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Hints & Walkthroughs

Cyberstorm 2

Edit your storm.ini file the use the cheat codes:

Hercbase Cheat Codes:

As Good as it Gets - full repair
CUC - mega credits
He Who Dies With The Most Toys - all technologies
Home is where the heart is - max out facilities
I'll Buy That For A Credit - get 1 credit
It was nice while it lasted - go back to normal technologies
Mo money - get 10,000 credits
Must have! - max chassis
Too much wheat - get 100,000 credits
Will work for credits - get 1,000 credits
You may have already won - get 1,000,000 credits
You da man - max commander (tech, credits, facilities)

Battle Cheat Codes

Death to all who oppose us - crush all enemies
Did I break you concentration - touch of death (one)
Feel my wrath - restock selected vehicles
Fly Away - get mega turn points
Freaky Friday - become another player
Go Go Power Ranger - reset selected units
It's just a flesh wound - repair selected vehicles
Let there be light - fog of war changes
Let there be light v2 - fog of war - godlike
Tarsus - heal selected pilots
That must hurt - touch of death (many)
There can be only one - invincibility
Vengeance is mine - mega action points

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