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Hints & Walkthroughs

Xcom: Apocalypse

There are two cheat activators, one for the cityscape and one for the tactical screen. To access either of them, hold down Alt at the main interface and type 'ufo cheat' for the cityscape, and 'tac cheat' for the tactical screen. You should get a confirmation that the cheat mode has been activated. In all cases, Alt-Esc cahcels cheat mode.

Cityscape codes:
Alt-numpad + - get one more of all equipment
Alt-a - autosave on/off
Alt-b - force base mission
Alt-c - force ufo crash
Alt-d - dmiension map cheat on/off
Alt-f - build base facilities cheat on/off
Alt-g - test alien dimension
Atl-m - get $100,000
Alt-n - show number of aliens in buildings
Alt-p - finish project instantly on/off
Alt-q - allow all manufacture on/off
Alt-r - force apocalypse
Alt-s - force overspawn
Alt-t - force apocalypse terror mission
Alt-v - view ufopaedia on/off
Alt-x - get one of each vehicle
Alt-z - show all people tube connections

Tactical codes:
Alt-t - training mode on/off
Alt-k - kill all hostle units
Alt-w - weightlessness on/off
Alt-i - invinicibility on/off
Alt-h - hidden terrain on/off
Alt-v - hidden units on/off

Simply load your non-tactical mission game file in a hex editor, go to location 33D40 and type FF FF FF to get 16.7 mln credits.

There's a major bug, from where you can get a lot of money. And without a money cheat, the game is impossible, Just do EXACTLY like this: * Play the game a little bit, and research the "Bio Transport Mod",. When you are done with that, do a "Assign project" for the engineers and mark the "Bio-Transport Module" red, and notice that you loose $700, then press OK. * Now, you press "Assign project" again, and wow! now you got your $700 back,. Well, press OK. Do the "Assign" again, and there, you got $700 again! Cool cheat ehh? Just do this ALOT of time, and you get ALOT of cash! * Here is some hints to get cash in a faster way: Instead of working with the mouse all the time when you need a lot of money (puhh) and keep watching the screen, you place the mouse cursor over the "Assign project" and just let the arrow be there, and from now on, just keep hitting the Enter button but not too fast! Cause then the thing could mess up... Just follow a pretty fast rythm!

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