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Swamp Buggy Racing

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by TheDoc

Overall: 2
Graphics: 2
Interface: 2
Well, slap on some tanning lotion on your red neck and lets go out to the swamps for some racing. Or you can go to the dentist and get all of your teeth pulled, your choice. (I'm leaning towards the dentist...) What can I say, another racing sim only this time, you get to drive a few different kinds of things, from jeeps, to the pro modified big long swamp buggies...


I don't know if it was my card, or the game, or what, but I played the game at 800x600 (which it didn't allow using what it choose for my VooDoo 2 card, it only allowed 640x480) and it looked like crap. At high detail, I could hardly make anything out, and things started turning white blocks on me, I said to hell with this game. It might have had to do with memory, but it still looked pretty bad. Things were pretty non-descript with the vehicles, no real detail to them, and water splashing up from the tires were all the same, these little blue things that looked more like flames than a rooster tail (remember, they were from all 4 tires) ...


Game control wasn't much of a big thing, as I couldn't figure out how to reconfigure the key's for the keyboard. The options allowed you to assign things to buttons on a joystick, but I had to guess what the keys were for the keyboard. Once I figured out that the left shift key was the power (not a usual choice) it was pretty easy, as there's not much besides go, stop, left and right...

Multiplayer (if any):



Gameplay was boring. Pretty straight tracks, no real track detail, and like 3 other buggies to race, left this game out in the rain... I played 2 races, using different vehicles, and pretty much removed the game... This game is strickly redneck with a little action thrown in. I'd rather play one of those boring shoot the deer games (and god knows how I hate those) ... If you are really, really, really bored, then give it a try, but I'd stick to playing something like pacman or pong ... Admittedly the graphics are a little better than pong, the gameplay is about as fun...

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