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Monday, May 28, 2001 by Pyro

Overall: 4
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Poptop, the makers of Railroad Tychoon 2 have struck again. This time, you get to play the role of a dictator (al la Fidel Castro) on a deserted island. You have a full range of buildings at your fingertips, from tenements to churches to powerplants. The people under your command are tracked from birth to death, a first for Sim type city building genere. You can click on a person, and all detail is shown, name, career, family members, housing, happiness, etc.

Keep your people happy, and the money flowing, and you'll stay in power. Piss too many people off, and they will demand a free election. Of course, you can try to rig the elections. You can even have trade agreements with the US and Russia, and even get overrun by them if they don't like your rule! There is even a threat of a military coup if you don't keep your military well paid and entertained. Money drives everything on the island. Need something built? Raise the pay of the local construction crew, and they will get right on it. Need more food? Pay the farmers a little more! Need some extra money? Stop growing corn, and start growing tobacco! Wow, and you thought being a dictator was easy!


Graphics are nicely detailed. Several levels of zoom are built into the game, which really get you into the game. If you zoom out a ways, you can see the weather as storm clouds rumble around your tropical island. Zoom in far enough, and you can watch your citizens go about their daily lives. One major thing that bugs me about the game. You can not rotate the buildings. You can rotate the island, and certain things, such as fishing docks that need to face certain ways can be rotated, but that is it. Very strange.


Very easy to use, point and click interface. Very standard for a city building game. There are several sub menus to learn, but once you get them down, you will find them well suited for the job!

Multiplayer (if any):

None Available


From the awesome music tracks, to the humorous little quips throughout the game, and the attention to detail that went into this game, this game packs a pretty good punch for a city building game. If you need a break from fraggin, check this game out, you will be pleasantly supprised!

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