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Hints & Walkthroughs

Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania

Hidden Mermaid:

To unlock the hidden mermaid, place the mermaid statue in one of your marine tanks.

Hidden Unicorn:

This code from Zoo Tycoon still works with the expansion pack. Just rename one of your exhibits Xanadu and you will unlock a unicorn in the animal panel. You must rename the exhibit. If you try to name a new exhibit Xanadu, your game will probably crash.

Make Children Guests Upset:

Name a male guest Boogyman and the guest causes children to run away screaming .

Make Female Guests Upset:

Name a male guest rpro and female guests will run from him.

Unlock Triceratops:

Rename one of your exhibits Cretaceous Corral. Doing this though might crash your game.

Unlock the Deinosuchuse:

Rename an exhibit ''Super Croc'' to unlock the Deinosuchuse or beat the Breeding the T-Rex'' senario.

Unlock the Photo Booth:

After winning the Shark World scenario, you'll unlock the photo booth.

Unlock Ultimate Zookeeper:

Select a male zookeeper and rename him Jonathan Gilmour. This will automatically donate $20,000 to your zoo and increase zookeeper skills.

Unlock Yellow Brick Road:

To unlock the Yellow Brick Road, place a Bengal Tiger, a Black Bear, and a Lion into the same exhibit.

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