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Hints & Walkthroughs

UFO: Enemy Unknown

If you're one who enjoys a good chunk of unethical slashing, this game's for you. In fact, there's so many things that one can slash, you're likely to forget just what you have edited by the time you load the game back up again! Anyway, that's your problem, I'm just here to show you exactly what's what in this palace of slashable hex's!

Basically, it goes like this: You enter the game directory. You locate the file BASE.DAT. You load this up into a Hex-editor such as NU. You locate any of the following Hex-locations (ie, the ones you want to change). You put in values that you think are possible, but are still outragiously cheaty! Then, you load the game up and marvel at your changes. Easy!

(Remember that all the values you enter must be in Hexadecimal notation. That means that the maximum you can have in one byte is FF which is 255, and numbers such as 10 should be entered as 0A and 100 as 64. Okay? Also, I've arranged all the different edits into alphabetical order (if you hadn't noticed), so you may have to jump around the BASE.DAT file a bit if you're editing lots of entries in this list, all in the order that they're shown here. Finally, to keep within the format of the table, some lines won't make exact sense, however, it's still fairly obvious what I'm talking about!! Okay? Let's go...)

HEX Location Contains information on..

62 to 63 No. of Avalanche Launchers
6E to 6F No. of Avalanche Missiles
8E to 8F No. of Auto Cannons
90 to 91 No. of Auto AP Ammo Rounds
92 to 93 No. of Auto HE Ammo Rounds
94 to 95 No. of Auto I Ammo Rounds
D6 to D7 No. of Alien Grenades
106 to 107 No. of Alien Food 'Portions'
108 to 109 'Alien Reproduction level'
10A to 10B 'Alien Entertainment Level'
10C to 10D 'Alien Surgery Level'
110 to 111 No. of Alien Alloys
CE to CF No. of Blaster Launchers
D0 to D1 No. of Blaster Bombs
64 to 65 No. of Cannons
70 to 71 No. of Cannon Rounds
EC to ED No. of Celatid Corpses
F0 to F1 No. of Chyssalid Corpses
F6 to F7 No. of Cyberdisc Corpses
5E No. of Engineers
B4 to B5 No. of Electro-Flares
D8 to D9 No. of Elerium-155
E6 to E7 No. of Etheral Corpses
10E to 10F No. of Examination rooms
66 to 67 No. of Fusion Ball Launchers
72 to 73 No. of Fusion Balls
EA to EB No. of Floater Corpses
118 to 119 No. of Flying Suits
A4 to A5 No. of Grenades
7A to 7B No. of Hovertank Plasma Guns
7C to 7D No. of Hovertank Rocket Launchers
86 to 87 No. of Heavy Cannons
88 to 89 No. of Heavy AP Ammo Rounds
8A to 8B No. of Heavy HE Ammo Rounds
8C to 8D No. of Heavy I Ammo Rounds
A2 to A3 No. of Heavy Lasers
AA to AB No. of High Explosives
C2 to C3 No. of Heavy Plasmas
C4 to C5 No. of Heavy Plasma Clips
11A to 11B No. of HWP Cannon Shells
11C to 11D No. of HWP Rockets
11E to 11F No. of HWP Fusion Bombs
9C to 9D No. of Incendiary Rockets
68 to 69 No. of Laser Cannons
9A to 9B No. of Large Rockets
9E to 9F No. of Laser Pistols
A0 to A1 No. of Lasers Rifles
AC to AD No. of Motion Scanners
AE to AF No. of Medi-Kits
DA to DB No. of Mind Probes
E8 to E9 No. of Muton Corpses
6A to 6B No. of Plasma Cannons
7E to 7F No. of Pistols
80 to 81 No. of Pistol Clips
A8 to A9 No. of Proximity Grenades
B0 to B1 No. of PSI-Amps
C6 to C7 No. of Plasma Rifles
C8 to C9 No. of Plasma Rifle Clips
CA to CB No. of Plasma Pistols
CC to CD No. of Plasma Pistol Clips
114 to 115 No. of Personal armour
116 to 117 No. of Power Suits
82 to 83 No. of Rifles
84 to 85 No. of Rifle Clips
96 to 97 No. of Rocket Launchers
F2 to F3 No. of Reaper Corpses
5F No. of Scientists
60 to 61 No. of Stingray Launchers
6C to 6D No. of Stingray Missiles
98 to 99 No. of Small Rockets
A6 to A7 No. of Smoke Grenades
B2 to B3 No. of Stun Rods
D2 to D3 No. of Small Launchers
D4 to D5 No. of Stun Bombs
E2 to E3 No. of Sectoid Corpses
E4 to E5 No. of Snakeman Corpses
EE to EF No. of Silacoid Corpses
F4 to F5 No. of Sectopod Corpses
74 to 75 No. of Tank Cannons
76 to 77 No. of Tank Rocket Launchers
78 to 79 No. of Tank Laser Cannons
100 to 101 No. of UFO Power Sources
102 to 103 'UFO Navigation level'
104 to 105 'UFO Construction level'

You must have already played and saved the game, before you can use this cheat. All it entails is transferring various bits of existing Bases to another. Simply change into the UFO\GAME1 directory and see whats in that directory.

Start up a new base and save it in slot two, now you can transfer resources from your old base to the new, to give you an unfair advantage over your enemies. Copy over SOLDIER.DAT to give you the army you had, PRODUCT.DAT for all the manufacturing you had done, in the old game. Obviously if you copy all the files from your first game, you'll have a base that is exactly the same, so just a few files in areas that you normally suffer on are the best to copy over.

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