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Dragonriders of Pern Part 2

I have found a scroll that details the guards muster points. I wonder if I can use this to usher the prisoners to a place of safety?

The prisoners are free, the rest of my wing will pick them up when they arrive! QC

Q31: I have met woman known as Keriil in the dungeons of this accursed place. She asked for information on her husband, Hellion, who she believes is on the next floor up. But I have to get out of here first.

I have found a man named Hellion... he is the one who manufactures the disease! I have spared him as he seems to be deeply disturbed by what he's done.

********** MISSING ENTRY (Q31) **********

These switches extinguish the flames! Perhaps I can use this to my advantage. The enemy may not see me if I hide in the shadows.

Zenth is on his way! With the rest of the wing I would hope! Time to put an end to this once and for all!

It seems I am something of a hero in the Weyr. However, V'kai has requested to see me and this can only mean dire news.

Rowarth, a drudge, has not reported for work this morning. He was last spotted with a new drudge drafted apparently from Fort Hold.

Rowarth and nother man heading for the Dark Caves? According to Jax and Jim they were arguing. Should I investigate or leave well alone?

Roth is here! And he intends to poison the Golden Egg! I must contact the other riders immediately and see if we can capture him together.


OK - Here are the loose ends I mentioned:

One big inconsistency in timing: We are told upon the first visit to the Hatching Grounds that the hatching will be within the week and then at the end Gillian tells you that you've been out cold for a couple of weeks. Surely the Hatching should have happened by then?
Why are there several rooms in Fort Weyr that are never used (don't exist)?
Why the different coloured firelizards? They serve no real purpose and certainly don't affect either your score or your ability to complete the game!
Why is there a theatre behind the large door in Harper Hall?
Why is there a spare room (never opened) on the top Floor of Healer Hall?
What's in all the chests in the Dorm at Healer hall?
Is there any point behind the Old drum-pattern from the caves?
What happened to N'eth?
What was the intenton behind the big circular door in the side of the Temple on Ierne and why is it such a puzzle just to get one Herb and a firelizard egg (albeit the rarest firelizard)?
If it's so easy to get into the Hunter's Lodge then surely Lear would have been evicted/killed long ago?
Finally: why oh why oh why is the ending so damned crappy?!

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