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Hints & Walkthroughs

Planescape: Torment (Bug Exploit)

Bug Exploit for Money:

There is a bug in the game that can be really benificial to beginner players who have problems encountering enemies due to a lack of NPCs.

There is a quest in the Lower Clerk's Ward, where you kill a gigantic rat on the way down from a wizard that collects unique skulls. The rat has a book or journal of some sort. The "thing" can actually talk, and it will grant you spell powers if you obey its orders. Here's the list...

1) Place drips of blood in the book.
2) Sell a friend to slavery.
3) Betray a friend.

The 2nd order tends to be the hardest, as losing a NPC cuts down the team's strength greatly. The choice of losing which party member is a pain in the arse too. So, do this...

Go and see the lady who sells exotic stuff. Sell Morte into slavery, even if she says you will never see him again (you'll feel bad when Morte starts cursing you and begging).

Morte leaves your party (I think this works only for Morte), then speak to the lady of the exotic shop again, buy some of her stuff. One of the items, can't remember which though, requires you to consult Morte for information. Thanks to a glich in a game, when you buy 1 of the item, go to the item screen and press the use button. The Nameless One would then have to consult Morte, and he'll suddently appear out of nowhere, chatting with you like nothing happened. After chatting, put the item away, and start talking to Morte again, he'll say, "Finally realized you needed me, Chief?" and Morte is yours again.

This is especially helpful, because you don't actually lose an NPC, but you get the slavery selling price of 5000!

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