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Day of Defeat {Half-Life Mod}

Friday, June 29, 2001 by ReDDoG

Day of Defeat {Half-Life Mod}
Overall: 4
Graphics: 3
Interface: 2
Multiplayer: 4
Ahh... Day of Defeat or DoD to us fanatics. This Half-Life add-on mod takes place in the WWII era. The Allies (US Team) Vs. Axis (German Team) in this great multiplayer FPS showdown.

There are a few different objectives for your team to win, such as "capture the flag"; your team's objective is to get all the flags on the map to reflect the team you're on. Or there are couple bombing objectives; the Allies are storming the beaches of Omaha with hot leaded German snipers over head, your mission is to bomb 2 mortars sitting on the hill behind them.

I'm a gamer who has a lot of interest in other coders creative ideas for a game, from All American Heros to Paintball mod there a lot of great add-on mods for Half-Life . This mod being one of them =o)


The graphics are great for still being a beta. The coders of this mod made the weapon models surprisingly realistic, and the scenery too. I would rate the graphics better but until the release of 1.3 it will have to remain at a 3. Because I’ve seen screenshots =o)


The interface for DoD is very similar to those of TFC, so there's not to much to say about it. I guess I would just like it "standard" for the type of game.

Multiplayer (if any):

This game currently is only multiplayer. There are hundreds of servers that support DoD, and many more to come I'm sure.


I love this game, I actually play it more then I play Counterstrike. The game play is great, the models and graphics only get better with every new release. Definitely something I'll be playing for a while, go check it out @ www.dayofdefeatmod.com

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