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Hints & Walkthroughs

Kings Quest 8 Part 2

151. Save your game. Jump from rock to rock saving as you go until you reach the vertical cliff that rises above the back of the basilisk. Once to the cliff, where the basilisk is on the other side to the south, use your rope and hook to climb to the top.
152. Jump down on the basilisk from the cliff above and behind the monster. An animated cut-scene depicts you killing the beast. Cut off the toungue of the beast with your fist. Put the basilisk toungue in your inventory. Get over the remorse you feel because yet another wonderous, magical weapon, the diamond heart pike with the magical alloy shaft, is forever lost to you.
153. Move across the bridge which goes west from the dead basilisk area. Use this opportunity to kill Pyro Demons for experience.
154. Use the rope and hook to climb to the roof of yet another tomb from the north side. Climb down or jump down the hole in the roof.
155. Notice the pattern of four symbols on the walls and the direction of the arrows below them. The correct order of the symbols is the weird sideways smiley face, triangle, circle and square. Notice the arrows are pointed backwards in one group of symbols and forwards in the other. The direction of the arrows tells the correct order the symbols must be pushed to open the secret room. Get the sword from the sarcophagus. Push the symbols around the sarcophagus in the correct order and go to where the secret door opened and retrieve the newest suit of armor for this level.
156. Click on the dead warrior and a key will drop on the ground. Pick up the key.
157. Go back up the path to the north where you turned to the west to the jumping rocks in the lava pool. Go east at the intersection and then go north west until you find the fire dwarf area. Open the door to the fire dwarf area with the key from the sarcophagus.
158. Kill the bowmen and retrieve the fire bow which is marginally better than the bow you are using. Some dwarves are using hammers which you should avoid picking up because they are much worse than the sword you took from the crypt.
159. Follow the ramp around until you find the area with three buttons, three ramps and three doors. Kill all the fire dwarves you find with the quick application of the bow at long distance.
160. Use the bow to fire at the buttons and extend all the ramps.
161. Enter the first door on your left. Throw the switch on the wall and release the snow queen prisoner. An animated sequence will ensue where she opens a secret door and runs off.
162. Get the steam valve cap from the cell on the left.
163. Enter the secret room and kill the fire dwarf. There is a wall safe on one of the walls of the room with a symbol lock. Press the symbols in the same order as in the crypt and the safe will open. Get the steam valve cap from the safe.
164. Save your game. Exit the first room and enter the second room and open the chest to retrieve the next piece of the Mask of Eternity. One of Lucreto's Henchmen will attack you in a fight to the death.
165. Exit the second room and enter the third room across the third ramp. Kill the fire dwarf. Put one pipe cap on one of the pipes that flank the elevator platform that looks like the Enterprise transporter platform. Turn around and shoot the wall button with your newly acquired fire bow. You may need to change the camera angle with your mouse to be able to fire the bow at the button on the wall opposite the elevator.
166. When you arrive at the second level get the ice queen's scepter which is lying on the floor in the room.
167. Get back on the pad and shoot the wall button again with your bow. You will appear on level one.
168. Get out of the elevator and put the second steam cap on the other pipe flanking the elevator platform so that both caps are on both pipes. Turn around and fire the bow at the button and you will trave to the Frozen Reaches. The Frozen Reaches
169. Save your game.
170. The mundane monsters of the Frozen Reaches include Frost Demons, Gryphs, and Ice Orcs. Kill all of these from long range with the bow. When the archer Ice Orcs die pick up their ice crossbows since they are better than the fire bow. The best way to kill these monsters is with the bow while backing up. Special monsters on this level include one invisable snow mane, a two-headed dragon and the Icelord. Unfortunately the Icelord lives in a stronghold, NOT an ice keep.
171. Immediately cross the way to the ice palace and give the ice scepter to the ice queen. The queen will inform you that the scepter controls the ice dragon found in the east which can carry you across the ice lake. The queen will tell you to keep the scepter and implores you to save the king of the gryphs from the Icelord who has imprisoned him in the keep.
172. If you go west just a bit on the level you will find a gryph who has grabbed an ice maiden and is holding her. An animated sequence will ensue followed by a battle with the gryph.
173. If you go to the east, you will find the ice dragon, but the switch to the shutters is broken. You will need to push the ice block under the ice dragons, ice shutters to pull the broken ice chain and let the dragon out. I could not jump onto the block until I faced away from the block on the south or north side and backflipped onto the block. I kept sliding off when I running jumped from the front or never could get the height. Once on the top of the block, pull the chain to open the door and let the dragon out.
174. Use the ice scepter on the ice dragon and you will jump up on the dragon. The dragon will fly you over the ice to the north shore of the ice lake where the dragon will remain until you need passage back to the south side of the ice lake.Work your way to the far north east corner of the map. On your way there, you will be attacked by the invisable snow mane. The snow mane cannot be attacked and is invulnerable unless you use a reveal potion to nullify its magic. Once visable kill the beast quickly.
175. Once the beast is dead, keep moving north and east to the ice lake at the north east corner of the map. Use a rock on the ice lake three times to break up the ice. Then take the fire ruby from the Barren Region and click it on the ice lake. Then click on the flaming sword and it will replace the sword in your inventory. The indecipherable marker describes this very processs.
176. Work your way west and south and you should find two towers guarded by a pair of Ice Orcs each. One tower is in the west and one is in the east just north of the ice lake. Kill the Frost Demons with your bow while backing up. You should be able to kill all of them this way. Both towers must be climbed with the rope and hook to get to the roof. The east tower has access through a trap door in the roof to the inside of the tower, where you will find potions and healing magic items. From the west tower you can find the passageway behind it to the northwest corner of the map where the portal to the next realm is. For now just shoot the Frost Demons on the path there. There is another stone sign here that describes how you kill the two headed dragon that guards the exit from this land and the entrance to the next. You must cut off its heads with the flaming sword.
177. The Icelord's Fortress is in the north center of the map behind two lakes. You can explore the overlook on the other side of the lake, but you cannot get to the Fortress from the south. While you are here kill both of the two Ice Orcs at the front of the Fortress.
178. Just south and east of the western tower is path north and up into the mountains. This path turns east and moves along the edge of the cliff until you get to a small, heavily-guarded passage that goes west and north into the Icelord's fortress.
179. Work your way around the Fortress to the north side where you can use your rope and hook to climb to the top of the Fortress. If you walk close to the grating in the roof over the throne room an animated cut scene will begin showing Lucreto ordering the Icelord to kill you and the Icelord ordering his general to go out and find you.
180. Go to the cells in the second level of the keep and meet the Gryph King.
181. Go to the front of the castle and jump off on top of the Ice Orc who has now moved to protect the front of the Fortress.
182. Get the key that the Ice Orc drops and go around to the north side to climb up to the roof again and free the GriphKing.
183. Save your game. As you walk out of the cell area back toward the grating over the Fortress throne room, an animated cut-scene will start. An Ice Orc will jump on you from above and knock both of you through the grating into the throne room. You will confront the Icelord and when control returns, you will battle him to the death -- hopefully his.
184. The chest next to the Icelord's throne contains a blue medallion that helps decipher ancient writing. Clicking this stone on any of the stone signs in this level will enable you to read them.
185. Pick up the large icecycle that is on the floor near the grating and the impaled Ice Orc. Go to the front door to the keep and open it. Click on the gap between the door floor to the keep and the front stoop of the Fortress. Put the icecycle down in the gap. Use the sword to melt the icecycle into a pool of water and use an ice crossbow to freeze the water into a long thin rod.
186. Pick up the rod and return to the throne area. Save your game. Put the rod into the slot to the right of the locked door in the throne room. The door will open. Enter the door and another cut scene will show you hitting the statue next to the chest in the room. You open the chest to find the next mask piece. Then the pieces of the broken ice statue reform into one of Lucreto's Henchmen who attacks you. Kill the henchman.
187. Once the henchman is dead, go back to the ice dragon and fly back to the south side of the lake. Go all the way to the south west corner of the map and speak with the Gryph King in his palace there.
188. The gryph king will give you a blue adamant gemstone.
189. Return to the Icelord's fortress via ice dragon airlines and climb the north wall of the building to get on the roof. Enter the cell area just oposite the cells in the southern portion of the fortress. Place the basilisk toungue, the blue adamant and the golden mushroom slice on the chair and activate the controls to the left (south) of the chair. This will activate a permanent spell of strength that will increase your attack damage and your defense strength. If you have not done it before read the scroll for the spell of might that you picked up earlier in the game.
190. The passage to the northwest corner of this level begins to the south side of the western tower. This passage curves around to the west of the western tower and continues north until you reach a wall.
191. Use your rope and hook to climb the wall and save your game. You now face the two-headed dragon. Equip the flaming sword and move into where you can see the necks of the dragon clearly. When fighting only hit the necks and you will vanquish the dragon by cutting off his two heads. The body and legs of the dragon are invulnerable.
192. Continue to the back of the chamber and jump down through the hole and move north into the next realm. Paradise Lost
193. This area is very simple and has no monsters.
194. Walk north until you get to the temple with a pyrimid like structure in the center.
195. Place the clear pyrimid on this pedastal. Keep trying it is not easy.
196. You will get another communication or vision from the chief archon. The archon will teleport you to the Realm of the Sun. The Realm of the Sun
197. Save your game. Once in the realm of the sun there is no turning back.
198. The monsters here include water snakes, henchmen and shadow demons. The shadow demons pop up when you step on pressure plates on the floors of the larger rooms and hallways. The henchmen guard nearly every corner and cross hallway.
199. Kill the water snakes under the water in the water room to the south and west of your entrance. Go to the south west corner of the room and use your rope and hook to climb into a small nitch above the ceiling. Break the vase and look down to find the mask medallion. Pick up the medallion.
200. The Realm of the Sun is composed of four separate levels. You start in the south east corner of the first level. The stairs up to level two are in the north west corner of the level.
201. In the south west corner of the level is a room with the archons and a tablet on the holy sun altar. Listen to the wispering of the archons to get more clues at how to win this level. You should take the holy tablet of knowledge. Work your way to the north east corner of the level and an archon will let you into the hall of truths.
202. The hall of truth has three doors one each: west, north and east. If you walk in the west door you will see a monster floating on thin air. Keep walking into the void and up to the monster and he will turn into a key.
203. Take the key and move south and a little east to find a door with a keyhole. Use the key to open the door.
204. Inside the door take the Temple Sword and another animated cut-scene will show your tablet hit by a lightning bolt that inscribes the meaning of truth on the tablet.
205. Go back to the door in the north west of the level and click the newly enscribed tablet on the locked door under the magic mouth to open it and the way to level two of the Realm of the Sun.
206. Save your game.
207. In this level the archon and the room, called the Hall of Light on level 2, with the puzzle is in the south east, but this room can only be reached by going to the north east portion of the level and going directly south to the south east room.
208. In the Hall of Light, push the book and the pedistal to the center of the circle of light and a key will appear. Take the key. Your tablet will be inscribed with the Light passage.
209. Go to the room with the keyhole in the center of the level just north of where you come in and open the door. Enter the room and take the Temple Armor to go with your Temple Sword.
210. In the south west portion of this level is a locked door with no keyhole. You open the door by finding the unlit wall candle and pulling it. This switch will open the door. Beyond the door is another chest with another mask piece. You now have the entire mask. The unlit candle is in a north to south corridor just north of the door. From the door go north (up) then turn left. Follow the passage way north and west around to the room. Exit the room by the other door and you are looking at the unlit candle.
211. Go to the cauldron room in the north east corner of the map. This is the room where Lucreto is using the cauldron to make his henchmen. Use the mask medallion you found in the water snake pool on level one on the cauldron to purify it. The cauldron becomes a healing pool where Connor can return to heal up.
212. Go to the door in the north wall of the northwest corner of this level and use the newly inscribed tablet on the door below the magic mouth to open the door to the third level.
213. Save your game
214. This level is organized like a diamond with the significant rooms at the north center, south center, and west center edges of the map. You arrive on the level at the west center edge of the map.
215. Make your way to the north center following the winding corridor to the north and west.
216. Click on the archon and he will let you in. There are nine stones with a graphic of mask pieces on the top. The pieces are all mixed up. You need to push the nine mask pieces around until they form an entire mask. This one is easy but takes some time to accomplish. There is plenty of room to push the pieces around to. The finished mask must be in the center of the depression in the middle of the room and fully cover the grid shown under the stone pieces there.
217. When you get the mask finished the door on the north end of the room opens and you can step through and get the golden key.
218. Make your way south and east via the winding corridor to the large room on the east center edge of the map. Save your game. This room has two zombies,two skeletal archers and an archer captain. Lure the captain from the room and finish him off with your sword. Likewise lure the zombies to where you can kill them with arrows. You can either rush the two remaining archers or try to kill them with arrows at a distance. Once killed move to the back (east end) of the room and open the door with the keyhole with the key from the north central room. Get the chalace and your tablet inscribes with the last important message.
219. Go to the door with the magic mouth above on the north side of the south central room. Click the tablet with the inscriptions on the door and go through.
220. Save your game.
221. Once you click on the archon, you will go though the door and be in the last battle with Lucreto.
222. Lucreto cannot be killed but he can be knocked back into the whirlpool once the mask is restored to its altar. Your object is to get very close to the altar and place those pieces. Lucreto will try to stop you, knocking you back away from the altar.
223. Strategy: Completely heal Connor after every time Lucreto sprays you with his magic staff. The staff will take half Connors health. When Lucreto closes with you and uses his staff to melee, two swipes of your sword will take him down. Heal if needed. Move quickly up to the altar and place mask pieces until Lucreto stops you and sprays you with the staff again. Repeat the process until all Mask pieces are placed.
224. After the Mask is placed a magic portal whirlpool will open behind Lucreto. Move around the altar quickly and strike him with your sword to knock him back into the portal. After about five or six swings he should be sucked in.
225. Relax and enjoy the animated cut-scene movie ending. It looks like the animated sequences with full length animated films. Very nice detail and beautiful rendering of the mask under blue light. All the inhabitants of Daventry will be restored including King Graham, his minister, the beautiful Sarah and others. The game ends here and you cannot go back and visit the people you saved. Or try to complete the remaining puzzles and tasks left undone. 226. This walkthrough will give you 6560065 points out of 6631364 points. Any help on where the other points can be gained would be appreciated. Just email me and don't forget to give me the full and unabreviated name of the game in the same email with your questions, comments, suggestions, additions, corrections, accolades and criticizms. You can increase your score by killing chickens, frogs, and birds.

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