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Star Trek: Armada

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by TheDoc

Ok, the Borg are back in town. They are out to get anything and everything on their quest for sector 001, Earth! You will be up against not only the borg, and their endless capabilities, but also the Klingons, Romulins and more... It's not only a fight for your life, but for the life of everyone on earth. Use more than 5 different ships, from the federation fleet, the klingon fleet, the romulin fleet and in multiplayer action, the borg fleet. Each ship has different special weapons, each able to make some serious damage on the other ships (as well as your own if not careful!)


The graphics in the game are nicely done. You get detailed graphics in both the regular game play view, as well as in the cinematic camera views. The game allows you to choose from different view sizes, as well as hardware and software rendering, which does effect game play. If you play it in say, 640x480 it plays smoother than at say 1024x768 which is only natural. The game started to suffer at higher resolutions, but I'm pushing the low end of the game requirements. Other than that, I only had one problem, in the graphics at 800x600, I had problems with the fonts and the ability to read anything. I found that I could change to a higher, or lower resolution and it fixed itself, but that's not the way I'd have liked it.


If you are familiar with RTS games, such as C&C, Warcraft, Starcraft, etc, you will be able to get the controls down pretty fast. Some of it is mouse controllable, which is to say, click on a ship, and choose an option for it to accomplish, and click where you want it done and it gets done. You can also select a ship and use keyboard commands to get things done faster. I found that when the fighting gets heavy, and things start slowing down in the gameplay, I was able to select and issue orders faster with the keyboard, than with the mouse. Some of the keys are easy to remember, such as M for move, A for attack, etc, and some are a little harder as they aren't assoicated with the word. Those might be easier with a mouse, as you cannot remap the keyboard. That's the only real flaw I found in the control.

Multiplayer (if any):



As for the gameplay, I was impressed with the ease that you can just jump into a game (not even into an instant mission, I mean just into the lengthy game missions) and are able to figure out the game without even reading the manual. You would want to read the manual of course, as it will give you some valuable insight into the special features of each ship, and you might end up avoiding a mistake I made, which was building a research station, and after I researched everything, I decided to decomission it, figuring that it was no longer needed... To my surprise, I found out that everything that I had researched, was no longer available to me, and not only did I have to build the station over, but research everything all over again.. Overall I'd have to say, while this is something of a Command and Conquer clone, it is very well done, and a nice change. I'm a Star Trek fan, and I am still having fun playing this. While I haven't gotten into the multiplayer games, nor have I tried the instant action part, I've had fun just playing the game. I have

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