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Urban Assualt

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
Urban Assault is not a game you play for graphics, sounds, or music. You want to play this game on concept alone. There is a new trend starting in the gaming industry that brings together real-time strategy and first person shooter action type games together. My best comparison would be Battlezone. If you've played Battlezone then you know that you could control your entire amry, bases, and misc vehicles from anywhere in the game. What Urban Assualt does is to take that one step further. The feature I like most about Urban Assault is having the "option" to go to first person if you want to. Or you can just sit in your mother ship and control the action from there by pointing and clicking. Either way I enjoyed the game, but I really like the choice it gives you. So in this real time strategy your main objective is normally the same. Destroy anything on the grid and take as much territory as possible so that you can build as much as possible so that you can kill anything that gets in your way. Simple eh? Not really. Some of the big guns in this game tend to wipe you out in the first shot if you get to close. Single units are virtually useless against most enemy units so make sure to build as much as possible.


You know I was a bit dissappointed here. While the graphics are smooth and free of lag on my 333A, I think that Battlezone tended to toward the crisper and cleaner graphics. The lack of any real detail makes me think of the difference between Quake 2 in OpenGL mode and software mode. I know that's harsh but they should have worked harder on this.


Once I got the hang of what key did what, I found the interface to be very well done. Almost everything is done via keyboard input and mouse, but battling can be handled via joystick if you prefer. If you have a flight control system (joystick and throttle) that allows you to bind keystrokes to a button, you might get pretty deadly!

Multiplayer (if any):

Played over TCP/IP with 3 players total. Connection was smooth and flawless. Latency was decent with a few "lost" connection problems but they went away somewhat quickly and were probably unrelated to the game itself. Gameplay in multiplayer was blast. After about 10 tries I finally blew up someone's mothership and had to quit. Can't wait to try this on the LAN.


I really like this game. I normally don't have time to play many games at once but I intend to play this one as much as I can. It's hard to get away from the fast paced action of Quake but if you have someone to play with, I suggest you give Urban Assualt a few tries.

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