter the Rising Star and speak to Matrice. She'll tell you to return later.
Continue up the path and speak to the villager outside of D5. He will pose a riddle, the answer to which is "Between" and then you may enter D5 to collect some darts.
Just outside this house is a pile of stones and a sneak point. Collect a stone and continue up the path.
Next to the crates behind D6 is a herb - collect it.
Opposite is Sorian's house which is locked. Continue up the path and enter D7. Speak to Roem's father for Q26.
Continue up the path and enter D8 to speak to Maria, deliver Siral's pearl and find Weyrwoman 3.
Head back to the Rising Star to get Q28. (Haven't figured out how to get the final JE which completes this quest answers would be greatly appreciated to uxb@deathsdoor.com)
Go to the Dawn Sisters and speak to Gammut for a JE.
Return to the alley next to D6 to meet Holin and Sorian. Walk into the alley and confront Holin. Attack him to get the money he owes Matrice. Speak to Sorian outside Ista Supplies for a JE.
Return to the sneak point and hide to overhear a new JE. Use the stone you collected earlier and then sneak up to Holin and steal his loaded dice. There will follow a short scene in which Holin and his cronies bugger off...
Go to the Dawn Sisters and speak with Gamut to clear Sorian's name, for which he will give you a JE.
Go to the Rising Star and give Holin's money to Matrice for a JE and to get some rooms. Use the bed to rest.
The next morning speak to Matrice again for another JE. Do as she suggests and visit Belan in the 3rd room for another JE.
Go up the path to the Drum station and speak to Terrol. Give him the harper statue and he will open his shop (Ista Supplies). Go there to get the citron fruit and raid his shop for some darts, a herb and a medicinal brew.
Leave and speak to the drudge outside D4. Open it for him and enter the house to collect some more darts.
Call into Ista Tapestries and speak to Hela. Show her your tapestry for a JE.
Head down to D2 and speak to Doorin to enter the house. Speak with Janifer to get Weyrwoman 4.
Return to Ista Tapestries and speak to Hela again to get the heavy canvas and a JE.
Go to the Herdbeast pens and witness an argument then follow Faran and Manwor to the Dawn Sisters. Speak to Manwor and Faran to get Q23.
Leave the inn and head up the hill slightly. You will encounter N'eth - Speak to him for a JE. Follow him to the Dawn Sisters and speak to him again.
Go to the beach and speak to Hammit, push his boat into the sea and talk to him again for a bottle of old wine.
Now return to the Rising Star, wait for and speak to N'eth to get the cure and complete Q23.
Head to the beach and Zenth will contact you with a JE.
Call him and travel to Fort Hold. Go and speak to Salyn in the kitchen for a drum pattern.
Go to Healer Hall and speak to Jazon for the Healing Skill.
Go up to Harper Hall and speak to Limoriad (in the dorm). The obvious place to get a skin is the kitchens but Kelli will inform you that her skins won't be ready for a few days so return to Harper Hall and steal a skin from Yallin who's now sleeping in the dorm. Wake Limoriad and he'll fix the drum and give it to you.
Return to Ista and go speak to Roem's father for a JE. Leave the house and go straight back in to complete Q26 and find Weyrwoman 5.
Go up to the Drum Station and use the drum. Fin will appear and tell you to go to the beach (JE).
On the way to the beach call into the Rising Star and speak to Foral for a JE. Open the chest to get some crossbow bolts and the Smugglers Map.
As you leave the Rising Star you will encounter S'lon and learn of N'eth's disappearance (JE).
Head towards the beach and you will be ambushed by Holin and his Thugs. Defeat his thugs and as you defeat Holin you will be beaten. Zenth will come to your rescue though.
Finally you can get to the beach and meet the Harper (Matrice) to complete Q24.
Speak to Jorak and Jurinor for a couple of JEs. Finally, speak to Fillian and play his game. You will lose.
Call Zenth and travel to Fort Hold. Speak to B'rak to get a JE. He will not let you sell anything that will be needed later. A word of note though - he will buy artefacts (they fetch a reasonable price too!) but you should keep them for weapon upgrades as there are only 6 in the game (3 for knife upgrades and 3 for sword upgrades).
I sold him the pipe, the drum, the fruit (which I had from Part I), the 2 pieces of skin (from the ancient caves), the tapestry and the secret drum pattern which gave me 10 marks in total.
Call Zenth and go to the Mastersmith Hall. Speak to Guy for a JE.
While at the Mastersmith Hall speak to the miller to drop off the canvas. You are still not quite strong enough to start the Mill so don't try yet.
Call Zenth and go to Fort Weyr. Speak to Helan for Artefact 5.
Go into the Weyr and speak to Emmara - she'll ask you for the Citron Fruit which you got at Ista.
Return to the Weyr Bowl and speak to Helan again and she'll offer you a tunnel-snake egg. However she won't give it to you :O( Follow her to the entrance to the Hatching Grounds and she will sell it to you for 2 marks.
Call Zenth and go back to Mastersmith Hall.
Go to the Workshop and speak to Forn three times to get the weapon upgrades.
By now it should be dawn so speaking to Guy will get you the Headstone.
Call Zenth and go back to Ista beach. Speak to Kiristi to complete Q25 and find Weywoman 6.
Gamble with Fillian for a JE then speak to Matrice for another JE.
Go to Sorian's house and apeak to him. Go into the alleyway to gain entrance to the smuggler's house.
When Sorian distracts the smuggler SNEAK through the house and steal the key from him. Use the key on the trapdoor to gain entrance to the smuggler's cove.
There is a time limit to save N'eth. Personally I favoured the direct approach of killing any smugglers that saw me - this has the advantage of increasing your strength.
Run down the path and through the smuggler's cove. At the end enter the tunnel and you will be presented with a choice of turning left or right. Go right and jump down the steps to free N'eth (This is the last you will see of him).
Also collect the 5th tunnel-snake egg.
Climb back up the steps and take the other tunnel to examine Belan's body next to the sick herdbeasts to get the brooch and complete Q18.
*Note - it is NOT possible to kill the captain of the clear endeavour so SNEAK Past him to get on board.
Also note that you only get one opportunity (while on board the endeavour to collect the fourth bug(green)) After a cut-scene you will get another JE which completes Q19.
Collect the darts, shoot and collect the Green Trundlebug. Also sneak around to the other side of the hold and collect the Map of Ierne.
You will encounter the Cabin Boy, There are 3 ways to deal with him: 1) Avoid him (hide where you found the map) 2) Kill him (no strength increase for this one though) or 3) Bribe him (the best way because it also get's you a reputation increase).
On Ierne there are 5 Smugglers on the beach to kill, each one giving a strength increase. There are also 2 herbs and the fifth bug (sandbug) which you cannot collect yet because your jar is full.
So head up the cliff-path and the Clear Endeavour will sail away.
At the top of the cliff each of the 3 exits are guarded by felines. Approach one and you'll get a JE.
There are 2 herbs to be collected and an area surrounded by pillars which is blocked by a light-coloured stone - push
this stone out of the way and go behind it to collect a further 3 herbs and some darts.
Call Zenth and go back to Fort Weyr to drop off the green bug. Also speak to the miller and start the mill (your strength should now be maxxed out). This gives you more darts.
Not that you need the strength increases but the tunnel-snakes have regenerated in the Dark Caves.
Speak to Emmara on the Middle Levels for her next question - the answer to which is "Fingertails".
Go to the Upper Levels and speak to S'bor for a JE. Go down to the Middle Levels and enter V'hul's quarters and speak to S'lon. Search the table to find a Vile (Vial) of liquid and a letter. This will trigger a cut-scene leading to Q29.
Use Zenth to return to Ierne Island and collect the fifth bug from the beach. Head into the tunnel to the right or the stony area (Hunter's Lodge) and try to collect the herb there. You will fall into the trap. Upon climbing out of the trap you will meet Lear who will teach you the enhanced Sneak Skill. Collect the empty bottle from the crevice behind him and the five herbs from this area. Finally use the empty bottle on the tanks to fill it with acid.
Leave the Hunter's Lodge and go right. Enter the temple area and use the bottle of acid on the bushes to gain entrance to the Temple itself.
*Note there is an odd looking gap in the Temple wall which appears to have a circular shaped stone as a door. This NEVER opens - and if you use the free-cam you will see that there is nothing behind it - maybe a story element that was left out.
Enter the temple proper. Note the dark patches on the floor and the 4 Head-Statues. Push each statue so that they end up on these dark patches and the four doors will open. (Note: each statue must be pushed twice and it IS possible to push them in the wrong direction - so look for scratch marks on the floor to indicate which way to push them. If you push them the wrong way you will need to reload.)
Once all four doors are open you just need to know which positions to set the levers into - so go upstairs and examine the diagram on the floor - the rooms are identified by their colours.
Set the levers as follows:
Red - Middle.
Blue - Towards the door.
Green - Towards the door.
Yellow - Middle.
You can only PULL levers so position yourself on the correct side of the lever to set it.
This opens the grate and allows you to go downstairs. Do so and collect the Roseleaf for a JE.
Examine the sign by the door to learn how to open it - shoot the red dot twice, then the blue dot, then yellow.
This opens the door allowing you to collect firelizard-egg 4 (White).
As you exit the temple you will see Lamrat - but you can't catch him so ignore him and leave the temple area.
At this point you will need to make a return trip to Fort Weyr to drop off Bug number 5 or else you won't be able to collect bug 6 (crystal) and the area it's in will not be reachable again. So call Zenth and off you go.
While at Fort Weyr go to see Emmara for her final questions: The first answer is "Fungus and Statues" she will then ask how many statues there were - the answer to which is "Four" (DUR!!!). This will Complete Q6 and also give you Weyrwoman 7.
Go outside and Call Zenth to go back to Ierne. Take the rightmost exit to enter the volcano.
Once again, I favoured the direct approach here and killed all the felines. Collect the herb in the blue cave before jumping down into the volcano heart. It is not possible to kill the last feline there so just run for it and make a grab for the Silverthorn herb. Lear will show up and take care of kitty.
You will return to the Hunter's Lodge where Lear will give you a crossbow and your final skill (crossbow).
As you leave The Hunter's Lodge you will be ambushed by Lamrat, who knocks you out.
You wake up in the Prison cell and get Q30. Collect the nettleweed from your cell (Final Ingredient) and then the Bed-Leg.
Collect the chamber pot to complete your escape.
Push the switch to open the cell-clock and then speak to the other prisoners for reputation increases and Q31.
Upon leaving the cell-block turn right into the alcove. Push the rightmost switch to open the door to the other parts of the prison. Here you will encounter the biggest bug in this game. Throughout the prison level there are switches with torches above them, but they are all so close to Sneak areas that your firelizard will focus on the sneak-area rather than the torch-switches. In order to get around this bug you need to face the switch and hit the 0 key on the numeric keypad.
This focuses the firelizard on the switch. Push the lefthand switch to extinguish the torch and get a JE.
Now head back past the cellblock into the next room. Collect your weapons from the table and also the bell-hammer which triggers a cut-scene showing the rest of the prison. Push the switch to open the other exit.
The idea of the prison is to remove as many of the guards as possible by hiding in dark corners. Again I used the more direct approach of killing the guards.
Work your way around the prison, killing all the guards and pushing all the switches. In one room you will find all your equipment. Collect the keys and free your fellow prisoners. Freeing Flick will give you Southern Star which completes Q29.
I think freeing Keriil should complete Q31 but it doesn't. Also I think that Keriil is supposed to be Weyrwoman 11.
Exit the prison level to confront Lamrat. Defeat him for the next part of his speech. Kill him and collect the Minerhall key. The room on the left contains the final bug, shoot it and collect it.
As you approach the other room you'll see V'hul talking to Druse. Enter this room and kill Druse to free the slaves and speak to them.
Head through to the Window room and look out. Zenth will contact you with a JE.
Through the next room there are 2 guards, kill them. Collect the skin from the table for a JE. In the next room (past the bell) there are another 3 guards to kill. Push the Statue onto the trapdoor to open it and free Gladeril (Weyrwoman 8).
In the next room you will find Hellion who gives you a rusty key and a JE.
Return to the slaves and move them to the window room and then to the courtyard to complete Q30.
the doors to the central room should now be open as are the doors to the top floor.
Enter the central room to confront V'hul. Defeat him and he will give you a large ornate key (If anyone knows what the hell this is for please let me know)
Go to the top floor and use Belan's Brooch on the metal door to get one of the disc parts. Push the rock in the opposite entrance aside to get the other part of the disc.
Enter the final room for the showdown with Roth.
Defeat Roth and you will be defeated, but the other riders will come and save the day.
*Note - you will at this stage lose all herbs, medicinal brews and oysters that you have and even if you are at full health you will drop to having practically no health at all.
You will awaken in your room and now is the opportunity to tie up those loose ends.
Go to the back library and speak to Mishra - she will now let you enter. You can read the skins here if you wish to view Pern Artwork but most importantly collect the key from the table.
As you try to leave the Upper Levels Fin will appear and take you to see V'Kai for a JE.
Go down and speak to B'rak to be voted wingleader.
Go to the dining room in the Kitchen Level and speak to Urik for a JE.
Speak to Roma to complete Q9. Speak with Tom twice to get some food.
Speak with Lytah on the Middle Levels.
Go to the Weyr Bowl and speak to Jim and Jax for a JE on your way to drop off the sixth bug with Jillan which completes Q11 and gets Weyrwoman 9.
Call Zenth and go to Fort Hold - Speak to Lockenn and he will open the hidden door in the library (opposite the entrance) which will give you a JE. Collect the map and use it. Examine the shelves to find another key and get Weywoman 10, which also completes Q20.
Use the key on the same bookshelf you found it in to get Artefact 6.
Call Zenth and travel to Mastersmith Hall. Speak to Forn in the Workshops twice and you'll get firelizard egg 5 (Gold) in exchange for the disc pieces and the final weapon upgrade.
Outside, start the Mill and get firelizard egg 3 (Bronze)
Use the Minerhall key to enter the masterminer's building. Collect 2 skins (one from the table and the other from the farthest bookshelf. Hide in the shadows (beside the crates) and Rom will open the box. Get the skin from it and read all 3 that you have collected. Wait for Rom to return so that you may confront him and discredit F'ben.
Call Zenth and travel to Ista. Speak with the Dolphin for a hint of the sequel? It is here that I suspect you should return to D1 in the village to complete Keriil's quest - but it doesn't happen.
Call Zenth for the last time and return to Fort Weyr. Go to the weyr-bowl entrance dark caves to find Rowarth.
Drop off any firelizard eggs you have and then speak to V'kai for your promotion to Flightleader.
You now need to find the 4 riders that you can trust: T'men is in the gaming room. L'tul is in the room beyond that.
B'rak is in the main room on the Middle Levels and Lytah is in the Library on the Upper Levels.
Follow them down to the Hatching Grounds. Wait and follow the instructions.
Finally Roth will show up. All you need do is listen to him rant then defeat him for the final cut-scene and end-credits.

Journal as at end:

S'bor has called a meeting of all the dragonriders. I must try to assemble them all as I feel some will be less than enthusiastic. V'hul was on watch last night so I imagine he will make his own way there.

Q1: I must remember to visit Craftmaster Dorn on the lower levels to pick up my riding gear. I won't be able to fly anywhere without it.

I have collected my riding gear from Dorn. Although there are plenty of things to do before I try it out again.
Dorn mentioned that he had a feeling something was just around the corner, I have a feeling he may be right. QC

Mishra guards the entrance to V'kai's private reading room. Looks like he has some interesting skins in there. I'm sure my charm will win her over eventually.

I have just met our weyrleader, V'kai. He says I should return to him when I am more conversant.

Q2: V'hul has been on watch all night and is exhausted. I have offered to deliver a ballad to F'ben for him.

I delivered the message to F'ben from V'hul who appeared to be in a foul mood. Perhaps the Ballads on the skin will calm his temper somewhat. QC

Q3: N'eth thinks he may have offended someone last night at Nalaya's wake. But who? I have offered to help him find out.

It appears N'eth insulted Tom! I think the air is cleared now but I'd better let N'eth know that it's safe to come out of his weyr!

Well that's that dispute sorted out. I do hope my day is going to get a little easier. QC

Q4: It's Lytah's nameday! I completely forgot! She said she would like a pearl. I should search any lakes and shores.

I have got a pearl for Lytah! I must present it to her as soon as possible!

Lytah seemed pleased with her pearl. Threadscore tradition for forbidding Bronzes and Greens to be together. QC

There is certainly an air of tension after last nights merry-making. S'lon seems agitated about the meeting later and has made quite clear his dislike and mistrust of S'bor.

Q5: T'men and B'rak are playing dice in the gaming hall. Someone should take the dice off them or they'll never make the meeting.

Well they didn't like me confiscating the dice but at least they'll be at the meeting now. QC

F'ben seems to have a great deal of anger, unseasonably so. He is too worried about the loss of tradition. Is there something stirring beneath the surface? Perhaps he will explain at the meeting later.

Q6: Emmara is weaving a wonderful tapestry on the middle levels of Fort Weyr. She says she needs someone reliable to gather information for her. I wonder if I could Help?

Now Emmara thinks that I'm reliable, she has asked me to return to her periodically so that she may ask me questions about my travels.

With my help Emmara has completed the World of Pern tapestry on time and will make an exceptional candidate for weyrwoman. QC

Q7: A young lad named Jim has been out all night. His mother fears him lost! Perhaps Jax and the other children in the Weyrbowl know more...

The Dark Caves? Sounds dangerous. But Jax thinks that Jim might bre in there. Apparently the entrance is boarded up.

We have tried to get into the Dark Caves to rescue Jim! What can I use to smash the boards?

Hal has loaned me a hammer to break through the boards, I have promised to return it when the job is done.

I've found Jim! He seems to be trapped and can't escape. He mentioned that I should keep my eyes out for his trapping basket that he lost hereabouts.

It seems Jim is OK. Although his parents may give him a thick ear! I'm glad he's safe now. QC

Kendrick mentioned that the tithes are short of ore. This is most unusual and I shall have to find and question the trader that brought them in.

Q8: It would seem Tom Keeting wishes to call in a favour for a favour. In exchange for him forgiving N'eth I'm to visit him later and return the courtesy.

I must remember to visit Tom in the kitchens and return the favour I owe him. Knowing his bad mood he may poison my Klah!

I have to deliver this letter to Jak Keeting, Tom's brother, who works in Fort Hold Kitchens.

I have delivered the letter to Jak... he seems quite an approachable fellow! QC

Q9: Roma has asked me to find him several ingredients for his dragon size ceremonial dish, each one to be returned to him in Fort Weyr Kitchens.

The ingredients are:
2 Wherry Eggs
4 Tunnel Snake Eggs
Bundle of Flax
1 Bottle of Rare Wine

I have collected all the ingredients for Roma's Hatching Ceremony feast! QC

Q10: N'eth has told me that Ramalla, Kendrick's daughter may have the potential to be a Weyrwoman! He works off from the kitchens usually and I believe he lives in that house in the Weyrbowl?

It would seem I have to wait to break the good news to my fellow riders. Ramalla is currently away but will return soon. But didn't I see her around that house in the Weyrbowl yesterday?

I have discovered a potential candidate for the Golden Egh within the Weyr! Her name is Ramalla. Perhaps this will curb some of the older riders' reservations. QC

V'kai has mentioned that there could be up to ten potential Weyrwomen on Pern! But where to find them is another matter. They could be right under our noses!

Syllia has mentioned that I should return to her once I become more knowledgeable in the ways of Pern. Did she say she had something for me? I wonder what it is?

Q11: It seems I have found a man whose daughter collects Trundlebugs. Must return them to Jillan if I stumble across any!

Imogen will make an interesting potential Weyrwoman - as long as she doesn't bring along those Trundlebugs! QC

I wonder what is at the bottom of that well in the Weyrbowl? Perhaps I could raise the bucket if I was stronger.

I found the trader that brought the tithes in... What must the Masterminer be thinking not to supply us with the correct amount of ore? I must report this discrepancy to S'bor. It must be investigated further.

All the dragonriders should be at the meeting! I had better hurry to the Upper Levels myself!

Q12: K'tan and I have come to Fort Hold on Search for a new Weyrwoman and to deliver a message to Lamrat. I doubt I'll get to see the Lord myself, as everyone seems too busy with the gather. Now where is this Lamrat character?

Lamrat is 'guarding' the entrance to the interior of Fort Hold but has suggested that I speak to the Harpers for more advice on suitable Search candidates.

To get into the main hall I'll have to get past Lamrat somehow. It's not going to be easy as he has a sharp eye.

I have managed to sneak past Lamrat. I don't think I'm going to have seen the last of him though. QC

Q13: A Trader named Faran has had the misfortune to throw a wheel from his cart right in Fort Hold entrance, and is blocking access to Harper Hall and Healer Hall. I said I would try to obtain a new bracket and Herdbeast for him.

Harat the Beastholder claims he wants a tunnel snake in return for a herdbeast! I wonder if young Jim would know anything about obtaining one?

Joliad the potter is in a foul mood. Said he hates being disturbed! I'm not surprised though as that squeaking from his wheel would set anyone on edge. It sounds like he needs a new bracket.

Faran seems to think that the bracket from the potter's wheel is the right type for his broken wheel, if only it could be removed...

I have taken the potter's wheel to Mastersmith Hall. I now have a bracket for Faran's wheel and a new bracket on the potter's wheel! Better get backto Fort Hold with haste!

The potter's wheel is back in place and as good as new - I don't think he was too pleased about it going missing...

Faran's cart is now out of the main doorway. I can now exit towards Harper Hall and Healer Hall. QC

Q14: Lamrat has asked me to venture into the Dark Caves beneath Fort Hold. I will need to find something to light my way first.

There is a mining bracelet for sale on the trinket stall. Miners use them to light up in dark places. Could come in useful but it costs three marks!

I have purchased a mining bracelet, it is based around luminous fungus that miners use to light their way. I think I can go into the caves beneath this place now. QC

Two drunks in the main square haven mentioned that there may be some ancient caves under Fort Hold. I wonder if there is any truth in this?

Borl, the barkeeper seems concerned about the general atmosphere of the gather. He seems to think that there are dark clouds gathering and that 'Pern is trying to tell us something.' 'Tis a strange thing to say but I have to agree. The atmosphere is indeed tense.

Q15: The headwoman od Harperhall is a woman named Salyn. I have been asked to deliver one of Skarn's tapestries to her as a favour.

Salyn has contacts throughout Pern. If I am going somewhere new I should contact her to see if I can meet someone there who can help me.

I have delivered the tapestry and should go and tell Swkarn I have done so.

Skarn has given me my own tapestry. Perhaps it will come in useful later. QC

There is a young girl named Daize who seems to have lost her toy dragon. She's been playing around Fort Hold's Interior and the Kitchens. Perhaps she dropped it Near there?

Q16: Stephe, a trader, says that he can't find Llama hair for sale enywhere in this gather.

I have given my Llama hair to Stephe, and he has given me a Bundle of Flax in return. Must find a use for this. QC

The carpenter erecting the stage in the main hall seems to have misplaced his nails. I'll keep my eye out for them.

A trader in the main hall is having trouble with his staff. They seem to be putting his goods in the wrong place. I wonder if I could help?

The sculptor in the main hall seems rather tense. He does not seem to have the time to prepare for the gather. Perhaps if I lent him a helping hand.

Gethen has pointed me in the direction of Mastersmith hall to get the atrifact appraised by Klor.

Forn, a smith at Mastersmith hall, has recommended that I bring anything unusual to him in exchange for weapon upgrades.

Guy the forger has lost his pickaxe. He needs it to smash up ore and is having a hard time remembering where he put it.

Q17: The man who gave me my sword recommended that I learn how to use it effectively. I'll need someone to teach me. Now who was it that was good with a sword?

The trader Manwor, has graciously shown me the ways of swordmanship. In return I pledged to negotiate a suitable fee for him and his people with Lord Gralt. If I ever get to meet him.

It would appear that this disease, that seems to originate on Ista, is directed at our weyr and Fort Hold. This means that there is some human hand behind it and it can be seen as a malicious attack. There is also a chance that I too may have contracted it. I pray this is not so. Now I must see Manwor before I leave and tell him his fee has been agreed!

I have spoken with Manwor... he seems pleased that his fee is secured... but dark clouds are gathering around his kind... QC

I've just met a rather unpleasant man by the name of Govan. He seems to be very preoccupied about something.

Q18: It seems that a strange affliction has overcome some people, now including K'tan. There is a ballad based on Moreta's Ride. That could hold some clues to its nature. I must go and see a man named Hered in Harper Hall.

I need a drum pattern in order to summon Hered. Apparently a scribe can help me. There must be one around here somewhere...

After speaking to Hered he mentioned that this disease that is chronicled in Moreta's Ride could bode ill for all of Pern. I can only hope that it has not spread too far. QC

Q19: There is a man named Belan living on Ista Island. He could hold valuable clues as to the nature of our Weyrwoman's death as now I suspect it was not from natural causes.

The Weyrwoman's ex lover, a man named Belan, happens to be in the room next to mine. Perhaps it would be worth paying him a visit.

Belan is the killer of our Weyrwoman! Driven by rage and bitterness. But who was the hand that guided him? I must report this to the Harpers at once and decide on a course of action. Matrice will watch him in the meantime.

Shards! Belan has slipped through our fingers! Whisked away by another Dragonrider. It makes me wonder whether the enemy comes from without or within.

I have found Belan slain. Who could have done this? Does my trail of clues lie cold... what of that mysterious Green Rider? QC

Q20: Mianna is looking for something else that Locken has lost - I'm surprised that man knows where his head is!

Lockenn is going to open up the old library with the key I found in Fort Weyr's library. I wonder what could be in there?

Mianna will make a studious and trustworthy potantial Weyrwoman at the Hatching Ceremony. QC

Q21: I must remember to keep a look out for Kilimi's ballad skin and return here if I find it... Oh, tongue, give sound to joy and sing!

Ballad skin returned to Kilimi...
Oh, Tongue, give sound to joy and sing. Of hope and promise on dragonwing. Egg id near for hatching. Weyrwoman honour our golden queen!

She seems happy that she knows her ballad, so much so that she is going to sing it at the Hatching Ceremony. She has the makings of a potential weyrwoman too... QC

Tinossi has a lazy student in her class who is always late or never turns up. I think his name was Kurn.

Q22: Merrick has suggested it would help the sick if I was to join the effort. I'm to fetch some food for the sick patients in Healer Hall.

I have managed to get some pies... although they are cold. I wonder if that'll be alright?

I must go and warm the pies somewhere, they are no good for the patients if they are cold.

The pies are now warm! I must get back to Healer Hall immediately.

The pies were a welcome addition to the help needed in Healer Hall. I hope the situation doesn't worsen. QC

A sick man named Siral has given me a pearl. I am to hand it over to his wife on Ista island. I believe her name is Marie.

I must remember to re-visit Healer Hall at a later date. The Master Healer can apparently teach me a few new skills.

A dridge in Healer Hall has just told me a rather strange tale. Apparently, several years ago a man trained here and sowed seeds of dissent against Dragonriders. He was cut off from the hall and from his family line. Why does this story sound so familiar?

I have found a curious skin, perhaps I should loook closely at it.

I have found a lost drum pattern in the ancient caves which I must show Tinossi.

This is the basic rhythm: / / ' / ' ' / '

By the first egg! K'tan's health is fading fast. I must hasten to Healerhall.

Grave tidings. Lamrat has informed me of a plot to poison S'bor, my windleader. He implicated S'lon in the matter and mentioned a cillain named Guriol. I know not if there is any truth in this but I will have to be on my guard with everyone concerned.

My election to Wing Second was most unexpected. It seems, however, that there is dissent in the ranks. S'bor and F'ben seem most displeased with the new appointment. Their attitude has set me on edge.

I am now to travel to Fort Hold with B'rak, N'eth ans S'lon. B'rak will stay in Fort and keep a watchful eye out for danger, monitoring the spread of the disease. The remaining three of us will then travel on to Ista to see what we can find out there. I am uneasy about travelling with S'lon after what Lamrat has said of him. It will give me a good opportunity to observe his actions.

What an error to make, using the diseased cattle for food at the Gather! Now the disease has spread far and wide! Lord Gralt tells me that the Master Healer wants to see me. To be honest I'm not surprised.

The cure was on that mysterious skin I found! And I handed it to Lamrat! I do not trust that man one bit. I suspect he may no longer be in Fort Hold.

Q23: Manwor and Faran have the cure with them! They are waiting for a Green Dragonrider to come and collect it. I've got to get it from them somehow.

N'eth has offered to pose as the Green Rider they seek. I hope this plan works. The fate of Pern depends on it!

N'eth has got the skin! I must take it to the Master Healer with haste! QC

Q24: These Harpers are a secretive lot. One of them lives on Ista but will not help me unless I prove myself. They will not even disclose who they are! Am I to be constantly surrounded by riddles?

Zenth has requested I get back to Harper Hall with great haste.

Apparently I have been accepted by the local Harper who wishes to help me further. But which of the Ista villagers that I have met could it be? I shall discover the truth on the beach.

Matrice is the Harper... perhaps she and her contacts will now be able to help me further! QC

Jazon has just revealed to me the tale of an awkward student who was expelled from Healer Hall and then disowned by his family. Why does that story sound familiar?

Q25: I have met a girl named Kiristi on Ista Beach. It seems I must locate an old epitaph of her grandfather Gannell and have a new headstone made for the Cairn.

I have paid Guy to carve a new Cairn headstone and must return to Mastersmith Hall at a later date to collect it.

This Cairn headstone weighs a dragon! I must get it back to Kiristi on Ista Beach as soon as I can!

Kiristi will make a compassionate and conscientious candidate for Weyrwoman. QC

Q26: It would appear that the diseased cattle are not bred on Ista. If that is the case then where are they coming from?

The local barkeep has told me that the traders arrive here early every morning. Looks like I'll have to wait until then.

Sorian mentioned that smugglers may be operating on Ista. I'd better keep my wits about me. They could have information regarding the diseased cattle.

It seems corruption is everywhere. Jorak has just mentioned some rough looking strangers have been spotted around the vicinity of the upper village.

There is apparently a deserted cove on the opposite side of the island. Could this be where N'eth is? And how to get to it?

A sailor named Jurinor has mentioned a mysterious ship named the Clear Endeavour. I have a feeling I'll need to discover more about this vessel and it's crew.

It looks like this ship was used for storing cattle. I am being taken into the heart of this storm that rages over Pern... I pray I'll come out alive. QC

Several people have gone missing from Ista Hold recently... No doubt these are connected to the Herdbeast shipments.

Q27: I have seen a girl called Roem who is incredibly ill - If only I had the skills to heal her.

URGENT - I must find some sweatroot to give to poor Roem.

I have administered a febrifuge to Roem, I must return to her and her father at a later date to see how she fairs.

Roem has recovered remarkably well and will make a fine potential Weyrwoman at the Hatching Ceremony. QC

Q28: Matrice, the landlady of the Rising Star is owed money from a scoundrel named Holin. She seems quite keen to get it.

Gamut tells me that Holin is a rough sort indeed. He seems to have the upper hand in this town through threats and violence. Perhaps he needs to be knocked down a peg or two.

This thug Holin would appear to be discrediting people through cheating at gambling. Perhaps I can restore Sorian's name if I can prove what Holin's been doing. I'd better keep a close eye on him.

Holin mentioned he was meeting a 'Dragonrider' that was supposed to be taking him to a 'Cove'. What is one of our kind doing involved with Holin? And who is it?

I managed to get Matrices money from that brigand Holin. That's not the last I've seen of him I'll wager... well at least we got some free rooms to stay in.

Sorian's name is cleared, but I don't think that'll be the last I see of Holin. I'd better hang onto these dice... they could prove useful.

********** MISSING ENTRY (Q28) **********

Apparently Nalaya's family live at the bottom of the Hold. It may well be worth seeing them to offer my condolences.

I've been given some extremely heavy canvas, enough to make a sail! I sonder who would find a use for this?

From Lamrat's information and from the references to other Dragonriders involved in foul play, I am beginning to suspect S'lon of being involved with the enemy. Hard to know who to trust.

Good old B'rak has instructed me on how to win at Blind Man's Shards. His tips were:
Do not win 2 3 mark bets in a row.
Do not win 3 2 mark bets in a row.
Do not win 4 of any mark bets in a row.
Roll palm up the dice roll will more than likely be high.
Roll palm down the dice roll will more than likely be low.

Just hope it works...

Matrice has told me that a journey up into the village may be in order. See what the locals have got to say.

***** MISSING ENTRY???? *****

There are strange creatures here that I have not seen before. They patrol an interesting opening in the bushes... I'd better stay clear for the time being... but what is beyond it?

It seems that S'lon and V'hul are missing from the meeting. S'bor has dispatched me to look for them.

Q29: I have been branded a traitor and all by others deception. I have been given 2 days to prove my innocence. The Master Healer has told me he will send news of the ingredients needed... but I can remember them from the transparent skin. They are:-
Roseleaf - 1 part
Silverthorn - 1 part
Southern Star - 1 part
Apparently I can find them on that mysterious continent that Zenth and I visited ealier!

I have found the Roseleaf! Good news indeed!

I have managed to get the Silverthorn! Perhaps there is indeed hope!

Flick has given me the final herb! Now to excape from this place! QC

Q30: These por people, prisoners to the Hold Lord. I must help them to escape this terrible place.

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