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The Sims

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Pyro

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Maxis, famous for their Sim games, strikes again with The Sims. Normally, in most Maxis games, you take control of a whole city, or a farm or an ant hill...well you get the picture. This time, you take control of the little people that you normally see running around in the other Maxis Sim games. Talk about computer games imitating life! Wow! You control every aspect of the Sims' life, such as what job he/she takes, when they eat, shower, sleep, who they talk to, and yes, even when they pee! Of course, true to Maxis form, if you don't care for them, well, they re-act! For instance, try to keep a Sim on his feet too long with no sleep, he/she will eventually pass out, and sleep wherever they fall. If you don't get your poor Sim to the toilet in time, shall we say they get, umm, uncomfortable? Anyway, you can help your Sim make friends, maybe get even married. Keep them employed, and they get money that you can use to build onto the house they are in, buy goodies for the house, services (maid, gardener, pizza,etc).


The graphics are nothing special, since this is a 3/4 view, watch your sims move around type game. I am disapointed that it only supports 800x600 or 1024x768. For what is there graphics wise, it is very well done. Most of the objects in the game look like their real life counterparts.


Everything is controlled with mouse/keyboard movement. Pretty much point and click to get your Sim to do what you want.

Multiplayer (if any):



The gameplay,while easy to get the hang of, is typical Maxis fashion in that it takes alot of work to get to your goal. Most games by Maxis you can set up, and let them run for a few hours and not much harm will become of your hard work. Not so here! You can leave them alone for a short spell, but somehow they always manage to get themselves into trouble, setting you back quite a bit. It's a game you really have to keep your eye on! If you like the SIM style games that Maxis produces, you won't be sorry. This game has my kids and I glued to the computer screen, just to see what the silly Sims will do next! A lot of thought went into this game, and you will find yourself constantly turning the game back on, just to get a little further!

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