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WWII Online

Monday, July 02, 2001 by Pyro

WWII Online
Overall: 5
Graphics: 4
Interface: 4
Multiplayer: 5
I have been watching the development of this game since it's inception over 2 years ago, drooling for something of this magnitude. WWII Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG), which takes place in WWII. The game designers (Cornered Rat Software, known as 'The Rats' by the gamers) all come from a long line of MMOG series, such as Air Warrior, Aces High, and Warbirds to name a few. In all fairness, I cannot give a total review, since this game is still a work in progress, but as it stands at this moment, this game is awesome with lots of potential. There is still a lot of work to be done on the game, such as implementing the RPG portion (IE. Scoring), and setting up the supply lines. There are a lot of people upset that the game was released before an open beta was run, and that they are using those of us that bought the game as beta testers. There is still a lot to be done, and The Rats are working hard to improve the game and bring more vehicles and weapons into the game, as time progresses.


The graphics to some people seem a bit outdated, and sparse at times, but if you where to compare pictures of Europe during WWII to the terrain in the game, you will find that the game designers spent a lot of time making sure that everything is as it was. The tanks look awesome; the towns look awesome, albeit blocky at times, the infantry looks awesome, the planes look awesome, etc. While there are games out there that have much better graphics, The Rats took into account bandwidth requirements and kept the graphics down to a dull roar, but up close everything looks great.


The interface used is pretty straight forward, with a few different key configurations depending on what vehicle or persona you are playing. There is a keymapper program that allows you to re-configure your controls and map them to your joystick as you wish. There is currently an issue with certain USB joysticks not working correctly, but a fix is in the works.

Multiplayer (if any):

Currently there are 7 servers running independently, with up to 1000 people per server. The goal is to intertwine all servers into one huge server. As it stands, there is always action to be had, no matter what server you jump into, no matter what time. The only thing lacking is Voice-Over-IP, but using Game Voice or RogerWilco solves this problem nicely.


While there is a long way for WWII Online to go to be totally awesome, it's on the right track. Be forewarned, you need a pretty hefty system to run this game with decent frame rates. The minimum requirements are a PII 400 with 128 Megs of ram, and a 32 meg 3D video card. While the game will run on this system, it will be sluggish, and almost unplayable if you run into a heavy scrimmage. 256 Megs of ram is the bare minimum of memory, with 512 appearing to be optimum, with at least a 700 MHz system The game is constantly being updated, and gets better as time goes by. At this moment, there is no charge to play the game, with the exception of buying the game. Once The Rats finish implementing a few features, and get the game running on one server, you can expect to pay $9.95 a month to play.

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