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Hints & Walkthroughs


How to get a 10 digit credit sum in your bank account. This is what you need:

- A program called "redshirt" which can be found at http://downlink.realgamers.net/files/redshirt.zip - Hex Workshop 3.11 http://www.bpsoft.com/downloads/

Unzip the redshirt.exe file to your 'users' directory, for example: "c:\Program Files\Uplink\users" and then install Hex Workshop.

On Windows 9x, go to Start -> Run and type command and then click OK. For Windows 2K/XP type cmd.exe in the run box.

Then go to your users directory "c:\Program Files\Uplink\users" once there type:

redshirt /d (your username in the game).usr (your username in the game).hex

Now start Hex Workshop 3.11 and open your *.hex

Under the Tools menu, click Base Converter, select Intel in the Byte Order menu and enter the amount of cash that your Agent has into the Decimal textbox. Copy the value that appeared inside the Hex textbox by selecting it, right-clicking, and clicking Copy. Next, under the Edit menu, chose Find, change Type to "Hex Values" and paste into the Value textbox, click OK to start the search. Hopefully, you will now only have two or three results in the box in the lower right corner. What you want to look for is an entry that is near the end of the list such that when you click on it and scroll up a little bit you find your Agent user name and password next to one another. If this result matches the one I've described, you've found it. Change whatever hex values are highlighted to 02 F9 59 50. Save the file and exit Hex Workshop.

Go back to your command prompt (you didn't close it did you?), and type:

redshirt /e (your username in the game).hex (your username in the game).usr

That's it. You can now go start Uplink and play with a 10 digit number with credits

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