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Hints & Walkthroughs

Battle Realms

Duplicated Brothers:

This cheat only works in the Lotus campaign. Do the following:
  1. Build a Crypt of Brothers as soon as possible.
  2. Build three Watchtowers and summon three Brothers.
  3. Put the Brothers in the Watchtowers.
  4. Destroy the Crypt of Brothers using CTRL+D.
  5. Build another Crypt of Brothers
  6. Summon the three brothers again. Now you have six Brothers.

Easy Yin Points for Serpent and Lotus Clans:
In the Serpent Clan, use Ronins and equip them with Yin Blade. Then, force attack them to trees while using Yin Blade.
In the Lotus Clan, summon the 2 Brothers Lythis and Tausil, then have them attack water (force attack them into a very shallow spot in the water or other similar place and also a little deeper on the water). While they attack, you continuously yield Yin Points.

Fast Total Destruction:
(This cheat is only for an un-updated version of Battle Realms which means unpatched.) This is quite easy, all you gotta do is to find an opponent's building and press ctrl+D. This cheat will work when you see the building collapse immediately.

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