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Saturday, January 01, 2000 by TheDoc

Overall: 3
Graphics: 4
Interface: 3
Well, this game is a definate 3dfx game. So far it looks like a kinda cool tank/helicopter/man game. I haven't been able to find any way to play anything but the tank... The tank part is pretty cool, but it's really hard... They don't allow you to modify the controls (it has 5 (A-E)) and you must choose between one of those... I think that really bites hard. How hard could it have been to let you choose what you want for keys? It mostly used the joystick or keyboard and they keys are like up/down=speed, left/right=turning and shift+up/down for the turret control. Space is fire and the F1-4 keys are for different positioning (inside tank, outside, top, above, etc) ... While the graphics are pretty cool, the AI is a bitch... You get maybe 2-3 shots before you are dead (I mean them shooting at you!). The turret controls are backwards so shift+up moves it down, and vice versa... That makes it a bitch to control. I wish I could find a way to change the keys, it would make the game so much easier... I guess I could use my joystick, but that's no fun either since you STILL have to use the keyboard... Oh well, it loses overall points because of that... Training is the only way to play the helo or man, and it's just that, training... The helo is harder than hell to control... It floats alot. Aiming to shoot at things is a major pain in the ass as well. You actually have to move the helo to move the aiming device. I guess I'll give it a thumbs up just because the gfx are pretty cool... I figure I'll not be playing this one too much though...





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