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Xwing Alliance

Saturday, January 01, 2000 by Shamino

Overall: 5
Graphics: 5
Interface: 5
Multiplayer: 5
Here is a Star Wars game that is sure to bring the die hard fans to their knees crying for joy. I have personally been awaiting this game for so long. Xwing Alliance sets you in a time frame of Return of the Jedi. I haven't made it too far in the missions yet because I am still getting used to playing a simulator after being bitterly dissappointed with Rogue Squadron. You are part of a trading family who must make your a living while helping out the Rebellion and keeping the heck away from the Empire. If games are this good for the old movies, I can't wait to see The Phantom Menace game that will come out in the summer.


Graphics are suberb. Basically what Xwing Vs Tie would look like in 3DFX. I finally got it to run on my Voodoo II after I downgraded my drivers to v2.05 from a previous back up. I managed to get it to run on the TNT very well once I enabled the 3D acceleration but it was still software mode. Resolutions available on the TNT card went higher than I care to count so thats a major plus. I ran the game on a first generation pentium 233/64megs with a Monster 3D (Voodoo I) and it just flew at 640 x 480. So the game is able to run on older machines and it runs well.


Two thumbs up here. All controls are consistant with the old Xwing and Tie fighter games. Took a few minutes to get back into the groove but it was no problem after that. All your typical Star Wars sounds here. The music was awesome and dynamic according to your kills and situation. I actually left it on for a change.

Multiplayer (if any):

Multiplayer is very smooth. Tried it out with 8 players with a 4 on 4 and a couple of AI capital ships. I gotta say that it is quite fun setting yourself up against a Super StarDestroyer and getting killed by it relentlessly. Try and send your whole squad at it and all you hear are the screams of your comrades dieing left and right. Great distraction from Q2 if you can find the time :)


I give this game a resounding 10 simply because I am the Star Wars fanatic. My first mission in the combat simulator (once I got the 3D acceleration turned on resulted in 4 deaths and 19 kills. Not bad for 10 minutes into a game I think. Nevertheless, it was fun and the thrill of the kill is definantly there.

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