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World War II Fighters

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 4
So soon after the release of Falcon 4.0 another great simulator is released. WWII Fighters puts you right in the middle of (you guessed it) World War II. One of the things about simulators of the past was the simplicity. You took off, you bombed or shot down your targets, and you landed. I've noticed a trend starting out in most games and now they have placed it within WWII Fighters as well. Interaction. The game with all of the sounds and music turned on, make you think you are really in WWII. The cutscenes are actually game graphics with tanks and soldiers running around and music that just makes you feel sorry for all of those that had to live or die through the war.


What can I say? I went back and forth between the Voodoo II and the TNT card on this game trying to find the best combination of graphics. Honestly, I felt they were both very good and couldn't decide on which one I liked the best. I eventually left it on the Voodoo chipset simply because I got tired of trying to figure out the best one. The ground, water, and sky are all textured well. There is an option for 3d clouds which is pretty dazzling but if you don't have a decent PII then don't even try. I did notice some chop in one particular air battle which had about 15 planes from both sides in the air but I had the graphics options cranked all the way up. Below cloud cover is the best framerate which is wierd since the computer has to draw the ground as well. Special effects (i.e. explosions, bombs, etc) are pretty awesome. Flak creates smoke that looks real and when an airplane catches fire it's just to awesome to explain.


If your system can handle it, I recommend leaving the inflight music on. When you get to the cut scenes, they have their dialouge, some graphics, and some really nice music. It really helps keep the mood. I normally don't feel that music is appropriate for a flight sim but this is an exception.

Multiplayer (if any):

Internet play is available and free. You can play on public servers or ip to ip. Lan play is smooth and alot of fun. I played a few quick rounds with 3 of us on the LAN and it was a blast. Nothing like clipping your buddies wings and watching them plummet to the earth.


There is an Instant Action area that basically places you behind a bomber with a tailgunner trying to wipe you out of the sky. After you shoot him down, it then allows you to fight on against more fighters and then places them in the arena in pairs. This is a great way to get used to your plane if you aren't interested in the training sessions. Campaigns are where the interaction comes into play. You interact in the game as your flight's group leader. You even have to be in the right position on the landing strip before the tower will even give you permission to you take off. If you do take off without permission the tower starts yelling at you. I really enjoyed this game. I had to turn a few things down which is a bummer considering I have a really decent machine, but I really didn't notice any difference between the settings and it ran a bit smoother. The campaign missions are pretty short and sweet and they don't go on forever so it makes it go by quicker without giving you the repetition that flight sims (or most other games) tend to do.

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