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Hints & Walkthroughs

King's Quest 5

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As the game begins, Graham is in Crispin's yard. He walks south twice and into the town. He sees a man in an alley fiddling with a broken wagon. He talks to the man and asks if he needs any help. The man says no. Graham leaves town, and then walks back in. He sees a silver coin lying on the ground next to the wagon. He picks it up. He sticks his hand in the barrel next to the wagon and retrieves the fish from the barrel. He leaves town and walks west. He enters the bakehouse alongside the river and buys a pie with the silver coin. DO NOT EAT THE PIE. After leaving the bakehouse, Graham walks west twice. He sees a bear tantalizing a beehive. He tosses the fish to the bear. Queen Beatrice rewards him by letting him retrieve a honeycomb from the hive. After getting the honeycomb, Graham picks up the stick lying on the ground and walks north. There he sees as dog digging in a magnificent ant castle. He throws the stick to the dog to get it to leave the ants alone. He then walks north to the gypsy camp. Then he walks west into the desert.

Once in the desert, Graham walks west until he gets to a large opening in the cliffs. He takes a drink from the pool of water. He then hides behind the rock next to the pool and waits for the bandits to come and go into the temple. He watches the bandits, and after they leave, he gets another drink from the pool and walks east. He then walks south three times. He sees a skeleton on the ground and picks up the shoe next to the skeleton. He then walks south until he reaches the oasis. Here he takes a drink of water. Now refreshed, Graham walks south once and then west until he reaches a camp. He takes a drink from the pitcher of water at the camp and then enters the first tent. He very carefully walks around the bandit and retrieves the staff he saw them open the temple with. He then leaves the tent, again being very careful so as not to wake the bandit. He leaves the camp to the east, and walks north three times. He gets a drink from the oasis. He then walks north until he reaches the cliffs, and then proceeds east until he gets to the opening in the cliffs. He gets a drink from the pool, and then walks up to the temple door. He knocks on the door with the staff and enters the temple. He quickly picks up the brass bottle and the gold coin from the floor. He then quickly leaves the temple. He gets another drink from the pool, and then walks east until he gets back to the gypsy camp.

Once in the gypsy camp, Graham gives the man the gold coin and goes in to see the fortune teller. She gives him a magic amulet. Graham walks east and finds a crying tree. He talks to the tree, and continues east. He is now outside the entrance to the forest. He puts on the amulet that the fortune teller gave him. He proceeds into the forest, despite what Cedrik says. At the fork in the path, he goes left. He continues around the path until he gets to the witch's house. He gives the witch the brass bottle from the temple. She is sucked into the bottle and now Graham can go into her house. Once inside the house, he opens the trunk against the wall. He sees a spinning wheel inside and takes it. He shuts the trunk and retrieves a little yellow key from the lamp on the wall. He then opens the drawer to the table and takes the pouch out. He then opens the pouch. (To do this, go to inventory and click on the pouch with the hands) He discovers three emeralds inside the pouch. He then leaves the house. Once back out in the forest, Graham walks east. He goes up to the large tree and uses the key on the little door in the tree. He takes the little golden heart out of the tree and goes west back to the witch's house and then goes west again. He then puts the honeycomb on the path. After doing this, he throws one of the emeralds down onto the path. A little elf comes to get it. He throws the other two, and the third time, the elf gets stuck in the honey on the path. He agrees to help Graham out of the forest. He leads Graham into his underground home and gives him a pair of shoes. Graham then leaves and returns to the entrance of the forest.

Now outside the forest, Graham walks west back to the crying tree. He gives her the golden heart. She is restored to human form, and Graham picks up her harp when she leaves. He then walks west once, and picks up the tambourine from the ground where the gypsy camp was. He walks back east and then south once. He gives the old gnome the spinning wheel he found in the witch's house. The gnome gives him a marionette in return. He then walks south once. Outside the country inn, Graham searches through the haystack, and the ants come to help him look through it. They find a golden needle and they present it to Graham. He walks east and goes back to town, but he sees a cat chasing a mouse, and throws the old shoe at the cat. The mouse thanks him and he proceeds into town. He enters the tailor shop and gives the salesperson the golden needle. In return, he receives the blue cloak. He leaves the shop and enters the toyshop. He trades the marionette for the sled. Graham leaves the toyshop and enters the shoe shop. He gives the poor old lady the pair of shoes from the elf and they give him a hammer in return. Graham leaves the town and travels west back to the country inn. He enters the inn, and approaches the men at the counter. They imprison him in the cellar. The mouse comes and chews the rope and Graham is freed. He picks up the rope and uses the shoemaker's hammer on the cellar door handle. He breaks the lock and leaves the cellar. He opens the cupboard (DO NOT GO THROUGH THE OPEN DOOR BACK INTO THE INN, OR YOU WILL BE KILLED) and retrieves the leg of lamb from inside. DO NOT EAT IT!! He leaves the inn through the door on the left, and walks north. He then walks east twice. He uses the tambourine on the snake and it slithers away. He then continues up the path.Graham is now in the mountains. He puts on the cloak because it is getting cold. He continues walking up the snowy path until he comes to the frozen waterfall. He throws the rope onto the rock jutting out from the cliff, and starts to feel a little hungry.

He eats the leg of lamb from the inn. He thing climbs the rope to the top of the waterfall. (SAVE GAME) He jumps across the rocks in the following order: (click on them with the hand, not the walk icon) 1 - 3 - 5 - 6 and then gets off on the other side. He walks across the log and continues to the east. Cedrik gets captured by a wolf, and Graham rides the sled down the hill. At the bottom of the hill, his sled breaks and he continues to the east. He sees an eagle perched on a rock. He talks to the eagle and finds that it is very hungry. He gives the rest of the leg of lamb to the eagle and then walks north into the ice castle. When the Queen orders the wolves to kill him, Graham begins to play his harp. The Queen tells him that if he can kill a yeti, she will release him and Cedrik. Sir Wolf leads him out of the castle. Graham walks north towards the cave. When he arrives at the cave, he throws the pie at the yeti and it falls over the edge of the cliff. He then enters the cave. He uses the hammer on the crystal in the center of the cave and then leaves the cave and goes back to Sir Wolf. The Queen releases him and Cedrik and they are lead out of the castle by Sir Wolf. Here they go south. At the bottom of the mountains, they walk over to the ladder looking thing and climb up to the pool of water. Graham is captured and flown to a bird's nest. Once in the nest, he hurriedly retrieves a golden locket from the nest and then the eagle rescues him and flies him to the beach. Graham picks up the iron bar from the beach and walks north. He puts the beeswax leftover from the honeycomb in a hole in the boat and gets in the boat. Once in the ocean, he sails south once, and then east until he reaches an island. He he gets off the boat, he is picked up and flown off by the Harpies. When they begin to discuss eating him, he begins to play the harp again. They take the harp and run off. He picks up a fish hook and walks southwest. He sees Cedrik lying on the ground and picks him up. He walks south to the beach. He sees something lying on the ground and picks it up. It's a conch shell! They get back in the boat and sail south once. Then they sail west until they get back to the beach. Graham rings the bell on the little hut and an old man comes out. Graham gives him the conch shell so he can hear him. The man fixes Cedrik and helps Graham get to Mordack's island.

Once on Mordack's island, Graham picks up the fish from the beach and walks up the stairs. He uses the crystal from the Queen's cave on the snake statues and continues north. When he reaches the castle entrance he walks to the left side around to the back of the castle. He sees a grate on the ground and opens it with the iron bar. He then descends down into the hole. (SAVE GAME) (When using this map, remember to turn it so it is facing the direction Graham is facing) Using the provided map, Graham navigates the Labyrinth and goes to the room with the letter "B" in it. He sees a creature in this room and gives him the tambourine. The creature plays with the tambourine and walks off, leaving his hairpin behind. Graham retrieves it and continues through the labyrinth to the room labeled "D." He unlocks the door using the hairpin and enters the castle.

Graham enters the room and opens the cupboard. He takes the bag of peas out of the cupboard and closes it. He then proceeds into the next room. He gives the girl scrubbing the floor the locket he found in the bird's nest. It belongs to her!! They talk for a while and Graham proceeds down the hall. He continues through all of the rooms until he is captured by a strange blue beast. The beast throws him in the dungeon. Once in the dungeon, Graham looks into the mousehole in the wall. He uses the fish hook to retrieve the piece of cheese from the mousehole. Graham then waits until the girl pushes a brick in the wall. He follows her back out of the Labyrinth and back into the castle. (SAVE GAME)

Graham proceeds through the castle again, following the same route, and when the beast comes after him again, he throws the bag of peas at him, causing him to fall. (If you don't get it the first time, restore your game and try again.) Graham continues to through the dining hall, up the stairs, and into Mordack's bedroom, which is the room on the left at the top of the stairs. Somewhere along the way, Graham encounters a cat. He throws the fish to the cat, and then bags the cat in the empty pea bag. If not already there, he continues to Mordack's bedroom and goes south into the library. He flips through the book on the desk and reads the inscriptions. He then goes to the top left corner of the library and waits there until Mordack appears in his bedroom and lies down in his bed. He then goes back into Mordack's bedroom and takes Mordack's wand off the table. He leaves Mordack's room and goes to the room to the right of the stairs. He walks up the staircase on the left side of the room and goes to the strange machine at the right end of the top level. He places Mordack's wand on the machine, and then places Crispin's old wand on the machine. After he has done this, he tosses the piece of cheese into the machine. The machine transfers the power from Mordack's wand to Crispin's wand. Graham takes Crispin's now glowing wand from the maching. Mordack appears in the room and uses several spells to try to kill Graham. When he becomes a flying lizard, Graham uses Crispin's wand on him and selects the tiger spell. When Mordack becomes a dragon, Graham uses the wand again and selects the rabbit spell. When Mordack becomes a Cobra, Graham uses the wand on him and selects the Mongoose spell. Finally, when Mordack transforms into fire, Graham uses Crispin's wand on him and selects the rain spell. A rainstorm puts Mordack out, thus killing him. The game is now over and the final movie begins.

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