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Sim Theme Park

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by TheDoc

Overall: 3
Graphics: 3
Interface: 3
The gameplay... well, it's alot like any other sim game. You start off with a defined amount of cash, and you have to build a amusement part with that money. It's a little harder than it sounds, I went a few years my first game before I started spending like mad and ended up going bankrupt... But it's a pretty fun game to play. You have to hire people to clean, to repair, to amuse and entertain and to research things. The hard part of all that is that you have to set 'routes' for them to follow to take care of things.. I'd rather it be some sort of waypoint type thing, but you click on a starting point and then it expands to a big blue box of sorts and they follow that... It's not easy to set paths IMO ... Other than that, it's interesting to see how they do things like food and drinks... It's set at a weird amount like $30 ... If you lower prices, you'll end up losing money... You can also set the amount of fat in the food, and amount of ice in drinks... There's alot you can set in the game. The amount of people that can ride on a ride (safely) and you can raise it higher than that if you want to take the chances... you can also set the duration of a ride, or how many times it will go around.


The graphics weren't bad for a sim type game, but they could have done better. While this game was made by bullfrog and not maxis, I guess I can't compaire this to simcity 3000 I guess. The graphics are a little blocky when you zoom in, and the movement is a little slow because of the graphics I believe, but they aren't too bad.


Control is mostly mouse and a few keyboard commands, and not to hard to get around about in the game. It has shortcut keys so you can access parts of the menu's without having to click on certain things to find out information but I found it easier to say, click on a ride to scroll through a list of rides to find one breaking down, rather than to take the time to take my hand off the mouse and hit a key...

Multiplayer (if any):



I think it was a fun game for a while. If you're into the Sim type games, I'm sure you'll get some gameplay value out of this one. If you're into amusement parks, and always wanted to build your own, this is a good way to do it also.

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