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Hints & Walkthroughs

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.S. Way Part 1

Location: Inotakimura, Japan

Note: Before proceeding, please bear in mind that bolts for your crossbow are scarce, so use them sparingly. You can also retrieve used bolts from the bodies of dead ninjas, but remember to loot quickly as they will disintegrate if found by their sister ninjas.It is recommended that after dispatching with a ninja, carry her body off to a safe place to loot. It is also recommended that you sneak around as ninjas can use an alarm to bring about others.

Proceed north up the garden path and pick up the note. You will be given the optional objective of recovering all six pages of the UNITY field manual, on top of your main objective of locating a Hatori-San.

Look left and you'll meet Santa the mechanical bird. Talk to him. He will brief you on objectives, equipment and skill points.

Proceed north up the path and talk to Santa again. Pick up stuff as needed.

Follow the road up east and pick up all intelligence.

Enter the wooden gates. Dispatch with the ninjas. Be sure to pay attention to what Santa tells you (yes, he will be following you throughout the first few chapters to give sort of a tutorial). Also observe for notes stuck here and there.

Proceed down the main street and keep a lookout for items such as armour and bandages. Sneaking is recommended when you approach corners.

Listen to the conversation and dispatch the ninjas in front of the gate. Turn west (or right) to the side of the last house on your right. Behind is a gap in the wall that goes to the next stage

Wait for the conversation to finish and one of the ninjas to walk off (if you want to use stealth). If not, simply dispatch them. Take the note on the wall, it's a message from Isamu about encoded messages he's left for you. You won't be able to decode them until you retrieve the decoder he's left for you near the vending machine (the "present" he mentioned).

Turn left and down the road. Dispatch of any ninjas and go down the small alley on the left and behind the houses You'll find a suitcase near some garbage bags at the end of the alley on your left. This you must deliver to Hatori-San when you locate him.

Use the door on the building to your immediate right to return to the main street. Right opposite you is the vending machine and next to it is the present in Isamu's note. Pick it up and you have your decoder.

Return to the back alley from whence you came and locate an encoded message on the door on the house on your right. Decode it. It will contain a message about three mailboxes attached to a sweet house. As this puzzle is random, you will need to solve it on your own, but it's very easy. Just use the clue they give you on the same message. Say, if it says "the gray mailbox should be closed", then keep it closed, whilst opening/closing the other two until something happens. If this doesn't help, find another encoded note if you want and decode it. It should either tell you which other box should be closed/opened, or where to find the sweet shop. However, there is no need as the sweet shop is the building you used the door to exit to the mainstreet with (i.e. where you came out to see the vending machine from), so simply return to the mainstreet using the door again, and look right.

Once you get the combination of the mailboxes right, a door opposite the street will open and there's Hatori-San. Go talk to him and loot the shop he's in. He'll inform you of the bad news of a meeting being moved. Keep talking to him until he has nothing to say.

You can also spend your first 1,000 skill points here.

Upon exiting, quickly hide as a ninja is coming down the street on your right (east). You can quickly run opposite and go to the back of the building on the right of the sweet shop. This should bring you to a good spot to kill the ninjas silently.

Come out to the main street and proceed eastward through the door with the Japanese word.

Sneak down the path and lean over the corner to notice one ninja. Be warned that if an alarm is sounded here, there are a lot of ninjas to deal with so I would recommend using stealth. Try to dispatch one of the ninjas using your crossbow from a distance. If not, use a coin, toss it on the wooden part of the floor and dispatch the ninja when she comes to check. If unalarmed, there are four to five ninjas to deal with here so make sure you're all geared up to fight. Using the katana is recommended for close combat (and to save shurikens or bolts).

Decode the note pinned at the doorway of the building to your right. It will tell you where the meeting has been moved to. Loot the place and you should be able to retrieve a scope for your vindicator crossbow. You now have to return to Hatori-San the way you came from (to avoid any ninjas). You can explore the other way if you want, i.e. west into the main street and deal with any ninjas. Note also that you can still decode the mailbox encoded messages as they give you skill points. Follow the "I" on your compass back to where Hatori-San is, and talk to him about where the meeting has moved. He will pass you a map of how to get to the main house (where the meeting is) and the next chapter will load.

CHAPTER TWO: GOODBYE, SPY - The spy is here!
Location: Inotakimura, Japan
Note: Make good use of your new scope!

Proceed up the alley where you appear and take the note and present. You'll also pick up a note as you go along about three dead drop chalk marks you need to locate and erase - this is optional.

Listen to the short conversation and turn left to avoid the ninjas as the alarm is very close by so storming if you're not a good shot will bring about more enemies. Dispatch with them stealthily and sneak eastwards down the street. Go to the end of the road where to your right is the main gate which you can't open. On your left is the first chalk mark right outside the door.

Return where you came from (I'll use the postbox and vending machine as a landmark) and proceed west down the main street. There's one ninja there so get rid of her as well. The second chalk mark in at the second last house on your left. Now return down the street eastwards, past the vending machine and postbox on your left and down the main street. You'll notice an alley on your right. Take it .

Follow the path to a wide open space. There is an open window in a building on the furthest end of the field to your right . Climb through and you'll find yourself in a store. You will be given the objective of photographing the meeting.

Listen to the conversation and let it finish. Exit and sneak out, dispatching any ninjas in your way silently if you can. Sneak westward towards the building on your left. Explore it for letters regarding Isako's life debt to The Director.

Proceed southwest down the rock path and explore the building on your left for more of those letters. You may pick up a silenced SMG along the way (in a store I believe).

Proceed further southwest past the opening and heed the note. Make sure you make no noise or skill points won't be rewarded. Use your crossbow or the silenced SMG if you picked it up.

Follow the rock path southeast around the house. It will turn north as you go along, leading you to the front door of a house. On its right is a plateau of grass and a window where you'll find some ammo as well. Make no noise and take the photo through the window with your spy lipstick camera.

Watch the cutscene.

You have two choices: one leads you to the last chalk mark and the last page of Isako's life story letters, the other doesn't. Naturally, the former gives you more enemies to deal with and more skill points (1000 more actually).

The quickie is if you leave by the main gate on your left and proceed north down the street and down the alley next to the postbox and back to where you started. Read the note, watch the cutscene and proceed to the next chapter.

Alternatively, return to where you climbed in through the window. Right outside the store in which you climbed (on your left if you are facing this structure) is a door . Go through and explore the hut on your left for Isako's last page. Go through the door and get rid of the ninjas. The shop right opposite with the blue sign (with two Japanese words) has the last chalk mark at its door.

Proceed down the street, follow the path that leads you behind some houses and to a door. Right behind it is a ninja VERY near an alarm so be careful and get your gear all loaded and ready. After dispatching of any ninjas, take the first alley to your left and you're back where you started. Take the note and move on. Watch the cutscene and the credits will roll.

CHAPTER THREE: Project: Omega - Welcome to Siberia
Location: Siberia
You will have to do some errands for the laziest game character in the history of computer games, the pilot. Talk to him and he'll tell you he forgot his keys, so pick the lock on the cabin (also called the "dacha" here) to get in.

After that, talk to him again and he'll ask you to start the generator out back. Run out behind the cabin and do as he asks.

Return to him and he'll ask you to radio UNITY to talk to Bruno, your boss. He will tell you the combination to the lock on the shed next to the one where the radiator was found. At this point, soldiers will come. Kill them.

Get your supplies from the shed.

Return to the pilot and he'll tell you that the snowmobile has run out of gas, or clicking on the snowmobile will tell you that. Proceed to a soldier's outpost - head out North down the path (follow your compass). Infiltrate it charging if you want to. There are four soldiers to deal with. The gas is in the shed in the northeastern corner of the compound.

Return to your cabin and use the snowmobile. Return north to the soldier's compound, where another soldier will be waiting but just ride towards the ramp created by the plank on the gas tank to get over the locked fence. Ride towards the "I" on your compass.

You'll see a bridge. Cross it, stop and look right of the bridge for a narrow path that brings you to the underpinnings of the bridge. Proceed along it and place the bombs. Be careful of rotted planks - there are two. Save first!

Return to your bike and proceed down the path. You'll come to a guardhouse - kill the two soldiers there. Leave your vehicle as you won't be able to crash through the gate. Loot the guardhouse and use one of the snowmobiles on the other side.

Ride down the path. Be careful as there is a broken down truck in front with two soldiers.

When you've gotten rid of the soldiers, look to the right of the truck and you'll see a sign pointing you towards the communications tower. Ride down that path. You will need to abandon your vehicle as some logs are in the way. Go the rest of the way on foot. Be careful as there is one soldier on the way.

You will reach a compound soon. Sneak into the first building you see. Listen to the conversation on stupid paperclips and wait for it to end. You can storm in or sneak in, it doesn't matter. Kill anyone you see and loot the barracks. Also clear out the store opposite the road and the guard house. Items of importance you must find here are more explosives and tranquilisers.

Proceed south up the hill slope to the communications tower. Sneak in, kill any soldiers and place the bomb on the power box next to the tower. You'd also have heard the transmission on the radio of a "suspicious" character in the dacha/cabin i.e. your pilot. Upon planting the bomb you'll hear the sound of a truck approaching - that's soldiers bringing your pilot in at the compound at the bottom of the hill.

Note: You will find memos either in the first compound or up the hill about how great General Zukhov is - this is the optional quest of finding both pages to the Soviet Military Readiness Report.

When you're on your way down the hill, Santa will inform you of the capture of your pilot and now you have to liberate the latter. He's being held on the building to your right as you proceed down the hill. Storm the place and kill any soldiers, but be careful not to hurt your pilot.

After all the soldiers are done with, your pilot will tell you to open the gate for him to escape. He will ask you to let him know when the coast is clear. Once you do, he will run out of the building and more soldiers will spawn. Don't worry about the pilot as he will hide on his own accord until you tell him to move, just make sure all the soldiers are dead. This will happen three times (you'll need to talk to him to push him on) until you open the gate (switch is in the guardhouse).

You won't be able to leave the same way as the gate closes too quickly, so you'll have to get back to the road from whence you came (southwestwards from the gate). Proceed and kill any soldiers you see. Be careful of their grenades.

When you reach where the communications tower is, you will see it blow up. Don't worry, it won't land on you unless you're flying. Proceed and retrieve your snowmobile, and go to the next stage. Return to the broken down truck and proceed down the path southwards (follow the I in your compass).

In a bit, you'll see a fence around the main installation. Stop your vehicle just when you see it. Notice that on your right, there is a path leading somewhere . Proceed through it on your snowmobile. If you look at the map in your Intelligence menu (map of base grounds), you'll notice that this is where you jump with your vehicle. Just ride the curveand land on the other side.

Ride on and you'll see a cavern. Ride over it and you'll land on the other side. This will bring you to the secret cabin where there are some goodies. You will need to return here once you've accomplished your main objective.

Collect all you need and once again get on your snowmobile. Ride southwest back to the cavern. Notice that there is a path downwards on your right, going southeast. There's a sign that shows you the way to the main installation so head towards there. You'll have to leave your vehicle when you come to some rocks. Proceeding beyond that will load the next stage.

Continue along the path. When you reach a large boulder, start sneaking. There are soldiers ahead on the mounts. Get rid of them and proceed south towards the "I" on your compass. Continue along the road and it will turn westwards. There will be two more soldiers barbecuing a rabbit. Continue south and you will reach a break in the fence surrounding the installation. Save before proceeding.

You may charge or use stealth here. I sneaked in myself. It doesn't matter. Just make sure you kill the guard that has a key ring - he's guarding the building on the left which houses the generator , which is where you need to plant the bomb. Get the explosives from one of the buildings here. When you do that, this will trigger off the arrival of more guards (yes, it's scripted).

You'll need to plant the bomb in the locked box in the ground between the two generators.

You will need to return to the place where you can place the bomb (pix), which is the building right next to the power box. In any case, you'll find some intelligence here as to where to place the bomb. You should collect all such intelligence as skill points are awarded.

After you're done looting, plant the bomb and escape from whence you came. Naturally, there will be soldiers. Take the snowmobile and continue along the path until you exit to the next stage (where the rocks are). Ride on back to your secret cabin and radio UNITY to finish the chapter.

Location: Still in Siberia
Note: The guards in this chapter keep respawning so don't expect to kill them all. Charging in with your guns firing is a BAD idea. Also, if you're using tranquilisers, they can be retrieved if you do a search on an unconscious/dead body.

Run towards the bunker and climb in. You can restock armour, grenades and even a bear trap here. Use your welder to weld off the hinges of the door.

Note: The main method I got around here was behind the buildings. You can get in through windows and when you get into a building with the light on, switch it off. Also close all doors you open.

Sneak out and get across the road to the small building. Inside you'll find some tranquilisers - great if you want to sneak around. When you come out, do be careful of a guard right opposite - you can he's leaning on a huge set of doors with a mark on which you need to plant a bomb later on (when you find some explosives).

Go behind the building and you'll see a gap in the fence which you can squeeze through. Use the alleyway behind the next building, which is actually the mess hall. Nothing much there. Proceed down the alley and get to the building opposite which is an abandoned barracks. You'll get two presents: One is a note on sabotaging the fuel depot and the other is a supply of a body remover gas (remember that from NOLF1?).

Hah - wasted your time picking the last chest. Just someone's moldy beer stash!

Anyway, exit and run quickly to the hole in the wall opposite the barracks and you'll see another hole in the building (the toilet) in front of you. Push the board aside and go through. You may hear two people doing their businesses. Wait for them to finish and exit, and for their conversation on a girl called Tanya to start before going on. You can explore silently while they talk. Once they finish conversing, one of the guards will come in, followed by another. Get rid of them silently.

Exit through the hole again and return to the back alley. Beware of patrolling guards.

Sneak and get into all the buildings if you like as there's some interesting correspondence between Anya and Sergei about blue jeans here but nothing really important. What's crucial is the office building near the trucks and the fuel depot . Here's where you get a satellite photo of this compound and the inner yard which you need to infiltrate, and the explosives needed to blow up the fuel depot.

And don't open the small gate behind one of these buildings (a store I believe - picture reference) as this leads to the next stage. Just set up the bomb at the depot first before moving on. You'll also need to plant the explosives at the front gates Complete these objectives and then head to the small gate.

After all the bombs are planted, go through the gate to load the next stage (the old records building).

Take the note on the wall, which tells you about the security cameras. Listen to the conversation and wait for it to end. Wait about a minute and then open the door. Try using the utility gun and shoot tracking darts to track the guards. Alternatively, for a silent treatment, use the tranquiliser darts. In any case, do not let them sound the alarm or even if the alarm goes off, get somewhere dark and hide.

Right in front of the door, after you've taken care of any patrolling guards, pick the locked door on your right. Inside you'll find a present - supply of camera disablers. Loot the place for more intelligence and then exit. Dispatch of any guards as necessary. There are about only three to four if the alarm doesn't go off.

After you're done with the whole floor, take the first doorway on the right from the entrance (before the door which you lockpicked) and open the door on the right. Go down all the way and dispatch with the guard there. Loot the place and take a look at the generator (with the "Crazy Ivan Electric Fence" sign over it) and read the note next to it. Now you know you need to put some sugar into it to make it malfunction.

Return upstairs and go to the second floor. Explore all the rooms and get rid of all the soldiers, but don't go through the hallway with the benches just yet as this will bring you to the next stage and right under a camera if you're not careful. I prefer the following method of entry.

Go upstairs to the third floor and explore all the rooms as well. The room that's on the right of where you come in has a window that brings you the next stage , so explore all the rooms before you . You'll end up on a garbage can in a back alley.

Go north down the back alley but be careful as there is a camera at the end . Disable it with your utility launcher - also beware of the guy in the watchtower. You may try to take him out but without a sniper rifle you'll need to use your handgun (unrealistic but it works) to do so silently.

Note: Actually I tried just killing every one, with the alarm going off and all. Sneaking IS more fun and if you are playing hard/superspy modes, no way you can escape alive.

Notice the Crazy Ivan's Electric Fence? Be careful as going too near does you damage - you need to get through these, which is why you need to sabotage the generator.

Stay in the alley and open the window on the building to your right and get in. It's a store and here's where you find some explosives for the propane tank. Loot up and then sneak back out either through the window or out the door - just be careful.

The building to your right is the toilet. There are some lockers in there good for looting. Right opposite the toilet is where you want to go. It's the cafeteria and there's some sugar locked in a cabinet which you need, so make sure you get that. The barracks on the right of the cafeteria is also good for looting.

You'll also uncover some conspiracy going on here so there's an optional quest of finding out more by searching for intelligence.

You'll need to plant the bomb on the propane tank to the left of the cafeteria. Watch out for the camera right on top of the door where the soldiers keep respawning. Disable it and then go through the doors back to the second floor of the old records building.

Go through and get back downstairs to the basement to pour the sugar into the generator to disable the electric gates. Go back up and through to the other side. Get to the small electric gate next to the watch tower, go through and you'll be awarded points for getting through to the main building.

Visit the building to your right. There's a scientist in there. Tranquilise him but there will still be guards coming at you so get rid of them, silently or otherwise. Loot the place and you'll find the safe combination of the safe on the 2nd floor of the old records building. This will trigger off an optional quest to get the "top secret document" in the safe.

Follow the path north and you'll come to some stairs leading to the underground entrance of this huge place.

Open the door - be quiet as there's a guard sleeping behind the locked gate you see in front of you. Sneak in and open the door to your right - it leads to a kitchen which has a laundry chute at the end, through which you can eavesdrop on a conversation between two guards (so you know you need to use this chute some time later). Loot the place and exit.

Decode the access card terminal and dispatch with the guard silently. You'll get his access card. Take the first door on your right. There's a guard in there. Kill him and loot the place. Items of importance include a map of the place and a computer vacuum tube in the next room.

Exit and proceed with caution to the opposite room, where the scientist is. Kill him and whoever comes in. In here you will find intelligence on Dmitrij Volkov (remember him?) and Project Omega.

Exit the room on either side and you'll be able to hear the camera whirring. Disable it before going on. I exited using the northern door, so I went right to disable the camera. After that I explored all rooms, and collected intelligence on a General Nikolai Zhukov, which triggered a quest to eliminate him. Go west towards the next access card gate and open it. On your left is the generator room where Santa has left you a present. On your right are stairs up which loads the next stage.

Go through the door at the top of the stairs and go left first. The first door is a store with a present. The next door has a soldier inside. Eliminate him and loot the place. If you exit through the eastern door (alarm next to it) you'll come to the computer room. You need a password before you can access the computer, so return to the room and exit instead using the door you came in (western door - light switch next to it).

Turn left and go towards the door right opposite the blocked gate. Go in and listen to the conversation that gives you a clue about where to find vacuum tube but if you follow this walkthrough, you'd already have it. Wait for it to finish and then open the door to the east - that's Gen. Zhukov behind the desk so finish him off but silently or a torrent of guards will ambush you.

Go back whence you came and turn left to the double doors. Now that's where the camera you hear whirring is, so get your utility launcher ready (save!). Once you open the door, peek left and there's the camera at the far end over another set of double doors. Make sure you get it before it triggers off the alarm. There are a couple of scientists here but I won't get too worried about them. If you want to loot them, just tranquilise them (or if you have no morals, kill them). Loot the place and look for intelligence.

You can't go through the doors with the camera over it so take the ones to the west and you'll see some rooms, one of which is locked. Do the honours.

The double doors at the end lead to the canteen in which there's nothing much except some intelligence.

You will no doubt also notice some stairs going up. Get your camera disabler ready as there's a camera right up there when you ascend. Let's take the first door you see opposite you (under the camera). Loot and go through the doors until you see a lit room with a sleeping soldier. Eliminate him and search for intelligence. You'll find something about ANATOLI and that triggers off a side quest of finding out more about this.

You can explore the whole floor. You'll uncover more on ANATOLI as you go along. What's crucial here is that you pick up the M-9 security code for the computer downstairs. If you've finished looting, return downstairs where the computer is.

Go to the right of the computer in the middle and you'll see a vacuum tube is needed. Put the one you have in and then access the computer. Watch what happens.

When the door opens, go in and get rid of the sleeping guard on your left first. When you access the mainframe, you'll notice that some codes are needed. Search for them here: the M-9 tape 689. After you finish looting the place, access the terminal you saw when you first came in and select Option 1. Pick up the evidence and that will trigger a scripted sequence.

Turn around and go through the door. You'll see some purple freaks (call 'em Barneys) - kill them and then some soldiers. Get rid of them and you'll pick up a new Gordon 9mm SMG! Go along and clear the way, proceed downstairs and to the laundry room - from the bottom of the stairs, turn left and then right and down the corridor (NE). Down the laundry chute you go, where the next stage loads.

CHAPTER FIVE: Night Flight
Location: Still in Siberia
Quickly crouch when you spawn and drop to the floor. Switch off the lights. Open the door and to your right is a camera and a Barney, so dispatch both of them. Search the Barney for a "Siberia card" for access through those gates. Go southeast and follow the corridor until you reach the access gates. Careful of patrolling Barney.

Exit using the door from whence you came.

Clear the way of Barneys and you'll see some explosions. Just crash through. When you reach the first compound the propane gas tank will be timed to blow so go through the hole it makes, which brings you to the outer yard.

Storm through and you'll see the fuel depot blow. Santa will tell you to grab a snowmobile and get the hell out. Two can be found where the depot is, so do as he says. The next to blow will be the gates. Ride through and use the ramp of snow on your left to go over the fence. The next stage, which is rather exciting, will load. Read the tip in the loading screen!

Ride down the road and make sure you charge enemies head on, as advised (save!). Of course you won't be able to knock them everyone but the point here is to ride like the wind! You will have to retry this many times until you get through. I would recommend reducing the difficulty so that bullets do less damage.

When you approach the guard house, get down and spray the place. Go through the guard house to the other side and take a snowmobile. Ride to load the next stage: Surprise, Surprise.

When you approach the bridge, watch the fireworks. Let the explosion settle and then ride over the ramp the wrecked bridge has created to the other side. Ride on and Santa will inform you that HARM agents have infiltrated the dacha/cabin and captured your pilot, and are in the process of blowing up your plane. Rush through the compound (no need to stop) and back to the cabin where some barneys will be waiting for you, along with a soldier or two. Ride to your plane, stop and spray the place first. Once you see your plane you have 60 seconds to diffuse the bomb. Just hold on the action button until it's done.

Return to your cabin. Your pilot is drunk on vodka and you need to sober him up by making him some coffee. Just grab the pot on top of the boiler and pour him a cup on the table. Watch the cutscene.

CHAPTER SIX: Diary of a double agent - The house where Melvin used to live
Location: Akron, Ohio
Turn on the lights. On your left you'll see a poster. Remove it and there's a button. It needs batteries to work. Explore the rest of this floor. You'll need to locate five tapes coded by colour: red, green, purple, orange, yellow - these are Melvin's audio memoirs. Open all the drawers that can be opened and cabinets as well. You'll also locate correspondence between a Mr Smith and Blitzny, which will trigger off an optional quest of finding more.

Go upstairs when you're done and explore. You should find more tapes as well as a tape recorder on the ground floor, which you can use to play those tapes. There are also more letters between Smith and Blitzny.

When you're done, go up to the first floor. The first room to the left has nothing much. The one after that is just a store. The last room on the left down the corridor is the room with the batteries (in a drawer) and a secret passage to the room right in the middle. Loot the place (locate the last tape) and then return downstairs. Listen to the tapes before going downstairs to use the batteries on the button.

This will open a secret door right behind you. Go through and loot the place. Once you locate evidence linking Blitzny to HARM, you'll hear Isako and her ninjas coming, so you'll have to escape.

There are quite a few ninjas to deal with so make sure to keep as quiet as possible if you don't want an ambush. Right up the stairs to the 1st floor are a few so take them out quickly. You can't get out the front doors so you'll need to use a window on the 1st floor. The only one open is in the toilet right opposite the bedroom, which seems to be also a store for Blitzny's old trade (vacuum cleaners). Before you go out, make sure you have enough armour. When you gear up, go out that window to load the next stage: Storm rolling in. Save!

Note: Armour is extremely important here as ninjas use metal weapons so without armour (as advised by the loading screen tip), your damage goes down helluva lot faster. I'd advise reducing difficulty here to easy as this is one place that's really crazy. Also, try and aim for the head always, even when using your katana, and strafe left and right constantly. I find engaging them with the katana a lot faster myself. Avoid them until they run out of shurikens and then melee with them. Don't bother looting the corpses as they now vapourise just as they hit the ground.

Try and get the ninjas from a distance by using all your shurikens and guns. Go to the front of the house and Santa will tell you that the main road is blocked. Fight off as many ninjas as you can and you'll see an electric pole collapse on the wooden fence of the first house to your left (if you are still at Melv's house). This will make a gap in the fence so go through that. Go along the back of the house and you'll see another gap in the fence. Go through to the next stage: Tornado trouble. Save!

Watch the cutscene and marvel at the twister!

The trick here is to run around and let the ninjas find you. Pick up whatever loot you can, especially bullets, armour and you can also pick up a shotgun. Don't stay in one place, and save often until you see the mission to defeat Isako.

After a while, your fight will take you into a house and you can see that the twister is also joining in the fun. The trick here is to stay in one corner of the house and let Isako appear and then only engage her as quickly as you can. Use your katana if you have one - does a lot more damage. There are two armour vests you can use to replenish within the house. Defeat her and watch the cutscene.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Double cross - The password
Location: India
Note: Your utility launcher is crucial here. Use the tracking darts on the policemen because you can't kill them.

Watch the cutscene. Remember to try and avoid the policemen. If they spot you, they will chase but because they're podgy, they will run out of breath (and you won't).

Turn right and listen to the conversation. Go left until you come to an al fresco café. Talk to the woman there and she'll tell you she saw a man with a pink carnation. The man there has nothing much to offer.

Return to where you came from (use your tracking darts to track the policemen) Run right across the street through the double doors when the policeman is returning. Talk to the florist and he'll tell you he sold Kamal a pink carnation, and that he left you a message. You'll learn about the Evil Alliance gang of thugs who knows about Kamal passing secrets to UNITY and now you have to put them out of commission.Talk to the other vendors here if you want.

Head south towards the gates (there's a policeman patrolling here so be careful). Pick the lock and go through. On your left you'll see some stairs down - descend. You'll hear a conversation going on - pick the lock, go in and kill the thug. Loot the place - get intelligence on some of EA's (heh) thugs wanting to form a new gang called the Angaraka. There's also intelligence on Kamal's blackmail to achieve your optional quest. You can also pick up some laughing gas here.

Go back out and turn right back to where you come from. You can also turn left - brings you back to the same street. Talk to the crazy Gandhi-looking guy called Harij . He wants 50 rupees if you want to go past those gates, and you don't have 50 rupees. So let's go back down the street and turn right, back to where we started. Return to the café and Kamal should be there. Talk to him and he'll give you 50 rupees and a map. Now you can return to Harij to get through.

Go through the doors and look opposite: the newspaper machine Kamal was talking about . Open it and retrieve intelligence on Balaji Malpani. He issues passwords to get into the Indian HARM headquarters in this place, so you'll need to find out what the "password of the day" is. The hotel he's staying in is near the café, so get back there. You'll also spot Malpani (guy in turban and brown shirt) walking down by now. You can follow him but he walks too slowly.

Once you're back at the café (on your left), go straight and turn right (with the patrolling policemen in mind). You'll see a building with stairs going up on your right (you can also follow the map Kamal gave you). Pick the locked door, get in, bug the phone and wait for Malpani to return by hiding behind the curtain in his room.

The phone will ring when he returns and he will start talking. Once the conversation is finished, wait for him to either go out or sleep before playing the message. Now you know the password so return to where the newspaper machine is.

Once you're there, go northeast down the alley and through the door (wait for the policeman to pass) and turn right. Follow the road east and the last door to your left (opposite some garbage bags) is the place marked X. Use the password on the door and you'll gain entry to the HQ: Planting a bug.

Watch the cutscene.

When you spawn Kamal will tell you to bug Banarjee's phone. You may explore the floor but remember to return here so it's easier for me to tell you where to go. Take the first door on your left to come to a big hall. Turn left again up the platform (NW direction) and through the door. Turn right to end up in the loo - save and go through the window (exactly what the note says NOT to do). You will have to be really careful when sneaking around here or you will have to start all over again if you are caught (although getting caught a few times is entertaining if just to hear the guard who apprehends you tick you off in that thick Indian accent of his). If they see you, you can still escape by running quickly and hiding.

From where you are, quickly run left (NW) and hide in the shadows in the corner. Go north and at the corner turn left. The door you need is next to the golden urn. Go in.

Walk on the carpet to soften your footfalls and don't open any drawers if you hear any of the guards around.

The first door to your right is just a small store. The second door on your right is the kitchen. There's nothing important in either. You may want to go down the hall and past the sleeping guard and into the last room at the end of the hall but there's just extra intelligence there for some skill points, nothing crucial.

The big hall you see is a little tricky . There's a guard outside the gate who doesn't turn around so don't worry about him. There's one patrolling around the sofas so this you'll have to wait until he's planted himself on the sofa with his back facing you before you sneak in and hide on the right (next to the big plant). You'll also hear something about management not doing something between two guards. Wait for the guard on the sofa to move away either to the big horse painting or the gate and then sneak up before the conversation finishes. Take the right stairs up and go quickly into the room right in front of you and close the door. If the guards suspect something, hide behind a door and wait for them to come in and check - they won't be able to see you if you're behind a door. If they don't, proceed to search for intelligence.

Before going out, save because you don't know if any of the guards are nearby or facing your door. Open the door and lean to peek. If the coast is clear, proceed left and go through the double doors into Banarjee's room. Bug the phone and hide behind the screen. The phone will ring and Banarjee will come running to answer it. Wait for the conversation to finish and Banarjee to leave the room before playing the message.

Watch the cutscene and the next stage will load: Wanted.

Take your purse (which is full of tracking darts) and do what Armstrong says. You need to go quickly - follow the 'I's in your compass and use your darts on the policemen to track them. If the civilians read and take your poster, they will alarm the police if they see you, and you don't need more people helping to track you down in this small place. You can see civilians who have read your wanted poster holding it in their hand so avoid them as well (use your darts on them if need be). You'll also, if observant enough, be able to spot some correspondence between Ms Lala and Prem of their forbidden love affair - pick these up for some extra points.

After you've finished picking up all the posters (you won't get all of them as some civilians would have gotten their hands on some if you weren't quick enough), Harij will miraculously appear and tell you that Kamal wants to see you. Now this is random so you'll have to find him yourself.

After you locate him, he'll tell you to go to the phone booth opposite the theatre. He'd haven given you the combination numbers to the lock. Open it and pick up the present. Kamal's note will tell you that the Evil Alliance is headquartered in the theatre and you'll also be given a map and a welder.

Go to the right of the theatre (with you facing it - picture reference) and weld the lock open. Go through and the next stage will load: Evil Alliance.

You'll appear in a room. Read the note on the board about some change of name for an operation. And I believe there's a coin on the floor.

Listen to the conversation and go through the door - look up and you'll see bomb location 1 - you can't plant yet because you don't have explosives so let's go find you some. Kill the thugs silently.

Go down the stairs on your right and listen to the conversation. Kill them silently. Loot the place and you'll find a safe's combination numbers (which triggers off the optional quest of blowing up their secret film vault), a crossbow, explosives and more intelligence on the stupid change of operation name. You'll also find a lever to open up a trap door on the stage above you, which does nothing really.

I suggest returning to the backstage and planting the bomb in location #1 now you've got them explosives, as well as the secret film vault. After you've done location #1, go to the front of the stage and look at the seats. Front row, 2nd seat from the left - push the seat down to reveal a secret passage. Go down, loot the place and plant the bomb in the room full of film rolls.

Return to the basement and from the stairs, turn immediately right and go to the room to the far end . Open the cabinet to reveal a secret passage to the generator. This is bomb location 3. Proceed to plant the bomb and loot.

Go through the door in front of the generator and there'll be stairs leading up. Kill the sleeping guard and loot. Open the door and you'll be at what used to be the foyer of the theatre. To your left is the door back to the theatre seats so go into the foyer after dispatching the guards. Loot the place (two doors on your right don't do anything) and take the stairs on your immediate right up.

Turn left at the top of the stairs, go straight and look left. There's a door there to go up to the projector room. Kill the guards there and plant the last bomb. Go straight into the manager's office and open the safe now that you have the combination numbers. Loot the place.

You'll now be charged with the mission of escaping. Simply return where you came from and the next chapter will load.

Location: Still in India, HARM Indian HQ
Go out of Banarjee's room and you'll see Kamal. He'll ask you to wash your hands with hot water. You may look around - the first time I played I got a package from Santa that contains a further mission of bugging three phones. I did not get this mission until the end of this stage the second time around, when everyone was dead. It was actually easier this second time since there was no one to stop me, although it seems silly to bug phones of dead people, but hey, it's 200 skill points.

Anyway, go downstairs and approach the gates. Open them and locate the toilet. Turn the left tap on and hot water will run. The steam will unveil on the mirror a message . Follow it and get your reward. Read Kamal's note properly - especially the part about the lights.

Exit the toilet and take the door to your immediate left. Go southeast and exit this room through its double doors. Go right towards the locked gate. Decode the access card terminal and go downstairs. Save.

Go through and you'll hear two guards talking about some mother-in-law. Peek out and disable the whirring camera, and then dispatch the two guards with tranquilisers as part of your mission requires you NOT to kill. Go up the stairs and to your left first. Loot the place - you'll find some correspondence between Bruno and Kamal. Now proceed to the right of the stairs - DON'T GO IN FIRST. Notice the red lights on the roof and the lamps - these lamps can be turned to turn the red lights green.

I'm not sure if this is random but if it is, simply step into the first square right inside the door and look up. The right light should be green. Turn the lamp to your right and look up to see which light turns green, and go quickly to that square. Do this until you reach the end and STAY THERE. Don't pick up the note on the floor as it is a trap (the floor gives way - about 10 feet down). The route I went was like this .

After you go into the vault, loot the place. Once you pick up evidence on Project Omega, the alarm will sound and guards will come running. Exit and go through the trapped room (all the traps are removed now so run through). Spray right through the guards. Go up the stairs and turn right and then left. The double doors opposite you lead to the gardens. There are guards there as well so shoot to kill. Head north-northeast towards a pair of wooden doors. Santa will tell you this leads to the street. Go through to load the next stage: Crossfire.

Go up and you'll hear an argument between civilians on your right Turn left instead (snipers on your right, balconies on top!). Run towards the Scotsman (east) and there will be HARM Indian guards chasing after you. Be careful not to hit any civilians or you will fail this mission. Follow the path and turn southwest - just look for Armstrong.

Turn south and go towards the theatre. Run south and you'll see Armstrong through a small gate to the south. Follow him but beware of guards - there will be 5-6 guards in front and 1-2 at the back of you. Deal with them before moving forward. After you go through the gate there will be one sniper on a balcony, so be careful. After that, head left and then up . Follow Armstrong through the door and the next stage will load: Invisible walls.

You'll walk into a trap - can't be avoided. Watch the amusing cutscene. When it ends, you will have 60 seconds to find a way out. Fortunately, you will only need five, because you have a welder!

Weld off the bolt holding this cage - look up and you'll see it. When you do, it will slide to the ground and Armstrong will open the bottom. Get out and follow Armstrong and watch what happens.

When he tells you to get us out, quickly turn around and kill the mimes. You'll now get a Tommy gun for your efforts. Go through the door (South) and go through the rooms as there is only one direction here. There are a couple of mimes on the way and some intelligence, plus a photo of Armstrong shaving or something, so make sure you pick this up. You'll reach a room with a big gaping hole in the roof and a plank you can use to climb up. Crouch when you climb and turn around quickly when you reach the top as there are three mimes right behind you. Get rid of them and in a drawer in the room where their bodies lie, there's intelligence on, well, yourself (as in Kate).

When you exit, turn left into a room. Search the place for more intelligence. Don't think there's any loot there. Come out and go straight, following the corridor to the broken balcony and there's one mime there to kill. You will hear a conversation about the lack of women in the "criminal industry" (the stairs you see on your right are blocked). Peek into the room and you'll see the guys talking across the street through a window. You may elect to kill these mimes from where you are.

Use the planks on the windows to go across. Halfway, look down to see if there are any mimes to get rid of. Loot the room you are in and proceed. You'll see two ladders: one going down and one going up. Take the ladder down first through the hole (the room on your right has nothing significant) but be careful because there are two guys there waiting for you. Killed me many times!

Follow the corridor and the door at the end will lead outside. You won't be able to get out through the gate here but there's some loot at the other end of this short path so grab them (spy book and some ammo I believe).

Return to the ladder and you'll see some mimes on the way. Climb up the ladder and walk the planks across the hole. You'll end up in a room with a sleeping mime and a hole. Put one in him and drop through. Loot the place for some intelligence and go out the window. Save!

There will be three mimes to put out. Go towards the stage with the hypnotic twirling things and there's some intelligence on the platform. Go towards a door with a plank barring it , you will hear Armstrong asking you to let him out. Once you do, you have to protect him as he runs and tries to unbar the main gates out of here. Mimes will keep coming so kill them before they kill your friend - also, don't damage yourself too much because I don't think there's armour for miles. If he dies, you will have to reload. When he does get the gates open, go through and the next stage will load: The Getaway.

This is a really hilarious part of the game. Watch the cutscene and when you get on the bike, shoot Mr. French without stopping (I suggest pausing to laugh until you're done before proceeding).

Just shoot anything you see and try not to get killed (don't worry about ammo - it's infinite at this stage). When you almost kill the guy, he will hurt Armstrong and a cutscene will load.

Location: Antartica
Go through the door and to the room on your left. Talk to the injured scientist and hear his last words. Loot him if you like. Exit, go north and turn left towards the pile of rubble. Climb on top and get to the first floor through the hole (you'll need to climb to the top most box, turn around and jump on the lowest part of the jutting plank of wood). Follow the corridor and drop down the next hole you see (the door at the end can't be opened so don't bother).

You'll notice that you need to plant a bomb here for some reason which is not revealed to you now (plus you don't have any explosives), so move along. The first door to your right leads to nothing so go straight on. Take the stairs on your right down and you'll find some intelligence on where to find some explosives. Go back up and go towards the locked gate. Right clicking on the access panel will tell you the power is out. Go towards the pile of rubble blocking the way southwest. Climb through. You'll find some armour in the cabinet and a wrench on your left. Clicking on the door to your left will tell you of the need for some loose keys so be on the lookout for them. You'll also pick up intelligence on a Lt. Anders which will trigger off a side quest to find out more.

Don't go to the room on your left first because you need to turn off the steam that's burning up right where the fuse you need is sitting. Going to the room to your right will tell you that you need a fuse. Go straight on (NW) and you'll see the steam bypass. Point your reticule to a nut under the cage until you see where you can fix it and your wrench will do the job. Now that the steam is gone, go pick up the fuse and loot the room. Put the fuse into the power box and voila. Exit east and turn left. Follow the corridor and turn right. Decode the access panel and enter what appears to be a canteen.

Pick up intelligence on Lt. Anders and go north. Two ways of exit here (no difference between the two): Follow the corridor to the kitchen and drop through the hole in the floor. Follow the corridor and you'll come to some stairs that bring you to the yard. Or from the canteen you can climb pass the rubble you see blocking the way and go through - this method is shorter. These two doors are just next to each other.

Go west to the double doors and you'll see that you can't open them. Look to the left and you'll notice a big hole in the wall. Go through .

Loot for intelligence and decode the access panel on the right wall to open the double doors. The door to the left opens to a blocked door.

Go through the double doors and pick up intelligence on Abigail, Lt Anders' daughter. Go to the room in the middle and loot for keys (when you pick these up a pipe is scripted to break behind you so this means you can't exit from whence you came. You'll also pick up some intelligence on a missing door knob.


Go to the room to the left of the ping pong table and you'll find intelligence on a super soldier. This will prompt that thing you've been hearing to break loose. Take a quick look outside and run. He will shoot lasers at you so keep strafing and running. You need him to move away from the room he came out from before you run into it and quickly loot the place, including the long room to its right. You'll pick up more intelligence and inside the cabinet is a suit or armour if you need one.

Look up - you'll see that a steel pipe is bridging the counter and a hole in the upper part of the wall. Climb it (you will have to crouch and go to the furthest right you can to achieve this) and crawl through until you pass the broken steam pipe. Drop down and run out to the stairs on your left. Climb up (notice the "plant bomb here" sign on the floor) and open the door to your right now (which was locked initially but now you have the keys) and grab the door knob. Run down and Mr Super Soldier aka Lt Anders (listen to what he's saying) and go towards the bunker looking thing in the middle (door that's missing a door knob) and go in (close the door so Lt A won't be able to shoot at you). Loot the place for explosives and some ammo.

Run back out and rush towards the stairs going up again and plant the bomb on the floor. Go out, wait for it to blow (while trying to keep Lt A from frying you with those lasers) and when there's a hole in the floor, run and drop through. You'll end up in the kitchen again. Run back to the canteen and you'll see a scientist. Turn right at the end of the hall and you'll see another one telling you to go his way. Run through and he will lock Lt Anders in the canteen. Talk to him if you want to find out a little more of what's going on (he's just standing there smoking despite the massacre). Follow the corridor south (past the steam bypass and the room where you got the fuse from. Open the second door to your right (also initially locked). Pick up the wire coil and this will trigger Lt Anders to put another hole in the wall. Run back out and go into the room with the power box and exit the other side. Turn right and repair the access panel, decode and go through. Follow the corridor and go towards Armstrong. Plant explosives to clear the way.

Watch the cutscene.

Location: India
Note: You can hide from Super Soldiers (SS). As long as you are not in their line of sight, they will ignore you after a while and their shots are not very accurate, so strafing and running like hell (as well as slipping past behind them) helps. Also, if you have enough ammo, you can shoot them in the head until they pass out for a while. Don't go too near fires as they DO burn and the damage is considerable and there aren't many first aid kits and bandages around. You will need to put fires out by pouring water on them TWICE.

Go straight and plant explosives on the right wall to make a hole in the wall to get through. Go through the door at the end - be careful, a super soldier there. Hide and strafe left and right to shoot and hide until he goes down for a while. When he does, quickly run left and pick the lock on the gate to let the civilian through. There is some armour across the road in a corner if you need some.

Go through the gate and follow the path. Another super soldier is chasing Harij towards you. Quickly run to the right of the gates and the SS will just pass by you. Slip behind him (while Harij tells you to rescue him from the fire). You will need a bucket, so run through the gates and see what's happening in front of you. Notice the small alley on your left - take it and you'll encounter a guard (he may shoot at you or may not but he IS marked "friend" - killing him has no penalty). Take note of the water tap on your right. Don't open the gate yet - let the SS deal with the guards and when he goes off, go pick up the bucket you see on the ground (near the stall). Return through the way you came from and right-click to fill your bucket with water. Go put out the fire in front of Harij (while trying to avoid getting blown away by the SS). You will need to do this twice - sorry, no nearer pipe.

When Harij is rescued, go back to the stall (fill your bucket once first before proceeding) north . Turn right and put out the fire in front of the gate to rescue the civilian. Go back and refill your bucket before you go through the gate. Run west and north as the path turns (be careful of an SS crashing through on your left) and you'll find another fire in front of you. Put this out as well. Try and stay alive - sorry, there's just no two ways about this, you'll just have to keep saving and reloading (unless of course you cheat :).

Once the fire is out, climb over using the raised landing on your right.

Run north towards the café and collect some loot. Take note of a tap on your left. Continue down the street and take care of them Barneys. There's another civilian you need to save on the left after the Barneys - put out the fire. An SS will be in front of you so becareful.

After you put out the fire Kamal will miraculously appear. Here's where it's a little buggy. The first time I played, I wasn't in the cutscene. The second time, I could not even see Kamal but I remembered where he was and went there (one of the two small alleyways) and the cutscene loaded, so don't be alarmed if this happens to you.

Location: UNITY HQ
Exit Dr Schenker's room and turn right down the stairs (follow the "I" in your compass). You may want to explore for some intelligence to get those skill points up before going down.

Proceed east and then turn right and right again to go down another flight of stairs. Turn left and proceed down the corridor (eastwards) and you'll see an open space with chairs and tables. Pick up intelligence on one of the tables on some kind of shark ship. Turn south and through the door way. First turning to the left brings you to the cafeteria.


Pick up everything (leave the present for the last as this will trigger off the next sequence of events). Listen to the announcement and kill the mimes. Pick up a tommy and proceed west through the doors. Turn right and decode the access panel. Turn right and kill approaching mimes. That ticking you hear is a bomb - there are four you need to defuse. Go up the stairs from whence the mimes came and you'll see the bomb. Right-click to defuse.

Run around the balcony to the other side and run west. Get rid of the mimes (be careful not to hit your "friend"s). Run down the corridor southwards - kill the mimes and defuse the bomb sticking on the lift door.

Go up the stairs and turn right into the security room. Kill the mime, defuse the third bomb and turn the power back on. Exit and go to Dr Schenker's room - take the note at his doorway that tells you he's hiding.

Go back downstairs and you'll see some mimes (a way of telling you where to proceed). Get rid of them and run eastwards. You'll hear the ticking of the last bomb. Turn right and go down the stairs. Turn left and you'll see the last of them mimes. Kill them and defuse the bomb. Dr Schenker is crouching like a fool in the room to your left. Talk to him.

Watch the cutscene and the next chapter will load.

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