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Hints & Walkthroughs

Empire Earth

Ingame press 'Enter' and enter one of the codes from table below and then press 'Enter' again:

Code - Result
my name is methos - All Resources & Reveal Map
boston food sucks - +1000 Food
atm - +1000 Gold
you said wood - +1000 Wood
rock&roll - +1000 Rock
creatine - +1000 Iron
all your base are belong to us - +100,000 Everything
the quotable patella - All Units Upgraded
i have the power - Magic/Power to Full
asus drivers - Reveal Map
somebody set up us the bomb - Win Game
ahhhcool - Lose Game
display cheat - Print All Cheats
the big dig - Lose All Resources
boston rent - Lose All Gold
uh, smoke? - Lose All Wood
headshot - Remove Objects From Map
brainstorm - Fast Build
columbus - See Fish and Animals friendly skies - Aircraft Flight Time ReFilled coffee train - Restores Health of All Player Units

Strategy / Hints:

If you want to take your enemy out with minimal damage and expenses you need to build nuke silos if possible.

You usually get nuke silos if you add it to the allowed technologies list when you do a custom scenario.

Make sure you build a wonder that will allow you to see all buildings (if that doesn't work, use one of the reveal map cheats) then build nuke silos. I recommend you build 3 rows of 6 for maximum efficiency.

Select your 6 silos by control, left clicking on them. Then launch the nukes at your enemy's Town Centre/Capital/Settlement by right clicking on the targets. This should obliterate your enemy's Settlement/Town Centre/Capital.

The more advanced in the Epochs your enemy is, the harder it is to destroy your enemy's building. You need at least 6 nukes to completely flatten key targets.

Keep attacking your enemy with nuke silos until they can't build any more. The most effective way of striking is to launch a round of nukes, then quickly go back to your silos and then choose the next 6, then choose the third row and launch them, then go back to the first row. This will have given your silos enough time to regenerate. They can usual regenerate in 5-8 seconds but timing is important.

Make sure you strike the resource centres which will cause the most hassle to your enemy, making them go further to deposit the resources. Just keep firing the nukes at their resource centres until they can't build.

Once they've slowed building more Settlements, attack military targets. If you're playing islands attack their Naval and Dock yards for the first targets, if your enemy is on land then target their land factories/barracks. Once you've targeted a couple of military buildings look around the map for any more settlements the enemy has built, destroy those.

You also should make sure your nuclear silos are well protected. They should be surrounded by walls with Towers and have AA guns around the walls and way ahead. This will stop planes and a ground units from damaging your nuclear holocaust plans.

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