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Twisted Metal 2

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Well I never saw Twisted Metal 1, if there is such a thing, and I'm much happier for it. I found this game to just be a wannabe of the Carmageddon series meets AutoDuel. I never even tried this in single player but I did play several levels in multiplayer with a few buddies and found this game to be quite boring, repetitive, and graphically challenged. Let me explain:


I only tried this on the Voodoo II and I found the graphics to be horrid. Everything from the cars to the weapons firing and exploding just looked terrible.


If you want real car control, forget it. This is arcade style all the way. Turning was very sensitive and would cause you to spin out at the slightest tweek of the joystick. Weapons were easy to control and hit your target with but very unsatisfying when they did. (See Graphics paragraph)

Multiplayer (if any):

Noticed no lag and gameplay was very smooth. Given that the graphics could hardly challenge my computer or anyone else living in the pentium age, smooth play is not a surprising feature. There is still a certain amount of fun blowing your buddies apart at the seams but it becomes a bit repetitive.


What can I say? You drive around killing and destroying your friends. I did like the big maps that they place you in, but if you don't purposely stay in one area then you start having a hard time finding one another. Maps we played were a bit large for only a 4 person game. The one map we played that was small enough for us stunk graphically and actually was too small. Given that a good portion of multiplayer capable games out there consist of alot of repetitiveness, there needs to be one or two features that keep you glued to the game. For example, Quake holds you for its graphics, teamplay, and endless mods. Need for Speed 3 held people for it's fast action high paced racing adventure. Getting my drift? Twisted Metal 2 was all about sitting in one arena and just blasting away. I rarely toast a game this bad but I give it a big 2 thumbs down.

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